Inevitable Changes

Feb. 1, 2006
Locksmiths are forced to balance cost and quality issues.

Like a snowball gathering momentum as it rolls down hill, the locksmith industry is undergoing changes at an increasing rate. During the last few years a small group of manufacturers have been purchasing competitors in allied security fields. The end result is that each of these manufacturers can now furnish almost every hardware or software product needed for any new construction project, be it one residence or a huge office complex.

From a locksmith standpoint, consolidation means that we have fewer choices of product lines and many of those that are left often are the same exact product with different brand names.

Smaller independent companies have begun importing security products. Some of these products cannot match domestic hardware in quality, but they can often be price competitive. Locksmiths have been forced into the position of balancing cost and quality issues in the most effective manner in order to satisfy their customers without pricing themselves out of the market.

Locksmith Ledger will continue reporting on this important trend. We believe 2006 will be a pivotal year for the locksmith industry. Our March 2006 Locksmith Ledger begins our coverage with a "State of the Industry" article by Aaron Fish. Don't miss it.