DORMA Acquires Farpointe Data

April 7, 2014
Acquision allows DORMA to provide its customers with integrated designs and enhanced performance from access readers, cards and tags

Reamstown, PA – DORMA Americas has added a critical new element in its developing U.S. presence by acquiring Farpointe Data of Sunnyvale, Calif., one of the nation’s premier innovators in radio frequency identification (RFID) for access control.

Acquired Tuesday April 1, 2014, Farpointe Data enables DORMA to provide its customers with superior, integrated designs and enhanced performance from access readers, cards and tags. The acquisition reinforces DORMA’s reputation as a technological trendsetter in access design, technology and manufacturing.

Advanced RFID technology is a Farpointe hallmark. From the company’s low-power technologies to its innovative approach to reader and credential security, Farpointe’s history is marked by aggressive investment and successful development. The company’s products, designed for quick and easy installation, have demonstrated years of reliable, trouble-free service.

These products meet or exceed the requirements of a broad range of applications, including physical and logical access, secure identity and vehicle identification. Among many categories of end users are airports, hospitals, universities, tech installations and government facilities.

Farpointe's products are widely available from an actively growing global network of OEM system manufacturers and international distributors.

 “It would be hard to imagine a better-realized combination than DORMA and Farpointe Data,” commented DORMA AME AREA President Wil VandeWiel. “The corporate cultures are a good fit. Customer and channel synergies were apparent from the start. It’s clear that the expanded product portfolio that Farpointe brings will be an immense competitive asset for DORMA.”

 “The team at DORMA clearly demonstrates the ability to couple growth with careful attention to market channels, all the while adding value to their customers,” adds Scott Lindley, president of Farpointe Data. “We are very excited to be partnered with DORMA, and are confident they are the right company to support Farpointe’s next level of growth.”

Q&A: What the Acquisition Means

Will the Farpointe brands continue to exist?

Yes, the strength that the existing brands have will be critical to the success of working towards a stronger security portfolio.

Will RCI have access to Farpointe’s products and vice versa?

RCI has been a Farpointe customer now for several years. The relationship’s a good one, and we fully expect that that growth will continue. In addition, Farpointe will now have access to more products that will better serve their OEM partner’s needs.

How do the DORMA companies intend to manage possible channel conflicts?

Farpointe will remain focused on growing with their OEM access control system manufacturing partners. Farpointe will not change its OEM focus and will work hard not to compete with its partners. RCI will continue to focus on their existing industry—helping their current customers grow their businesses.

As a DORMA company, will Farpointe its current commercial terms?

It is our intention that the commercial terms as well as pricing, accounts receivable and promotions to remain intact,  just as they exist today.

What benefits will be realized by this partnership?

Farpointe will now be part of a global brand, having greater market presence and will align with DORMA’s expanded resources and synergies creating an enhanced value proposition for Fairpointe’s customers.

What will happen to the associates of Farpointe?

Farpointe will continue operations in the California location with its current employees. Plans are currently in place to move to a larger facility in the future to accommodate the anticipated growth.

Why did DORMA acquire Farpointe?

DORMA’s focus is on growing its current offering of electronic access controls. With Farpointe’s excellent market portfolio, as well as scalable business model, we see excellent prospects for growth.

Will the acquisition change Farpointe’s current responsiveness to customer requests?

A Farpointe strength of providing excellent customer service will continue. And in fact we intend to build on this key company value. DORMA and Farpointe are very similar in terms of company values and culture, with both having professional business management teams supported by the strong history of family business.

Will the acquisition bring new product opportunities for Farpointe?

Farpointe’s current product offering will be strengthened with access to DORMA’s global R&D Team and will contribute to great product ideas and developments. Look for exciting enhancements soon!

Will there be future acquisitions for DORMA?

Further acquisitions will be considered to strengthen product portfolios as well to strengthen DORMA’s strategic focus and culture.