What’s New In Delayed Egress?

Aug. 11, 2022
Camden Controls and Securitron introduce maglocks that have expanded features and streamlined installation.

Delayed egress is a code-compliant compromise between security and life safety. Initially, delayed-egress systems were several components that had to be wired and configured together. The product category has evolved into a selection of products that provide a variety of solutions for a wide variety of site conditions. Many interesting delayed-egress systems are on the market, many of which are integrated into maglocks.

These products can be connected to other external accessories, such as exit devices, pushbars, key switches and annunciators, to enhance safety and functionality for each particular application.

Proper physical mounting of the maglock and armature and clean, uninterrupted power are essential for the proper operation of the device.

Two new delayed-egress maglocks have entered the market from Camden Door Controls and Securitron, an ASSA ABLOY company. These two self-contained delayed-egress systems  require only an external power source, and they be interfaced with a building’s fire alarm. In all cases, confirm necessary requirements with your authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Camden CX-DE1200

Camden’s CX-DE1200 Series of delayed-egress maglocks feature a human voice countdown and an LED countdown timer to provide building occupants with real-time egress status. These rugged locks are available in a range of models to meet NFPA, Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA) and local AHJ requirements. They’re compatible with a range of accessories, including a sounder, speaker and reset station, and are available in multiple voice languages: English, French and Spanish.

Locksmith Ledger interviewed David Price, vice president of communications and corporate development, Camden Door Controls about the CX-DE1200.

Locksmith Ledger: Please tell us more about your new delayed-egress maglock.

David Price: Camden DE1200 Series delayed egress magnetic locks feature heavy-duty construction, a 1,200-pound holding force and a range of models and field-selectable operation for varied applications, including retail, institutional or healthcare buildings. DE1200 Series magnetic locks are UL and ULC listed, with a selection of models that are factory-configured to meet North American code requirements. The innovative human voice and LED countdown timer provides immediate comprehension of status for building occupants.

LL: Why did Camden introduce this product at this time?

Price: We saw that installers had a small selection of brands to choose from and that prices between models were very similar and very high. When we did our market research, we instantly saw how we could build the “go to” lock for the industry. The CX-DE1200 is the result of more than four years of product development effort by Camden and a good indication that we didn’t stop until we had it right.

LL:  For what applications is this product intended?

Price: Delayed-egress maglocks are used in a variety of applications where you want to notify building staff before granting building occupant egress through a door but also must meet NFPA or ICC code requirements for egress in case of a fire. Delayed egress can be used to delay a shoplifter from exiting the back door of a retail store, to prevent patient wandering or infant abduction in a hospital or to control pedestrians in a museum.

LL: Does this product conform with all the building codes?

Price:  Yes, Camden CX-DE1200 series delayed egress maglock are available to meet any federal, state or municipal code requirement.

LL: What details must the installer observe when specifying and installing this product?

Price: In all cases, installs are advised to contact their local AHJ, because code requirements vary greatly, and the AHJ has the final say on what is and what isn’t acceptable.

LL: What’s the recommended power source for this product?

Price: A 12/24V AC/DC power supply.

LL: Can two of these locks be used in tandem for pairs of doors?

Price: Yes, Camden offers a single-door DE1200 model as well as a DE2200 model that includes a second tandem lock for double-door applications.

LL: Is this lock Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible?

Price: No. PoE for magnetic locks isn’t acceptable for life-safety applications.

LL: What brackets are available for this product?

Price: Camden supports its delayed-egress maglocks with a full range of spacers and angle brackets.

LL: How can the lock be triggered?

Price: Camden DE1200 series maglocks can be activated by a rim exit device or a sensor, with a two-second delay, a fire-alarm activation or an access control input.

LL: How is the lock reset after it’s triggered?

Price: NFPA requires a manual reset. Typically, a key switch on the maglock or a remote key switch are used to reset the lock. BOCA (ICC) gives you the option.

LL: Can the lock be used on exterior doors or other harsh environments?

Price: No. They aren’t outdoor rated.

LL: Does the lock experience residual magnetism? How do you defeat it?

Price: Camden DE1200 series maglocks feature a release mechanism to prevent residual magnetism from interfering with the door opening.

LL: What accessories do you offer for this product?

Price: In addition to lock-mounting accessories, Camden also offers a range of system accessory devices, including a remote station that has reset, a remote sounder, a remote 15-watt speaker that has the options of LED alarm annunciation and key switches.

LL: Does this lock require any training to install?

Price: Camden’s delayed-egress maglocks don’t require any special training, and the installation of the locks are virtually identical with that of standard one- or two-door maglocks.

LL: What tech support do you provide?

Price: Camden’s technical-support department is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

More info: www.camdencontrols.com

Securiton DEM680E

The DEM680E Delayed Egress Electromagnetic Lock is designed for applications that require a lock that delays the opening of a door. The standard model complies with HUGS infant protection, and specific code-compliant models also are available. The DEM680E is used on interior and perimeter exit single outswinging doors.

Locksmith Ledger interviewed Lissette Tuminello, product, program and channel manager, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions about the DEM680E.

Locksmith Ledger: Please tell us more about your new delayed-egress maglock.

Lissette Tuminello: The DEM680E is highly configurable, strong and easy to mount. Building on the technology of the Securitron EcoMag Series, the DEM680E is a direct replacement for the iMXDa. 

LL: What led Securitron to introduce this product at this time?

Tuminello: We sought to deliver energy efficiency and a more straightforward installation than the legacy iMXDa maglock, while giving customers another option in the delayed-egress market.

LL: For what applications was this product developed?

Tuminello: Delayed egress can be used in a variety of buildings and facilities: loss prevention in a retail store and patient safety in institutional applications, and it can be found in any building occupancy, except H - High Hazard. Delayed-egress openings are designed specifically to prevent a door from opening immediately when someone tries to exit under normal circumstances. However, to ensure the safety of all building occupants, this special type of access control allows for easy exit in emergency situations. Always consult your local AHJ for specific codes and amendments for your area.

LL: Which features set this product apart from other delayed-egress maglocks?

Tuminello: Energy efficiency and aesthetics. With eight architectural finishes available, the Securitron DEM680E is sure to meet almost any design requirements.

LL: Does this product conform with all building codes?

Tuminello: The DEM680E is available to meet regional code differences. The California and Chicago models require a manual reset before being able to calibrate for normal functionality.

LL: Can two of these locks be used in tandem for pairs of doors?

Tuminello: No. Currently, the DEM680E is for use on single, out-swinging doors only. 

LL: Is this lock PoE-compatible? 

Tuminello: No.

LL: What brackets are available for this product? 

Tuminello: None at this time.

LL: How can the lock be triggered? How is the lock reset after it’s triggered? 

Tuminello: Depending on the model and code requirements, certain DEM680E units can be set to automatically relock 30 seconds after an irrevocable alarm cycle. In the California and Chicago models, the lock must be manually reset by using the external key switch.

LL: Can the lock be used on exterior doors or in other harsh environments?

Tuminello: It isn’t outdoor rated.

LL: Does your lock experience residual magnetism? How do you defeat it?

Tuminello: It has an instant-release circuit, so no residual magnetism.

LL: What accessories do you offer for this product?

Tuminello: None at this time.

LL: Does this lock require any training to install?

Tuminello: No special training. We have 3-D interactive instructions in the BILT app, which you can download from the Apple App or Google Play stores.

LL: What tech support do you provide?

Tuminello: Representatives in our Tech Support and Customer Care departments are experts in their field and ready to help.

More info: www.securitron.com

Tim O’Leary is an experienced security consultant and a regular contributor to Locksmith Ledger.

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