Q&A: Lockly Pro’s Chris Lucido Talks New Role, Sales Strategy and ISC West 2023

April 7, 2023
Lockly Pro offers effective solutions for commercial door security and access control challenges

LAS VEGAS—Lockly Pro, the commercial division of Lockly, had several announcements at ISC West this past week here, March 28-31, 2023, including the news that Christopher Lucido has joined the company as Vice President of National Sales.

In his new role, Lucido will spearhead building a region-based sales team, to drive new business opportunities across single-family, multifamily, and commercial customers. Prior to joining Lockly Pro, Lucido had a successful 14-year tenure at Russell Cellular, one of the largest Verizon distributors in the U.S. He led sales teams and day-to-day operations within Florida, Georgia and Alabama, before eventually becoming the Area VP of Sales.

“I knew I wanted to be a part of a company that is truly at the forefront of innovation and providing customers with solutions that make their lives easier,” said Lucido. “What drew me to Lockly was its commitment to disrupting the industry and its diverse, vertically integrated product line, so I’m excited to be a part of the next evolution of the company. Whether customers are looking for a smart lock for their front door or a total access solutions suite of hardware and software for their apartment complex or business, I’m eager to help build our team that will ensure Lockly and Lockly Pro is the answer.”

Lockly CEO and founder Lee Zheng, said, “Chris’ stellar track record speaks for itself, which is why we are excited to welcome him to Lockly and join us in transforming what total access solutions can and should be for our customers. We will lean on his natural leadership skills to drive his team to solve complex market challenges, evaluate customer feedback, and build trusted relationships across major and specialty retailers. His appointment to our sales team will play an integral part of Lockly’s growth in the years to come.”

Locksmith Ledger caught up with Lucido at ISC West to talk about the show and his plans in his new role.

Locksmith Ledger: Please talk about what attracted you to Lockly and your new role?

Lucido: Several things led me to choose Lockly! I would say the main reason overall is being able to represent a company with a portfolio that’s innovative and future-proof. In addition, the amazing company culture the team has built over the years, and being able to continue living my passion for providing customers with some amazing technology they will not only use every day but that also helps protect what matters most to them!

LL: Can you talk about the ISC West experience and the importance of the show for the company?

Lucido: It really has been an amazing show this year! The entire Lockly team here is very happy with the increased attendance and traffic from last year and the interest from attendees has been incredible. As a prominent provider of total access solutions, we recognize the significance of participating in ISC West. Everything that the show offers, from meeting potential customers, analysts, and even meeting with the media, make it an ideal venue for us to raise brand awareness about Lockly Pro and feature our extensive range of innovative hardware and software solutions that cater to various access points and applications.

As we continue to grow our presence in the industry, having the opportunity to engage with our core target audience of customers and partners to granularly explain how Lockly Pro offers effective solutions for commercial door security and access control challenges is imperative.”

LL: What are some of the products you were highlighting at ISC?

Lucido: At ISC we showcased our Guard Duo 679 and Defender 238 series, while also demonstrating the new features of our property management portal, Lockly\OS. The Guard Duo 679 is a UL, ADA compliant latch/deadbolt hardware solution from Lockly's Guard series, equipped with Dual Locking technology, making it an ideal choice for multifamily, residential, and short-term rentals. The Defender 238 is a thin-style entry/exit mortise smart lock from Lockly's Guard Series of Pro-level products, designed for narrow-framed doors in retail stores, lobby entrances, fitness rooms, and other common areas.

Additionally, we introduced some unique features like Air Transfer, Scan-to-open, and Registrar mode using the Lockly\OS. These are part of our Project Management System module, specially developed for construction managers and IT managers to set, monitor, and control access for multiple doors with ease.  Attendees had the opportunity to interact with our products in real-time through a live demo, gaining a deeper understanding of their features and benefits.

LL: In addition to ISC West, I understand you exhibited and won some awards at CES 2023 earlier this year?

Lucido: We are proud to have achieved significant success at CES 2023. Our products, the Smart Safe and Access Touch Pro, received numerous awards and the overall attention they received is a true testament that we continue to elevate our solutions, which certainly raises our profile, builds excitement for our offerings, and reinforces the innovation we bring to the market.

LL: Please talk about Lockly’s development and manufacturing of its own products and what this means for the sales teams and customers.

Lucido: Unlike some of our competitors who source hardware from one place and software from another, we are a vertically integrated company. We design and manufacture our own hardware and software, enabling us to rapidly address any product issues. Our vertical integration also enables us to prioritize quality and conduct rigorous testing in our labs, with some locks undergoing millions of cycles, to deliver the best products on the market.

Lockly's vertical integration means that sales teams and customers benefit from our deep understanding of our products' features, functions, and unique selling points. This also allows for greater control over product quality and overall customer experience, including being able to provide customized solutions when needed. Additionally, customers appreciate knowing that they are buying directly from the manufacturer, which leads to better retention and satisfaction across the board.

LLCan you talk about the company’s history for those who may not be familiar?

Lucido: Lockly is a renowned international smart locking and access technology company that offers innovative solutions for today's commercial, property management, and consumer smart home markets. With over 25 years of experience in developing security solutions, we have rapidly established ourselves as a household name in the US market. Our products are available on the shelves of the country's leading retailers and we look forward to growing our availability within the enterprise market as well.

LL: What are your short- and long-term goals in your new position?

Lucido: Along with developing a strong sales strategy within our team, our short-term goals are focused on getting to know our partners, distributors, and dealers to understand how we can best serve them to provide our end users with the best experience possible, from purchase to install, and of course daily use. In the long term, we are aiming to improve sales performance, establish even more meaningful term partnerships, and increase market share within the industry.

LL: What is your strategy in creating a regional sales team to amplify Lockly’s presence in retail enterprise sales?

Lucido: To amplify Lockly's presence in retail and enterprise sales, we are building sales teams regionally that prioritize collaboration, communication, and accountability. This involves hiring talented individuals in different regions, providing ongoing training and support, and creating a performance-driven culture that rewards achievement.

LL: How will you utilize Lockly’s success in the consumer market to increase smart home tech features across multifamily units (MFUs) and business solutions?

Lucido: Leveraging Lockly's success in the consumer market with help increase smart home tech features across multifamily units and business solutions by focusing on the benefits it offers to end-users, like convenience, security, innovative features, and cost-effectiveness. By highlighting the potential ROI of implementing Lockly's products, from our hardware to our mobile apps and Lockly\OS management system, you can appeal to property managers and business owners in these markets.

For more information on Lockly Pro, please visit www.locklypro.com. For more information on Lockly, visit www.lockly.com.