Keyincode System Holds the Key to RMR

Aug. 3, 2020
Three new smart door locks and a cloud-based access control system create a new solution for end users and locksmiths.

Keyincode believes the key to longevity in the locksmith and security channels is in the ability to generate recurring monthly revenue (RMR). This revenue can be provided by the sales and service of Keyincode products and KeyinCloud. 

RMR increases the profitability and the value of a locksmith and security business. Some confuse revenue from repeat customers with recurring revenue. Sales of as-needed products and services to repeat customers are categorized simply as “sales.” RMR is revenue that comes in from essentially doing nothing new.

Keyincode works with KeyinCloud to provide end users with a robust cloud-based access control system to complement a cost-effective Wi-Fi-connected lock-and-devices security system. The alliance was developed to address market needs, but rather than connecting just with Keyincode electronic locksets, a comprehensive interface was developed, which allows various legacy systems to migrate to KeyinCloud. This provides end users with a cost savings on equipment and enhances their operational efficiencies.

Combining Keyincode electronic SmartLock Wi-Fi locksets with other locks and readers that end users might already have installed in the facility is a unique benefit. The ability to manage one to up to thousands of devices, doors, locations and users through a single software portal 24/7 is exciting.

Keyincode’s SmartLocks

Keyincode’s SmartLocks line includes three models of stand-alone Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) door locks: the KIC4510, 5510 and 6510. The 4510 is meant for lighter duty doors; the 5510 is classified as Grade 2 for standard-duty doors by ANSI/BHMA standards; and the 6510 is classified as Grade 1.

All three locks provide a wide variety of functions and benefits, including three means of access through a code punched in on the lock’s keypad, a MIFARE card or fob, or a cellphone. The locks have audit-trail capability, collecting time, date and user ID for the 2,000 most recent transactions.

All features can be managed in one of three ways. The first option is at the door “one to one,” or one lock at a time, through the keypad or the use of the K3 mobile app. The second option allows you to manage multiple locks remotely, albeit one door at a time. That communication is provided via a gateway device that communicates with the lock via Bluetooth and the internet via Wi-Fi through a router. The third way, however, is the natural “next step” that greatly enhances the possibility of RMR.

The logistical desire by end users of every description to manage many locks, users and locations remotely efficiently and effectively 24/7 is high, but it requires cloud-based access. Enter KeyinCloud. KeyinCloud allows for simultaneous lock management as well as audit-trail access to each lock and RMR through license renewals.

KeyinCloud eliminates the necessity that an end user has access to computers, software, panels or wiring infrastructure on site, says Mark Clemens, managing partner at KeyinCloud. “Utilizing the building’s existing Wi-Fi network to communicate and manage edge devices via the cloud is how it is accomplished.”

Multiple Lock Types

Where high-security cylinders were the “common denominator” for different types of hardware to save the end user money on hardware replacement, KeyinCloud merges different controls and panels and even enhances the original performance of the device.

“The KeyinCloud platform is ‘hardware-neutral,’ allowing management of a wide range of third-party stand-alone and hardwired platforms, including Mercury control-panel-based solutions,” Clemens says. Compatible locks include models by Kwikset, Schlage and Yale. “All legacy hardware can be migrated to our cloud-based management platform, allowing management of legacy exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage entry, elevators and other common door areas all on the same system. KeyinCloud also integrates with other third-party Wi-Fi, Z-Wave edge devices, such as thermostats, sensors, etc.”

The KeyinCloud platform has an intuitive easy-to-use browser-based interface that allows anyone to manage the system, add and delete users and manage access. With no on-site software or system server required, the complexity is taken out of access control management, as well as the necessity to have IT staff to manage the system. This greatly reduces the cost of access management.

About that RMR mentioned earlier: Locksmith and security providers can add to profits and increase the value of the business by selling access control as a service. KeyinCloud has a unique financial package that allows end users to install access control at an affordable monthly fee. This is a great help to many who have the demand for access control but might not have the capital budget required for a traditional access control system. This program is a terrific RMR generator that includes devices, installation, service and maintenance agreements.

Note: Pricing includes three years of managed services via KeyinCloud to match the three-year warranty of a Keyincode lock. The monthly fee for managing devices and users beyond the third year will be based on the quantity of doors and users in the system.

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Longtime security-industry professional Joey Dalessio is president of Keyincode. He can be contacted at: [email protected], [email protected].