Challenges of Multiple Occupancy Buildings

Nov. 4, 2019
Cloud-based access and wireless access control systems, paired with sophisticated building entry systems, boost safety and security

Working in environments such as airports, government facilities, universities, banks, large office buildings and manufacturing, during an era that experienced a continuous ramping up of security in reaction to all sorts of attacks, today’s security professionals approach each new project with an awareness of potential threats, a mature and extensive knowledge of mechanical, electronic, integrated countermeasures, and a determination to do the very best job for the occupants of the structures as they possibly can.

To be honest, I want to lock every door and have cameras everywhere monitored by in real time, and fingerprint and frisk everyone who wants to enter. In reality, most civilian projects do not involve that extent of protection, but increasingly elements of these techniques are being adopted more and more.

AI (Artificial intelligence) and Cloud technology  is penetrating the security market, enhancing the efficiacy of electronic access control and video, creating a dynamic synergy that saves lives.

The four components of physical security are:

DETERRENCE: make the premises an unattrractive target.

DETECTION: cameras and security personel

DELAY: EAC, checkpoints, turnstiles.  

RESPONSE (APPREHEND): Security guards or first responders, then prison.

Digging a deeper It seems that unifying security management themes are to:

  • Create a broadest perimeter possible
  • Limit points of entry and have an immediate means to lockdown entry points (and,  if code permits, egress)
  • Use secure locks and access control on attack/ballistic resistant walls and portals
  • Employ ample surveillance
  • Maintain a situational awareness among building management, tenants and to a certain extent visitors, so that in the event of anomalies, there are plans in place.

RS-2 Cloud Based Solution

RS2 Technologies recently released its ACT365 cloud-based access control and video management solution. RS2 Technologies is a leading manufacturer of access control software, including the Access It! suite of software.

The RS2 family of access management hardware is built around the SCP family of processors, which are based on 32-bit microcontrollers and serve a wide variety of applications (from relatively small to very large). A variety of input/output modules, multiplexers, and   communications packages provide almost unparalleled flexibility for system configuration. And, RS2 can combine these hardware components with a variety of options such as enclosures, power supplies, battery backups, and adapter plates into complete system solutions.

RS2 also offers a wide range of proximity, magnetic stripe, and biometric card readers and a large selection of proximity and smart cards.

The ACT365 solution allows RS2 to deliver enhanced value to integrator partners and empowers end customers that look to streamline security and business operations through a cloud-based, intuitive platform.

As a cloud-based solution, the ACT365 remote diagnostics and servicing capabilities provide RS2’s reseller channel with the convenience of troubleshooting issues from their mobile device or web browser to determine whether a site visit is necessary, streamlining operations.

The ACT365 solution also benefits their bottom line by offering an additional revenue stream based on a recurring monthly revenue (RMR) service-based business model, which is growing in popularity across the industry.  

ACT365 delivers a solution providing both access control and video management in a web-based platform that allows users to quickly update or remove user permissions, view cameras or open a door directly from a mobile phone, tablet or PC. The scalable solution offers management of multiple sites from a single, unified, and user-friendly interface without the added expense of local servers and IT resources. There is no software to install and updates are automatic, which ensures delivery of the most up-to-date, secure version of the system.

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dormakaba Argus Optical Swing Lane

The formula for good design incorporates users’ needs and product versatility. The new Argus Optical Swing Lane from dormakaba opens the way to more freedom in form, color and function. They combine the options of a modern access control system in the supervised area with three unique models. From a compact model perfect for installation with limited space to exquisite illuminated objects with sophisticated sensors and seamless design, each

Argus swing lane creates a striking, secure first impression.The Argus optical swing lane combines openness with security. It blends harmoniously into any reception area as a modern addition to a concept, as a discreet functional unit or as a self-confident yet bold design statement.

Safety always leads the way. With a sophisticated multi-field optical beam sensor system, the Argus is designed to detect object pass-through. It provides effective defense for tailgating and pass-back and ensures personal safety as well as passive safety offered by the use of plexiglass door leaves. The option of a taller door leaf provides a higher physical barrier. It also defends against unauthorized climbing and, when used with the “higher drive,” offers the ability to add features such as feedback/welcome display, biometrics, and other options.

Accessibility is made easy with Argus. Models are available in multiple passage widths. In addition to the corresponding door leaf width, the sensor system also adapts to the respective dimensions with full functionality. An easy-to-understand user guidance system with optional intuitive queuing lights in the top cover and colored light signals directly on the card reader ensures a high level of convenience.

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Points Of Entry For Commercial Buildings

Boon Edam supplies top quality revolving doors, high security doors and turnstiles to customers across the world. By offering custom solutions on standardized products, the company can add value. Boon Edam has been in the entry sector for more than 140 years.

Products include:

Revolving Doors, Automatic and Manual: With over 140 years of experience in revolving doors, they provide products and consulting services that, paired with the expertise of their network of certified distributor partners, meets the highest technical and aesthetic standards.

The difference between automatic and manual revolving doors is that automatic revolving doors start rotating when approached while the latter requires the user to push the door wing. However, Boon Edam’s recent innovations include manual revolving doors that provide power assistance, positioning, automatic security locking, integration with access control systems, or even generate energy!

Optical Turnstiles: To manage the movement of people in lobbies and building interiors with varying degrees of security clearance, corporations around the globe are implementing optical turnstiles coupled with an access control or visitor management system. Optical turnstiles effectively detect tailgating with minimal inconvenience to users and without forming an obtrusive barrier.

Full Height Turnstiles: Your first line of defense occurs at the building perimeter. Full height turnstiles, often called turnstile doors for their tall design, are a rugged, low-maintenance solution for the harshest outdoor conditions, acting as a deterrent against tailgating and unauthorized entry at your fence line. Building interiors can also benefit, and Boon Edam offers transparent full height turnstiles designed for this purpose. Indoors or outdoors, expect a full height turnstile to deliver decades of trouble-free operation.

Entrance Accessories: Elevator Destination Dispatch Systems, StereoVision Anti-Piggybacking Technology, Bullet-Resistant Package, BoonTouch Remote Control Panel, Security Revolving Doors and Mantrap Portals

Boon Edam’s products are compatible with many third party entrance accessories. You can seamlessly integrate another access control systems or technology into our entrance solutions. Boon Edam works together with a large number of system integrators to ensure that your entry solution is as effective and intuitive as it can be.

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ASSA ABLOY Aperio® Technology

Designed for easy integration into existing access control systems, the wide range of products with Aperio® technology allows facilities to add access control to more applications than ever:

HES K100 Cabinet Lock extends access control to openings of all sizes in shared office spaces including lockers, drawers and cabinet doors

HES KS100 Server Cabinet Lock integrates seamlessly with existing access control systems to protect critical data center assets from intrusion and expensive downtime

Securitron R100 Surface Mounted Wireless Card Reader offers a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing way to extend access control to glass, metal or stone surfaces without the need for cutting or drilling

The Yale nexTouch Keypad Exit Trim. This exit trim easily upgrades exit devices with keyless technology in commercial, multi-use and multi-family spaces. This scalable solution functions as a stand-alone keypad or touchscreen lock, or it can be integrated with a data-on-card or wireless access system.

The Adams Rite G100 digital glass door lock with Aperio® wireless technology offers a surface-mount solution for interior all-glass doors that integrates with existing software. Now glass openings can utilize single-card or dual-factor authentication without the need for cutting and drilling to install the lock.

The HES 9000 Family offers surface mounted electric strikes for every exit device. The HES 9000 Family features a new polished look with an industrial beveled edge and eight finishes. The 9000-MTK Metal Template Kit has been updated to allow for easy installation. All HES Electric Strikes are backed by the SecuriCare 10-year no-fault warranty.

The Securitron M680E & M380E EcoMag Series delivers the same unsurpassed intelligence, style and convenience as the previous Securitron M680 & M380 Series but with up to 80% reduction in energy consumption, making them one of the most advanced electromagnetic locks available.

Easy Install: New strike plate mounting template ensures strike alignment quickly. This helps to reduce errors and allows for time to complete more jobs per day which can result in increased revenue.

Versatile: All-in-one optional integrated features provides flexibility to customize as needed.

Intelligent: Optional door prop sensing allows the magnet to de-energize the coil when the door is held open for extended periods, dropping the power draw as low as 20 mA at 24 V.

Sustainable: With up to 80% decreased energy consumption, the Securitron M680E & M380E Series are the most energy-efficient magnalocks available. Along with decreased energy consumption, the biodegradable foam packing insert makes the Securitron M680E & M380E sustainable inside and out

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Farpointe Conekt Mobile Access System

Access control system manufacturers, integrators and dealers can provide owners/property managers and tenants/home owners with a mobile, smart phone application and hardware that provides free download, user's choice of smart phone or smart card, and distribution via existing or independent access control software.

Multiple Conekt credentials can fit into a single smart phone wallet app. Installer adjustable read ranges can be more than 15 feet (4.5 m). Conekt provides an easier way to distribute smartphone credentials with features that allow the user to register their handset only once and needs no other portal accounts, activation features or hidden fees. Users don't have to fill out several different forms. All that is needed is the phone number.

Farpointe WRR-44 433 MHz receivers use 4-button transmitters to open up to four different doors from ranges up to 200 feet (61 m). Each button outputs transmitter data over separate Wiegand outputs yet the receiver installs just like a proximity reader for easy integration with popular proximity or contactless smart card access control systems. Ranger WRR-44 receivers are a terrific solution for long range access control applications such as  accessing garages, residences, the pool and laundry rooms as well as situations calling for emergency duress. Instead of using a card, which could activate more than one device or door at a time, the transmitter holder selects exactly the mechanism to be immediately triggered.

 Using standard 26-bit Wiegand protocol and featuring standard mounting holes, the WRR-44 can be used as "add-on" or "wire-in" receiver. Using custom Wiegand 32- or 36-bit protocol, the long range system can be made even more secure. This prevents credential duplication and ensures that the readers will only collect data from this single system's coded credentials. The lithium cell battery is tested to exceed 250,000 presses.

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