Mul-T-Lock’s Smart Lock Solution: SMARTair®

Aug. 1, 2019
Easily upgrade all types of existing doors to electronic access control

For nearly five decades, Mul-T-Lock® has been a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing High Security locking products and access control solutions for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Many locksmiths are familiar with Mul-T-Locks’ innovative and unique high security mechanical and electrometrical solutions.

Since 2000, Mul-T-Lock® has been fully owned by ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in total door opening solutions.

Mul-T-Lock's Brand Mission – It's all about the Locksmiths

  • Connect locksmiths with their end-users
  • Provide a wide range of high security and high quality patented access solutions (one stop shop)
  • Drive smart lock solutions to locksmiths

Mul-T-Lock®’s expert research & development teams work together with their technical support and QA departments to develop and design some of the world’s most innovative, leading-edge solutions. They bring these solutions to life with their award-winning manufacturing that includes fully automated factories using state-of-the-art technologies, robotics and customized machinery.

Mul-T-Lock® holds international patents for its innovative products, offers unique designs, quality products, adaptation to changing market needs and excellent customer service. Mul-T-Lock’s products comply with the highest international standards, such as UL, CEN, VDS, SKG, CPC, A2P and ISO 9001/2000, ISO14001, SI 18001.

Mul-T-Lock’s product line includes a variety of mechanical and electromechanical products. One of Mul-T-Lock’s electromechanical products is the SMARTair® product line- an access control solution fit for any vertical.

SMARTair® upgrades your security to an entirely new level - with very little effort on your part. SMARTair® is friendly from the start, offering easy installation that does away with costly and complex procedures. All you need to do is to install SMARTair® directly on a precut or existing door - no wiring is required! . And it fits almost any type of door –mortise, cylindrical, interior doors, emergency exits with Rim based panic bars, lockers, cabinets and more.

The SMARTair® line of products includes different models; SMARTair ANSI, Euro and ANSI Narrow, as well as wall readers, hubs, and credentials. SMARTair has an open API* allowing it to be fully integrated with other systems in the market such as camera systems, intercoms, other access control solutions as well as property management and hotel software.

SMARTair® is currently integrated with multiple “ProTec” companies in the multifamily vertical allowing tenants to open their doors, pay their rent, report service request, get delivery notifications, send “eKeys” and see who’s at their door. The pre rent/ leasing process is also another unique feature, where together with a designated App, renters can receive an “eKey” to a desired apartment without the need of a broker, allowing the broker to increase their portfolio of offering by accessing multiple locations 24/7.


The Locksmith Ledger asked the Mul-T-Lock USA team some detailed questions about SMARTair.

What are the applications SMARTair is best suited?

The SMARTair® solution is a complete access control line. From retro fit to first fit, SMARTair® can accommodate any type of door opening and more; locker solution, exit trim devices, energy savers and readers for a buildings’ common access points. SMARTair®’s versatile technology offers multiple ways to manage the system, from a cutting edge web application to a mobile app with the wireless system, to an update on card Bluetooth system with a designated app.

Is SMARTair scalable?

Yes, it is. SMARTair® is the perfect solution for small to very large deployments. The fact that it can retrofit or fit almost any door opening makes it a very appealing solution. Our installation varies from a single reader on a front door to multiple readers throughout facilities such as hospitals, student housings and multifamily projects with over 1,000 doors.

How are SMARTair system devices and features managed?

SMARTair® devices are broken into four categories:  Wireless, Bluetooth, update on card and standalone. The first three are managed via an intuitive designated S/W called TS1000. This system is a “license based” software and windows based. The TS1000 can be installed in as many computers as needed- “clients” of the local server can be accessed as well, via a web application, anytime and anywhere, with options to receive notifications, grant accesses, remote openings, encoding of credentials and more. The deployment of the system would be accompanied with a “management kit” that includes the software, license per numer  of doors, card encoder and a portable programmer device to initialize and update all devices in the system.

What is the typical system configuration?

That depends on the “technology;  the market is clearly leaning towards an “online” solution, managed and accessed from anywhere. 

Can you provide some examples of how SMARTair has been or can be integrated with camera systems, intercom, and other access control solutions?

SMARTair® has, as mentioned before, an open API. That allows endless opportunities for any type of integration like property management software, accounting and more.

Which specific ProTec products have been integrated with SMARTair?

SMARTair® is currently integrated with different platforms that help you manage your buildings and tenants. Together with SMARTair® and their solution, we offer an app on the market where tenants can pay their rent, report a service request, see who’s at their door, get delivery notification and open their door.

Is the software licensed by door or by site?

By door, with no annual or monthly fees. The door license ranges all the way from 10 doors to 64,000 doors and the software can always be upgraded.

How many hubs does SMARTair support?

One Hub can communicate with up to 30 devices within a range of about 120 Feet.

Can hubs be located in remote locations (sites). What is required on each site?

Hubs must be hard wired with an Ethernet cable such as CAT 5/6. The Hubs are PoE so no power supply line is needed. They require their own IP (on the sub net) and will communicate to a local server on site OR to the remote server using a port forwarding method.

What investment/training is required to become a SMARTair dealer?

There are no minimum requirements in terms of investments. Mul-T-Lock provides free training and certification classes on regular basis across the U.S. as well as individual trainings when applicable. The regular training is about six hours.

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*An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application or Web tool. A software company releases its API to the public so that other software developers can design products that are powered by its service.