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April 2, 2019

When you perform a variety of services using a variety of technologies, it is inevitable that you will employ outboard electronic modules to achieve the impossible.

Manufacturers also supply add-on modules to enhance the functionality of their products so that you can supply your client with a system that only includes the features they require and no more. This simplifies the programming and reassures the client that you are not top loading their projects. Knowing that there are upgrades for a product also reassures the client that the purchase they are making is to a certain extent “future-proof.”

This selection of modules are new releases, or proven performers for their respective manufacturers.

Camden Controls  CM-CPC1 Cover

Camden Door Controls CM-CPC1 heavy-duty polycarbonate covers protect single gang door activation devices from rain and snow outdoors. In harsh indoor environments, they protect devices from water, dust and chemicals. They’re also an ideal solution in vandal-prone applications, where false activation of a device or damage is anticipated.

Camden offers an extensive range of ABS plastic and metal boxes, enclosures and trim rings for flush, semi-flush and surface mounting. ABS plastic models are flame and vandal resistant and ideal for use with wireless door control transmitters.

Camden CX-33 Version 2.3

Camden’s CX-33 is a “state of the art” logic relay designed to support virtually any automatic door application. The CX-33 features 15 operating modes, with sub-modes, and easy programming with large LCD display and push button selection.

Programmable modes include up to three-door sequencing, airlocks, lock-out-relay, fire door in stairwells, and for control of automatic operators in restroom applications, with support of illuminated indicator of occupancy status.

New Version 3.2 Features:

  • Lock Down Mode will enable a designated (N/O) momentary switch to disable door activation switches and simultaneously lock strikes/mag locks. Reset with separate (N/O) switch.
  • Delayed Relay Mode will immediately activate relay #1 and delay relays #2 and #3 for a pre-set time.
  • Selectable Input Types allows dry and wet inputs to accept either a normally open or a normally closed contact.

CX-33 Features:

  • 13 operating modes, with sub-modes and adjustable timers on each relay, provide near limitless applications.
  • Five inputs, including a “wet” input, for more flexibility. You can easily sequence from multiple points, and maintain; hold different outputs.
  • Large three-segment display is easier to view and understand, than competitive models.
  • 3 buttons for mode selection.
  • ‘Tried and True’; power circuitry ensures outstanding filtering and surge protection, combined with simple two-terminal designs.
  • Three heavy-duty 3 Amp Form C outputs
  • Larger terminal strips allow larger wire gauge, or more conductors to be connected.
  • Clear plastic case
  • LEDs for visual relay confirmation

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HES Smart Pac III

The HES Smart Pac III from ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware reduces initial voltage in timed or fail safe operations by 25 percent to extend the life of the electric strike. Addition of Smart Pac to any HES electric strike extends the 5-year no-fault warranty to a 10-year no-fault warranty

The 2005M3 SMART Pac III is an in-line power controller that is able to receive input voltages from 12 to 32V AC or DC. It has a built-in bridge rectifier. The continuous duty timer reduces initial voltage by 25 percent to extend the life of the electric strike. It includes built-in resettable fuse, MOV, voltage regulation and input status LED.

Standard Features

  • Accepts wide range of input voltage: 12-32 Volts AC* or DC
  • Output 12VDC or 24VDC, depending on input voltage
  • Smart LED Input Status Indicator
  • Built-in bridge rectifier
  • Built-in surge protection / voltage regulation
  • Supports fail secure or fail safe configured electric strikes
  • Continuous duty: reduces initial voltage by 25% after a fixed period of time, to provide cooler more efficient operation of strike
  • Self-resetting over-current protection
  • Configures strike eliminating need for voltage specific pigtails

*Notes:  For use with a 1006 electric strike, the input voltage must be a filtered DC with ripple of less than 1 volt RMS. Note: The SMART Pac III cannot provide an output voltage greater than the input voltage.

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Securitron DT-7

Control doors equipped with electrified hardware - with or without access control - with the DT-7 digital timer.  The ASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware;s Securitron DT-7 Prime Time Digital Timer has definitely come in handy for me over the many years it has been available and I have been doing security, life safety and access control.

The fact is that many clients do not want or require exotic electronics to control their door; they want a cost effective solution that operates autonomously or if necessary they can actually program themselves. Often there is a requirement  to lock or unlock doors or activate/deactivate other equipment on a routine schedule.

Just like the majority of airline mishaps occur during take offs and landings, problems with door controls often occur in unanticipated circumstances such as a forgotten holiday or a weather emergency day.

These are the worst times for a client to call you with an urgent problem, and the best time to have a device like the DT-7 installed which you can coach them through reprogramming, or  leave them the programming instructions so they can deal with it themselves. An alternative to the whole programming manual, you can write up a script describing step by step the typical programming changes you expect they might require. I’ve employed all of these tactics successfully.

Applications for the timer are extensive, but not unlimited, since the device’s input is the clock and the output is expressed as a Form “C” dry contact output.

The DT-7 can be used as a stand-alone unit, or in conjunction with other products.

Versatile programming supports timed unlocked/locked/or access control-only states to turn electric locks or other security systems on and off at programmed times.

  • 7-day digital timer
  • 10A DPDT relay can be operated in toggle or pulse mode
  • 12 programmed on/off times• Set daily (6 on, 6 off ), on selected days, or on blocks of days
  • “First Man In”; feature delays preset action until first access
  • Supports holiday programming
  • 12 or 24 VAC or VDC
  • AA battery provides backup to the display module program memory;
  • Battery not Included
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no-fault warranty

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Altronix ACMS8 & VR6

Controlling the voltage distribution between the numerous system elements which are present in electronic access systems is essential to allow troubleshooting, and to isolate different power feeds so that a failure of one element does not take down the entire EAC system. You can add doors without shutting down the entire system or risk the possibility of accidentally shorting something out.

Also code compliant fire alarm interfacing assures that the system will pass inspection and even more importantly, unlock doors if the fire alarm is triggered.

The small investment in an Altronix ACMS8 will make it possible to properly document the interconnections and make it way easier if you need to return, or dispatch a technician back to the job if a problem develops after the project was commissioned. Using modules like the ACMS8 along with other wire and component management products available from ALTRONIX, along with concise wiring diagrams left on-site, will enable you to deal with the malfunction to isolate the problem component and return the system to operation in a quick, professional, and cost effective manner which your customer will appreciate.

Altronix ACMS8 dual input design allows power to be steered from two independent low voltage 12 or 24 VDC power sources into eight independently controlled fuse protected outputs.

Altronix VR6 Voltage Regulator converts a 24VDC input into a regulated 5VDC or 12VDC selectable output at up to 6A supply current. It reduces the cost of adding an additional power supply to achieve 24VDC and 12VDC or 5VDC simultaneously, saving valuable enclosure space.

In ACMS8, these power outputs can also be converted to dry form “C” contacts.

Outputs are activated by an open collector sink, normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) dry trigger input from an Access Control System, Card Reader, Keypad, Push Button, PIR, etc.

ACMS8 will route power to a variety of access control hardware devices including Mag Locks, Electric Strikes, Magnetic Door Holders, etc. Outputs will operate in both Fail-Safe and/or Fail-Secure modes.

The FACP Interface enables Emergency Egress, Alarm Monitoring, or may be used to trigger other auxiliary devices.

The fire alarm disconnect feature is individually selectable for any or all of the eight outputs. The spade connectors allow you to daisy chain power to multiple ACMS8 modules. This feature allows you to distribute the power over more outputs for larger systems.

The ACMS8 is equipped with bi-color voltage output LEDs and is also available with PTCs (ACMS8CB). Both units are UL Listed as well.

They can be utilized as separate components or as a kit (ACMS8K1) which easily stack together as a space saving solution to provide 12 and 24VDC simultaneously over 8 selectable outputs.

VR6 Features:

  • Power Input: 24VDC @ 1.75A – Output: 5VDC @ 6A.
  • Power Input: 24VDC @ 3.5A – Output: 12VDC @ 6A.
  • 5VDC or 12VDC regulated output.
  • Output rating 6A max. non power-limited.
  • Surge suppression.
  • Input and output LEDs.
  • 5VDC: 15 BTU/Hr.
  • 12VDC: 37 BTU/Hr.

ACMS8 Features:

Power Input / Voltage Range: 5VDC to 24VDC, up to 10A each or 20A total input.

Eight (8) Individually Controlled trigger inputs:

  • Normally open (NO) inputs.
  • Normally closed (NC) inputs.
  • Open collector sink inputs.
  • Wet Input (5VDC - 24VDC) with 10K resistor.
  • Any combination of the above.


  • Fuse protected outputs rated @ 2.5A per output, non power-limited. Total output 20A max.
  • Do not exceed the individual power supply ratings.
  • Fail-Safe and/or Fail-Secure power outputs.
  • Form “C” Relays. Contacts rated @ 2.5A.
  • Auxiliary power outputs (unswitched).
  • Any combination of the above.
  • Individual outputs may be set to OFF position for servicing (output jumper set to middle position).
  • Does not apply to Dry Contact applications.
  • Any of the eight (8) fuse protected power outputs are selectable to follow power Input 1 or Input 2.
  • Output voltage of each output is the same as the input voltage of the input selected.
  • Surge suppression.
  • Fire Alarm disconnect (latching or non-latching) is individually selectable for any or all of the eight (8) outputs.

Fire Alarm disconnect input options:

Normally open [NO] or normally closed [NC] dry contact input. Polarity reversal input from FACP signaling circuit.

FACP output relay [NC] contact or provides 10k resistance with [EOL JMP] intact.

Output Ratings

  • Fuses are rated 2.5A each. Main input fuses rated @ 15A/32V each.
  • Red LEDs indicate outputs are triggered; Blue LED indicates FACP disconnect is triggered.
  • Individual voltage LEDs: Green: 12VDC and Red/Green: 24VDC.
  • 4 BTU/Hr.
  • Operating Temperature 0ºC to 49ºC (32ºF to 120ºF).
  • Storage Temperature - 20ºC to 70ºC ( - 4ºF to 158ºF).
  • Relative Humidity 85% +/- 5%.

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BEA Br2-900

BEA’s Br2-900 is a 2-relay logic module with built-in 900 MHz wireless technology. Designed to provide wireless MC25 functionality, it is ideal for applications requiring sequencing of electric locking devices and automatic door activation.

Note: BEA also offers the MC-25 (10MC25) is a Delay on Make / Delay on Break Time Delay Module. Its voltage operating range is 15-24 VAC/VDC.

The Br2-900 is designed to use when either a magnetic lock or electric strike is used in conjunction with a door operator. The delay on break timer will release the lock and then the delay on make timer will enable the door to open and be held open for a set period of time. It offers a variety of delay on make and delay on break options. The relay outputs can be configured for dry or voltage outputs

Additionally, Day / Night Mode on the Br2-900’s wireless receiver enables the user to designate “secure” or “unsecure” access for controlled entry points.

Push plates with wireless transmitters can be programmed to operate during specific time periods (controlled via DRY Day / Night Input).

BEA’s Universal Mode, an industry first, allows pre-learned Universal Transmitters to function directly out of the programming required, saving time and enhancing accessibility.

The Br2-900 is compatible with all existing BEA 900 MHz transmitters and products, plus the Universal Transmitter.

Flexible: Sequenced or simultaneous relay activation for application flexibility

Convenient: 2-AMP relays allow the direct release of an electric locking device wirelessly, eliminating the need for a separate logic module or isolation relay

Feature-rich: Extended Hold Mode allows wireless push plates to function like hardwired push plates (if push plate is held, relay does not time out)

Br3 X

BEA’s Br3-X provides both simple and advanced logic controls. Common uses for the Br3-X include automatic pedestrian doors, access control, industrial automation and single-occupancy restrooms.

  • Versatility with 13 programmable logic functions for the BR3-X
  • Two-button programming combined with dual seven-segment display provides simple setup
  • Two 3-AMP relays and one 1-AMP relay, all with built-in surge suppression, eliminates the need for external components when installing some electric locking devices
  • WET output with AC / DC voltage for powering an electric locking device directly from the module

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