Medeco CLIQ Go A Win-Win for Locksmiths

Dec. 3, 2018
Access control for small businesses made easy

When a small-to-medium sized business looks at installing traditional access control, the cost and inconvenience are often the biggest obstacles. Hard-wiring, power supply, structural and hardware changes to door openings, software purchase and integration, can all add up to too much time and expense for most small businesses, who only need access control on a single or handful of doors.  

The solution may be “CLIQ Go,” part of the Medeco Intelligent Key System family of products. Intelligent key systems provide access control with scheduling, audit trail and accountability, all in a retrofit cylinder. All power to operate the cylinder is supplied by the key, so there is no need for the hard-wiring and power supply required with traditional access control.

CLIQ Go is also an electronic locking solution designed especially for locksmiths. It allows you and your customers to manage access control via a convenient mobile app. With complete access control at your fingertips and a stock of blank keys and cylinders in your store, CLIQ Go allows you to respond instantly, delivering value-added service to your clients, directly from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Eric W., service technician, says that a major benefit for his customers is control: “CLIQ Go makes the issue of control so much easier. They want to know what is going on in their business and they can’t be around to watch everything. With CLIQ Go, they can control who has access and when.”

CLIQ Go allows locksmiths to respond instantly to their customers’ requests for access control. Wireless access control is established using retrofit electro-mechanical cylinders. No door manipulation or hardware changes are required. Simply replace the existing mechanical cylinders on the openings requiring access control with CLIQ Go Intelligent Cylinders. All power comes from the key, so no hard wiring is needed.

For the locksmith who has not previously installed traditional EAC, the CLIQ Go system is the perfect way to introduce access control to your team and your customers. The CLIQ Go system does not require knowledge of electricity or electronics. In order to set-up and maintain CLIQ Go systems, only a reliable computer system with internet connection is required. Keys and cylinders are programmed using intuitive cloud-based software.

Basic start-up equipment for a CLIQ Go dealer includes a programming device and a stock of keys and cylinders. Participating locksmiths receive comprehensive training and on-going support in order to provide outstanding service with every CLIQ Go system they sell.  

How Does CLIQ Go Work?

There is only one keyway profile for all systems, so locksmiths can easily keep keys and cylinders on hand to deliver on demand. The locksmith programs the cylinders and keys using cloud-based CLIQ Express Software. The cylinders are installed at the customer location and the keys are handed over.

The system is named CLIQ Go since customers can manage their security system “On-the-Go”. Owners or managers are able to administer their whole system anytime, anywhere on their mobile device using the user-friendly CLIQ Go App. They are able to react instantly to changing security needs: add new staff, disable lost keys, change access rights and schedules. Additional cylinders can be added quickly, with limited disruption, as the business needs change. Busy owners and managers can enjoy the freedom of access management via a mobile app, rather than the burden of administering their security from an office.  

Paul G. administers the CLIQ Go system for his printer supply company. There can be half a million dollars in inventory on site at any given time. “It’s good to have the ability to lock out a key on the fly right from my phone. If there was an unexpected change in personnel, I could have their key disabled before they left the parking lot, without even being in the building. Our security would not be at risk if they never returned their key,” he says.  

Building a Recurring Revenue Stream

As an additional service, locksmiths can manage the customer’s system for them using the same CLIQ Go app, creating the opportunity for additional revenue. Dealer management is ideal for a small business with limited staff, or one that wants to focus solely on their growing business. There is an annually recurring software-licensing fee, which also provides recurring revenue for the locksmith.

A strong customer connection is built as new cylinders are added to expand the system. Additional keys and cylinders can only be provided by the locksmith who originally installed the system. CLIQ Go is available in an extensive range of cylinder types, to retrofit almost all manufacturer hardware, as well as in auxiliary locks such as deadbolts, padlocks and cam locks. The CLIQ Go dealer is poised and ready to add to a customer’s system as their business grows.

Says Eric, “Having a system that continually ties the customer back to us is important. It ensures we have that return business. The additional revenue for recurring licensing fees after the sale is an extra bonus.”

Value-Added for the Customer -- and YOU

In business and economic terms, “value-added” is used to identify all the possible ways to add value to the customer through the products and services provided. However, the term has been over-used to the point of becoming a cliché. Whose value is being referred to? Value is determined by the customer, not the supplier. It doesn’t matter how we value our products or services; it only matters what the customer believes is valuable.

We are learning that consumers are less focused on the product and more focused on what the product will do for them – the true “Value Add.” To survive in today’s market, the security professional must seek to answer the question: What do my customers value? It is the reason why your customers came to you in the first place. They look to you as a security professional to advise them on how to best secure and protect their property, assets and people. The security lies not only in the products and services you provide, but also the trust that is built between the security provider and the client.

Convenience. It is defined as “the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty,” “affording accommodation or advantage,” as well as “being near at hand.” Today’s consumer has access to any product, at any time, and can have it delivered in record time. They expect expedient delivery and service. Suppliers who meet their expectations will have a competitive advantage.

Relationship. Today’s customers are looking for something above and beyond the basic needs. They want to build a relationship of trust with their suppliers and service people. They want a supplier who will get to know them and their unique needs and expectations. Importantly, relationship is a two-way street: Providers equally benefit from increased rapport with the customer, when it translates into additional sales.

 Small-to-medium business owners want security that is convenient, with a strong relationship with a reliable security provider. Medeco has provided a way for the locksmith to incorporate these “value-added” components to the security they provide those business customers. Through Medeco CLIQ Go, locksmiths can provide access control that is secure, convenient and easily manageable.  

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