Access Control Add-Ons: Enhanced Security Plus Increased Sales

Jan. 2, 2015
The majority of most locksmiths’ work consists on upgrades or repairs to existing systems. Here are some options solutions for existing access control systems.

Although some locksmith jobs may be fresh new installations, the majority of your work involves upgrades and repairs to existing systems. Here are some examples.

Repairs / Updates: The system has lost functionality due to damages, or the product, software or firmware has outlived its usefulness.

Bring Up to Code: Changes to the applicable code or changes in the way the site is used require changes to the system so it is legal and safe.

Upgrade the authentication: The existing key-based system just doesn’t make it anymore.

More comprehensive monitoring/services: A system needs to be watched more closely to achieve a proactive security management posture. 

Conversions: The old infrastructure or locking equipment becomes less an asset and more a liability as the client considers state-of-the-art security to be layered onto the legacy system.

Although there is something exhilarating about moving onto a site, demoing everything and starting over fresh, jobs rarely work that way, and having the willingness and skills required to handle conversions may be the niche which will enable you continued success. It is one of the best ways to achieve customer loyalty, even if it is because you are the only one who knows how the equipment works. The client didn’t want to start over and wanted to save money, and you supplied the solution.

Standalone locks were a great idea, and as other technologies mature, standalones are opening up new horizons with better features and lower price points.

Schlage NDE with Engage Technology

NDE Series Wireless lock with ENGAGE™ technology is a perfect example.  The Schlage NDE Series wireless lock with ENGAGE™ technology is designed to be easy to install, connect, manage, and use. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, it is ideal for interior office doors, common area doors, and sensitive storage spaces with a cylindrical door prep.

NDE Series wireless locks combine the lock, credential reader, door position sensor and request-to-exit switch all in one unit. NDE Series wireless locks utilize the standard ND cylindrical door prep and can be installed in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver; no need to install additional components, drill holes or run wires to each opening.

ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile apps make it easy to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from anywhere. For advanced capabilities including user schedules, auto unlocks & holidays, NDE Series wireless locks can be managed with software from Schlage’s access control alliance partners. NDE Series wireless locks can be updated manually at the lock with the ENGAGE mobile app, automatically daily over Wi-Fi 2 or in real-time when connected to an ENGAGE gateway.

NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE technology are compatible with most proximity and smart cards including aptiQ™ and aptiQmobile.™

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Altronix LINQ2

Altronix continues to bring new products which enable the installer to bridge between topologies as well as add functionality to network-based infrastructure. The new LINQ2 Network Communication Module enables remote status monitoring/reporting and control of eFlow™ Power Supplies. LINQ2 monitors DC output voltage, current draw, AC and battery status, unit temperature and more. Selectable system events are reported via email or text messages, and an event log stores history. This real-time data allows early intervention and response in handling system issues accurately and efficiently. LINQ2 prevents system downtime, eliminates service calls and creates RMR opportunities.

Altronix Entrada2DMK

The Altronix Entrada2DMK provides a supervised fire alarm interface for network access controllers at the edge. These adapters route PoE+ to the network access controller, and provide 12VDC or 24VDC for up to two electric strikes or mag locks. The FACP interface releases power to the locking devices, while maintaining power to the networked access controller/readers over a single CAT5 or higher cable. Multiple Entrada2DMK adapters may be triggered by a single fire alarm input.

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Cansec AIR-485

Have you ever been faced with connecting a building to which there is no easy way to wire, or an opening such as a vehicle gate for which the labor to run wire would consume more budget than the EAC equipment you were planning to deploy?

Cansec’s AIR-485 is a wireless RS-485 communications device that is compatible with most two-wire RS-485 products on the market. It is designed to be a solution for those installations where wired connections are cost prohibitive. Configured using simple DIP switch settings, the Air-485TM has a built-in signal strength indicator for quick and easy installation. Air-485TM supports Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint network topologies with incredible ranges and reliability.

One of the biggest challenges in setting up a wireless system is determining the optimum placement of the RF modems to obtain the right balance of range and signal strength.

I was faced with one of those mission impossible installations, and the AIR-485 enabled us to avoid a hazardous and labor intensive wire pull.

The Air-485TM RF modem contains three LEDs which provide a simple visual indication of signal strength. No meters or other equipment required for the installation. Because the Air-485TM modems are totally separate from the wired or wireless LAN, there is no need to configure complex network parameters or involve any IT departments.

AIR-485 features and benefits

  • Works with most 2-wire RS-485 products
  • Indoor/Urban: 400 m (1300 ft.)
  • Line-of-sight: 10 km (6.2 miles)
  • 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Supports baud rate of 4800 kbps, 9600 kbps, 19200 kbps and 38400 kbps. Configurable via DIP switches
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Ideal for installations where wired connections are cost prohibitive
  • Supports USB and RS-485 connection with auto detect
  • Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network topologies, as well as multiple networks per site
  • Built in signal strength indicator LEDs simplify device setup and placement

Air-485® is a high performance 900MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) long-range wireless modem. It provides a reliable wireless data link to RS-485 serial devices and offers a simple yet cost-effective alternative to running costly RS-485 data cables, especially in commercial environments that make wire connections challenging or impractical.

Air-485® is optimized to work with Cansec’s SmartLock, Hurricane & Maestro, and Zodiac products but can also be used with most products that support 2-wire RS-485 communication. The wireless link that Air-485® modems provide is totally transparent to the connected devices.

Unlike most wireless modems, Air-485® does not require the use of a PC or the installation of complicated software to set up the radio and communication parameters. Instead, Air-485® modems are configured through simple DIP switch settings

Four output power levels (10, 250, 500 and 1000 milliwatts) can be easily set in the field using two DIP switches. The RF power level should be set higher as needed for longer range. Note that setting the RF power to a high level when doing testing at very short range (under 2 m/6 feet) can overload the receiver and cause erratic operation.

The built-in continuous signal strength diagnostic test that can be initiated from any remote Air-485® modem references the base modem and provides real-time signal strength indication This feature helps the installer in terms of choosing the correct location and elevation of the Air-485® modems and the alignment of the antennas for maximum signal strength. This also eliminates the need for expensive tools and power meters.

Because the range of the Air-485® modems can be up to 10 Km (6 miles) line-of-sight, it is possible that installations in close proximity could interfere with each other. To address this, the modems have two DIP switches which allow up to four Network ID numbers to be specified. For example, an Air-485® Master which is set to ID 1 will only wirelessly communicate with Air-485® Slaves with ID 1. Transmission from other ID numbers will be ignored.

Air-485® modems use 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure that the data integrity is not compromised. A single master AIR-485 unit can communicate with up to 16 slave units.

Zodiac Link

Improved authentication is a frequent requirement when a system upgrade is proposed. Biometrics are the accepted technology to achieve security grade authentication.

Zodiac LinkTM Multi-Mode Fingerprint Reader is Cansec’s latest addition to its field-proven line of fingerprint readers. Building on the success of the Zodiac 250, three new features have been added.

  1. User capacity is increased from 250 users to 2,000.
  2. You can now link up to five readers with all user programming done from a designated Master.
  3. You can copy user templates from one unit to the other in case one is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Just like the Zodiac 250, it can be used to directly control a door or it can be connected to any Wiegand-compatible access control panel. And like the 250, you can upgrade a regular prox reader to biometrics in under five minutes.

Zodiac LinkTM Features:

  • Enroll and manage up to 2,000 users (2 templates per user) at the reader. No PC or software required.
  • Use as standalone system or link up to 5 readers together via RS-485 (all user programming done at the Master is sent to all connected Slaves)
  • Use with a ZDCM Door Control Module for a standalone solution
  • Two line LCD display guides users easily through all programming functions
  • No credentials required

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Dortronics Heavy Duty Pushbuttons

We’re always on the lookout for durable and aesthetically pleasing control stations. If you are installing electromagnetic locks and/or custom door controls, they are required.

DORTRONICS WR5276-H29xLRG heavy duty pushbuttons are waterproof and has built-in LED illumination for user feedback of door status.  In addition the switches are IP 65 rated making them ideal for use in wash-down conditions.

This weatherized stainless steel switch is constructed of brushed stainless steel is ideal in exterior applications and for use in harsh operating conditions. A neoprene gasket is included for mounting the switch plate.

The optional bi-color LED indicator ring can be utilized to provide visual indication of switch status or may be controlled independently by other devices. The Illuminated LED ring color is red or green depending on the polarity of the 24 volts DC applied to the independent LED ring contacts.

AlarmLock Set-up Tools

AlarmLock’s Trilogy was a pioneering product in the standalone access category, and their NETWORX revolutionized standalones by enabling standalones to be monitored and managed as though they were hard-wired, network-based.

Setting up the wireless is somewhat site dependent, and AlarmLock responded to their dealers’ feedback with a selection of setup tools to make the task quicker. These include:

AL-NSG: A portable battery powered Gateway simulation device that generates continuous Gateway radio signals to a Networx Signal Meter.

AL-NSM: Performs a site survey test of the premises to find optimum location of Networx gateways and locks.  It is also used to determine the number of gateways required to cover the signal area of the Networx locks you plan to install.

AL-IME-USB: Portable Gateway that provides full Networx Gateway functionality without the need for a network connection. 

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Adams Rite A100-3090H & Aperio Hub

The Adams Rite A100-3090H Narrow Stile lock and Aperio hub, is a unique keyless entry control, ideal for adding electronic access – wirelessly -- to an aluminum narrow stile door. The A100-3090H offers all the benefits of keyless security without adding another credential or access control system.

The A100-3090H works with existing Adams Rite deadbolts, deadlatches and exit devices. The convenient-to-install pair quickly upgrades a mechanical door to an electrified access control door without the cost and inconvenience of wiring the door, greatly improving the security level of the premises.

Aperio Technology requires• m-nimal field configuration for quick, easy wireless deployments that eliminate the costs and inconvenience of hardwiring the door. It provides fully-encrypted AES128 wireless communication between the A100 keyless entry control and Aperio hub ensures data security

The Aperio wireless hub connects to an access control system with Wiegand wiring plus additional REX, DPS, tamper and low battery signal wires. The hub should be mounted within 50 feet of the desired lock location and through two walls or less

Features & Benefits:

• Access control solution for glass and aluminum narrow stile doors without adding another credential or access control system

• Suitable for existing Adams Rite

deadlocks, latches and exit devices (check model number for availability)

• User, schedules and event decisions remain controlled by the existing access control system

• Sends door position, REX, tamper and low battery signals to EAC system

• Efficient power usage; battery powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries; supports 60,000 activations

• Vandal resistant lever with breakaway (resettable) clutch

• Key override via mortise cylinder (purchased separately)

• Simple to install, no pulling wires to door, no programming required

  • Field selectable handing

•Supports HID 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz iCLASS contactless credentials (full authentication, all formats)

Integrates easily with credential systems (check model number for compatibility)

RITE Touch Glass Door Lock

The new RITE Touch digital glass door lock by Adams Rite brings new refinement and grace to keyless access solutions for glass openings.

The RITE Touch RT1050D offers sophisticated styling, a thin, low profile design, convenience, flexible access control, and safety and security for single or double glass doors.

Features include:

  • Surface mounted installation
  • Visible operation status
  • Automatic locking option
  • Battery powered
  • Emergency access power capable
  • Access control using card reader or PIN
  • Dual action, safe thumb turn
  • Fire detection sensor
  • Break in and damage alarm
  • Electronic shock resistant

Silent Electrification Option

Electrification is a key element in any modern access control system, and the SE (Silent Electrification) Motorized Latch Retraction Option for Adams Rite exit devices is one of the most secure, quiet and convenient ways to electrify a door opening for optimum security and performance.

The SE Option features near-silent operation, and a low current draw that allows for lighter gauge wiring and a reduced amperage power supply. This means no more heavy, bulky and expensive power supplies to specify and install. It’s perfect for offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and apartment complexes. Get increased functionality and control with combined electric latch retraction and electric dogging.

The SE Motorized Latch Retraction Option for Adams Rite exit devices improves the door operation by providing a powerful, whisper-quiet, flexible and energy efficient solution as an alternative to traditional solenoid driven devices

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Platinum Tools Connectors

There was a time when the security industry used a variety of cable types.  Items like #18 gauge twisted, #22 gauge quad and coax were on every van.  But now Category cable is taking over, finding applications for power transmission, switching, video and, of course, data.

Handling the cable and applying RJ-45 terminals is time consuming and for some a challenge to get right. Platinum Tools offers a wide variety of tools to help, along with live tech support.

New products include network install kits for the patented and popular EZ-RJ45 cat5 & Cat 6 connectors, plus a 10 Gig Termination Kit for Cat6A and oversize Cat5&6.

RJ45 Cat6A/10-Gig shielded connector:

• Max cable OD: 8.5mm/0.335"

• Max conductor OD: 1.35mm/0.053"

• Meets 10-Gig performance standard

• UL and RoHS compliant

Tele-TitanXg Crimp Tool:

• Specifically made for terminating, P/N 106190

• Straight action vertical crimp force

• Minimal hand force for a perfect crimp

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