IP Pro: IP-based Access Control Starter Kit

Dec. 1, 2014
IP Pro is a complete line of low power, professional grade Door Access Control Solutions - all easily connected and powered by ordinary Ethernet network cables - providing flexibility and cost-savings.

Electronic access control systems are available as offline or online operating in a Local Area Network (LAN). Online systems can have wireless or wired connectivity, providing end users with different options including configurable awake times or real time monitoring. They can be configured for securing a single door to securing all of the doors within a multiple building facility. Online systems provide the administrator the ability to remotely add or delete users, change the scheduling or download the audit trail. Online networking eliminates the need to upload or download at each controlled opening.

For networked systems, controlling access requires hardware and operational components functioning together. The operational related components of a networked access control system include the software, a computer and a wired and/or wireless network. The hardware components for each opening can include the locking device, credential reader, egress control, power transfer and power source.

Configuring a wireless network for access control use may require additional wireless access points to accommodate openings not within the existing network's range. For a wired network, the hardware components at each opening receive power, and send and receive data through wire runs specifically installed for this purpose. Additional ports will be needed to accommodate the added connections to the network.

The IP Pro Access Control System introduced by SDC changes the method of connectivity to an Internet Protocol (IP) Controller, which can control access and egress for one door using the company’s hardwired Local Area Network (LAN) for data transmission and power.

For our purposes, a hardwired LAN makes use of Category 5e or Category 6 Ethernet Cables to connect the networked devices to each other and the Internet. The cable  numberings and letters refer to the data  transmission performance. Category 5e and 6 Ethernet Cabling can be used for Local Area Networks with high-speed Gigabit Ethernet.

Category (CAT) 5e and 6 cables have eight leads. Four are used to upload and download data and four are spare. The four leads 1, 2, 3 and 6 are used by data. The remaining four leads can be used to transmit power commonly known as Power over Ethernet (PoE).  For power, leads 4 and 5 are positive, and 7 and 8 are negative. Using PoE CAT 5e or 6 Ethernet Cables eliminates the need to run more than one cable to operate the IP Pro Access Control System. This eliminates the need for a power outlet or separate power supply at the controlled opening.

To provide data and power for the Security Door Controls (SDC) IP Pro Access Control System using Ethernet Cables, two components are required ‑  the injector and the splitter. The injector feeds power into the Ethernet Cable and the splitter splits off the power from the cable, making it available to the system.

For this article, an "active" power injector transforms 120VAC to 55VDC, producing a guaranteed 30Watts output. The power source for the "active" power injector is a standard 120VAC outlet. The power is brought into the Ethernet Cable 4/5 (+) and 7/8 (-) leads. An "active" Ethernet Splitter reduces the 55VDC voltage down to 12VDC and splits off the power portion of the Ethernet Cable transmission for use as a power source for the access control system and locking hardware. The maximum cable length between the power injector and the splitter is approximately 300 feet.

The SDC IP Pro Controller uses Ethernet Cable data leads to transmit and receive data. The splitter is normally located within a relatively short distance from the controller. Where possible, the controller and splitter can be located in the ceiling area above the access controlled opening.

The SDC IP Pro Injector input voltage is 120VAC. The output voltage is rated at 55VDC. The IP Pro Splitter can accommodate an input voltage of 44-57VDC with a maximum of 30Watts, which is the output of the Injector. The rated output current of the Splitter is 2A@12VDC. The 2Amps has been calculated using a 100-meter Ethernet Cable between the Injector and the Splitter. This is sufficient to power the 12VDC IP Pro Controller, locking device, credential reader and the egress control if applicable.

SDC is an ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer of electrified door hardware and electrification components including motorized electric latch retraction exit devices, motorized or solenoid powered cylindrical and mortise locks, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks and electric trim. The 12VDC versions of many of these products are compatible with the IP Pro Controller.

The IP Pro Controller is an expandable solution to control access for a single door. For access control systems of up to 32 doors, single door expansion boards can be added.

The controller is equipped with secure, embedded browser based access control software. There is no separate software to purchase or install. The SDC IP Pro Controller software is programmed and managed using a Windows based computer operating Internet Explorer 10 or 11, Firefox 32.0 or Google Chrome. The IP Pro Controller has database backup support. The software is not proprietary, having no set manufacturer restrictions on the access control hardware.

The password protected IP Pro Controller provides support for up to 15,000 Users having up to two credentials each. Credential modes are card only, keypad only, card or PIN or PIN and card. Because the IP Pro Controller is hardwired, live transaction monitoring enables the Administrator  to know who is attempting or gaining access as credentials are being presented.

The IP Pro Controller is compatible with 26bit to 37bit standard Weigand output readers, including proximity cards, 13.56 MHz Smartcards, and keypads that accept PINs.  The controller programming accepts up to two credentials per User. Credential readers are available in different formats including a keypad, proximity and/or Smartcard credential reader. A dual-credential reader can be prox card and/or Smartcard and keypad. Having a proximity and Smartcard reader provides the end-user with the ability to upgrade their security level without having to replace the reader.

Programming Users is accomplished with User Groups, Time Zones and Door Groups. In addition, there is holiday support, scheduled events Temporary Users. Depending upon the number of Users, up to 250 User Groups, 250 Time Zones and 250 Door Groups are possible. The software will accommodate batch enrollment to simplify enrolling a large number of Users. The audit trail retains up to 5,000 events that can be exported as a .csv file.

Configuring A Single-Door System

For this article, we will configure a single door access control system using all SDC components. The access control system will include the IP Pro Controller, IP Pro Injector, IP Pro Splitter, an Electra Pro Z7252EQ Electrified Cylindrical Lock Fail Secure and an SDC Proximity Credential Reader part number IPRW.

The SDC Electra Pro Z7252EQ Electrified Cylindrical Leverset is an ANSI Grade 1 lock with an ADA compliant vandal resistant clutch. Lever options include those that have a return to within one-half inch of the door. This dual 12/24VDC solenoid powered leverset is configured for Fail Secure operation. For larger facilities, the Z7252EQ is equipped with a REX Output. It is UL Listed for 3 Hr 'A' Label fire rated doors.

The SDC Data Credential Reader, part number IPRW, is a mullion mount Proximity Reader with 26bit Weigand output. Its read range is 4" for a Proximity Card and 2" for a fob. The operating voltage is 5-12VDC. The current draw is 40mA. The surface mounted reader comes with a two meter Molex pigtail lead. The reader can be mounted up to 100 meters from the controller using shielded cable and is HID-compatible. 

The IPRW polycarbonate housing has IP67 environmental protection of the electronic equipment surrounded by the enclosure. IP stands for Ingress Protection with the first number referring to protection against solid objects (6) and the second against liquids (7). The 67 indicates the circuitry is totally protected against dust and protected against the effect of immersion up to approximately three feet. This means the IPRW can be installed on the exterior of a protected building.

By knowing the demand of the access control system components and the available power from the Injector and Splitter, the system chosen by SDC will operate the components having one Amp as a buffer to accommodate any inrush and unforeseen situations. The 12VDC power consumption is as follows:

  • IP Pro Controller: 250mA
  • IP Pro Injector:  0mA
  • IP Pro Splitter:  0mA
  • Electra Pro Z7252EQ Electrified Cylindrical Lock:  600mA
  • IPRW Proximity Card Reader: 40mA

Part 2 of this article will cover the assembly and programming of the SDC IP Pro Controller.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Security Door Controls, 801 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012. Telephone: 805-494-0622. Web Site: www.sdcsecurity.com.