Classroom and Lockdown Security Solutions from ASSA ABLOY

Oct. 2, 2013
A broad range of solutions that can be utilized within a lockdown scenario. Rather than looking for a single product to provide a lockdown solution, it’s essential to look at the entire facility and consider the needs of each opening.

In recent times, fire drills have been joined by a new practice — the lockdown drill — in our schools. During a lockdown, teachers are alerted of a possible danger— an armed student or intruder — and are instructed to secure the classroom doors from threats that may loom in the school hallway. Basically, the students are “locked” in the classroom for their own protection.

New security innovations from companies like ASSA ABLOY have been developed to help accommodate lockdowns and keep students safe inside the classroom. Locks allow teachers to secure the door from inside the classroom, thus avoiding the need to insert a key in the outside cylinder and expose themselves and their students to danger. Better still are networked electromechanical locks that can be secured instantly from a central location.

Q&A: ASSA ABLOY DSS’s Doug Titus

Locksmith Ledger interviewed Doug Titus, business development manager, education, ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions to get a better idea about what ASSA ABLOY has to offer for school security/lockdown applications.

Which markets do you consider are candidates for lockdown systems?

Lockdown could be a policy implemented in numerous markets but the definition can vary. Military bases and courtrooms almost always have lockdown procedures while hospitals have lockdown in the labor and delivery areas.

Recently, the most common market the security industry thinks about when referring to lockdown procedures are educational institutions. Both K-12 schools and colleges and universities have had to re-evaluate their existing policies and in many cases revise them to adopt a higher level of security. Even within the education market, there are a wide range of challenges for elementary, middle and high schools and even community colleges versus major university environments present different needs.

What products does ASSA ABLOY offer as a lockdown solution?

ASSA ABLOY offers a broad range of solutions that can be utilized within a lockdown scenario. Rather than looking at a product to provide a lockdown solution, it’s essential to look at the entire opening and each opening should be considered a system.

What features do your products provide?

  • Bullet/Ballistic Rated Doors/Frames
  • Electronic Lockdown Capability
  • Classroom intruder function locks (mechanically lockdown a classroom without having to open a door)
  • Visual mechanical indicators (provide visual cue to validate if outside handle is locked or unlocked)
  • Patented Key Systems (minimizing risk of authorized key duplication) 
  • Local audible alarms (hear alarm if door propped open)
  • Shim Kits (Minimize risk of door being tied or chained by eliminating gap between exit device rail and window behind it)

How can you assist the end-user or locksmith begin the process of assessing their needs and implement a security management plan with lockdown as an element of the solution?

For those in the education field ASSA ABLOY’s K-12 School Safety and Security program offers a complimentary assessment of a school facility. One of our school security specialists will inspect all openings to ensure proper operation and provide a complete consultation on methods to improve security plans. If you are looking for immediate feedback ASSA ABLOY offers a free School Security Solutions iPad App which allows a facility manager to perform a self-assessment of a school’s openings and review available products that could aid in increasing security.

Open to all security managers is the ASSA ABLOY Try-Me Program in which ASSA ABLOY offers a product for a facility to test in their own environment before making a purchase.ASSAABLOYAmericasUniversityalso provides the ability for security managers to receive local and online training for a wide range of courses and issues related to security.

ASSA ABLOY is the largest global supplier of intelligent locks and security solutions. Its products account for more than one in 10 of all lock and security installations worldwide. Below is information on some of ASSA ABLOY’s newest lockdown products.

Corbin Russwin Access 3™ Key Systems

The Access 3 system from Corbin Russwin provides multiple levels of protection to offer the right level of security for each opening in a facility, without paying for features you don't need. Three levels of ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 protection secure every opening, from patented keyway to UL437 certified. A common key for all three levels of security enhances key control and simplifies administrative procedures.

This new system provides patented protection from unauthorized key duplication through 2027. The new keyway family protects system integrity from legacy systems and keys are significantly stronger than competitive systems, according to ASSA ABLOY. Bump resistance provides added protection.

Availability in all existing Corbin Russwin cylinder types provides cost-effective upgrade for facilities already using Corbin Russwin hardware.

Key blanks are controlled through authorized distribution. Bump resistance is standard for all three levels and geographical protection is available. Available for mortise, rim, component and Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC) cylinders, Corbin Russwin offers the right protection for your facility.

The three levels of utility-patented security are:

Level 1: AP. Key blanks available to authorized Corbin Russwin distributors and are bump resistant with patented keys

Level 2: AS. Geographically exclusive by end user. bump and pick resistant

Level 3: AHS. This highest level of security is geographically exclusive by end user, UL437 certified and bump and pick resistant

Features include: 

  • Keys can be common between security levels
  • New keyway families for all levels
  • Construction master keying available
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified
  • Available uncombinated, master keyed or grand masterkeyed
  • Bump resistant standard (Not available on Level 1 LFIC)

Cylinders are available as:

  • Mortise Fixed and Interchangeable Cylinders (including Hotel function)
  • Rim Fixed and Interchangeable Cylinders
  • Component
  • LFIC

SARGENT Profile Series v.G1.5 Lock with RF Fob

The SARGENT Profile Series v.G1.5  standalone access control lock offers unique functionality that is ideal for classroom applications. Providing easy everyday access to the classroom using a PIN code or prox card, the G1.5 also provides the ability to lock the door quickly with an RF fob from almost anywhere inside the room.

Ideal for classroom environments, RF fobs offer a convenient solution for remote control locking of the Profile Series v.G1.5.

When programmed for Panic mode and actuated from within 75 feet of the lock (inside), the door locks and disables all “user” credentials (both PIN and Prox). The door stays locked even if fob is pressed repeatedly. An interior indicator flashes red to show the door is in lockdown. The lock must be reset by a master credential.

SARGENT vG1.5 Series features include:

  • Supports 2,000 users
  • Provides 2,000-event audit trail
  • Credential support:

  - HID® 125 kHz prox card

  - RF fob

  • Available with keypad for dual-factor authentication
  • Programmable via keypad, data transfer device (DTD), or PDA*
  • Available with key override
  • Supports multiple types of users, such as extended, temporary, or supervisory
  • Available in mortise lock, cylindrical lock, or exit device configurations

* DTD required for Windows Vista and later

System Requirements


  - SoloPlus™ Access Control Management Software

  - Microsoft Windows based operating system (XP and later) or Windows Server (2003, 2008)

  - Local administrative rights to the computer


  - CD-Rom drive

  - Data Transfer Device or PDA (refer to catalog for compatible models)

SARGENT Exit Devices

When considering school security measures, doors with exit devices or “panic bars” are of special concern. Typically used on the perimeter, these doors tend to take the most abuse and are also the first line of defense against intruders. They must meet fire and life safety codes, where applicable, and comply with ADA. There is a multitude of functionality for an exit device.

The SARGENT 541 Exit Device Security Kit prevents intruders from locking people inside a facility by wrapping chains/ropes around exit device pushbars. The Security Kit, which accommodates all door styles, fills the gap between the exit device and the glass creating a flush surface with the door. This not only responds to the ever increasing need for improved building security, but also maintains the facility’s aesthetic design.

The SARGuide® Electroluminescent Option illuminated exit device increases the visibility of exit locations in dark or smoke filled passages, supplementing existing codes for egress lighting.

SARGENT also offers the 16 function for its 8800 Series and 8900 Series. This function allows the outside trim to be locked from the inside trim. Available as a cylinder or thumbturn on the inside chassis, this function provides a quick, easy way to lock the outside trim without opening the door. The latch will also retract when using a key on the outside trim.

SARGENT’s integrated 3287 Door Status Switch  provides verification that the door is secure. Available with electrified exit devices, this switch sends a notification to the monitoring system when the door is out of position.

The AL- Alarmed Exit option is designed for areas requiring a standalone alarm on out swinging doors. This option sounds immediately upon exit and discourages unauthorized use.

The 53 Latchbolt Monitor Switch provides true, tamper resistant latchbolt monitoring. The monitor switch is activated when the rail is depressed or for any reason that the latch moves.

SARGENT offers monitoring for outside levers as well. Available as an option for its electrified devices, the 54 Latchbolt Monitor sends a signal when the outside lever is rotated for entry.

SARGENT’s 56 Electric Latch Retraction allows electrified retraction of latchbolt for momentary or maintained periods. The device returns to normal operation if fire alarm goes off or if there is an interruption of power to device. Opening remains unsecured while latchbolt is held retracted.

Ceco Door Armorshield

ASSA ABLOY company Ceco Door Products offers a Level 4 Bullet Resistant door system. These 1-3/4" thick ArmorShield Level 4 doors conform to the Steel Door Institute guide specification, ANSI A250.8 and provide bullet resistance in accordance with UL 752.

ArmorShield Level 4 doors are seamless design. Face sheets are commercial quality steel conforming to ASTM A366 or A620 & A568  or (optional) hot-dipped galvanized steel (conforming to ASTM A924 and A653.

Door face sheets are butted with edge seams welded the full height and ground smooth. No seams are visible on faces or vertical edges. Twenty-two gauge steel vertical stiffeners are placed 6" apart and welded every 5" along their length. Inverted top and bottom channels are 16 gauge steel and are welded to both face sheets.

ArmorShield Level 4 frames are double rabbet profile in depths from 4- 5/8" through 12" of all welded construction. Jamb anchors for masonry wall are included. ArmorShield Level 4 glass lites are UL listed, Level 4 rated with steel framing.

Hardware Provisions: Hinge preparations are handed. Hinge edges are mortised for 5" high x .190 heavy weight hinges. Seven-gauge steel reinforcements are welded in place and are drilled and tapped for fasteners in accordance with ANSI A156.7. The door lock edge has a standard bevel (1:16) and is prepared for Series 86; lock jamb preparation is for 4-7/8" high strike (ANSI A115.1). Lock is required to be UL listed for ballistic protection. Hardware is not required to be by Ceco.