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May 1, 2013
Loc Down products are geared towards school security, while the LifeSaver line helps secure hospitals while meeting Life Safety Code requirements.

George Marks began G. Marks Hardware in 1977.  HIs original intention was to manufacture mortise locks for the local New York market. What began as a one-product company in 1977 has expanded during the last 36 years into a product line which contains architectural grade, code compliant life safety, mortise, cylindrical and tubular locksets. Marks USA has also expanded into security products for electronic access control, security storm door locks, deadbolts and HI-SECURITY lock cylinders.

Marks USA merged with NAPCO Security Systems in August, 2008. The announcement at that time stated, "The effect of this merger will serve to enhance our ability to increase production, while providing an additional source of in-house technology for our electronic products."

Loc-Down Products

With the emphasis recently on requirements to increase security during school emergencies, Marks has introduced their Loc-Down TM series of lock products. A typical classroom function requires someone to be on the outside of the door in order to secure the door handle. The new Marks USA Classroom Intruder lockset can be locked with a key from the interior. A proper authority can then lock the door without having to be outside the door where danger may exist. Even when locked, the inner lever can retract the latch at all times for egress.

Marks USA function F110 cylindrical locksets are built to ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 specs and can be ordered with levers to meet ADA Life Safety requirements.  Function 110 specs are: "Deadlocking latch by knob/lever either side, except when outside. Outside locked by key inside.   Key outside locks or unlocks outside. Inside always open."    Levers are available to accept OEM cylinders from: Sargent conventional, Yale conventional, Corbin conventional, Corbin 6-7 pin IC, Yale 6-7 pin IC, Schlage 6 pin IC, Sargent 6 pin IC, Medeco LFIC & Best/Falcon SFIC.

Marks USA also has an F32 function group of mortise locksets with Loc-Down features. Three versions of the F32 function are available. The basic lock is a double cylinder mortise lock. The 'Intruder Latch Bolt' version has an outer knob/lever which can be locked or unlocked by using a key in either the inner or outer lock cylinder. The latch bolt can also be operated with a key by using either the inner or outer lock cylinder. An auxiliary latch deadlatches the latch bolt when the door is locked.  The inner knob/lever is always free for immediate egress.

The 'Classroom Security' version has an outer knob/lever which can be locked or unlocked by using a key in either the inner or outer lock cylinder. An auxiliary latch deadlatches the latch bolt when the door is locked. Inside knob/lever is always free for immediate egress. A 'Classroom Security w/Holdback version has features identical to the Classroom Security function. In addition, by depressing the inside knob/lever while turning the key 360 degrees, the latch bolt can be set in a holdback position. Mortise lock with the Loc-Down feature can be ordered with a wide variety of Marks USA lever and escutcheon trim styles.

LifeSaver Line

Marks USA has also developed a LifeSaverTM line of lock products to support Managed Liability, Accident Prevention,  Life Safety and Security issues in Behavioral Health Care Institutions.  Locksets are available as cylindrical latch and deadbolt locks plus mortise locks and deadbolt styles.    LifeSaver  knobs, thumbturns and levers are cone-shaped and recessed into the rosettes to restrict the attachment of lines, laces, etc.   Antimicrobial finish is also available.   Marks USA LifeSaverlocks have a lifetime mechanical warranty. Finishes are excluded from the warranty.

Other Marks USA products include special purpose items such as push/pull paddlesets for hospital applications, electrified locksets for access control applications, more than 300 special order lever designs, a biometric fingerprint reader system and i-Qwik single door electronic access control locksets.   Traditional mortise lock, cylindrical locks, exit devices, door closers and a patented HI-Security lock cylinder system for key control fill out the impressive Marks USA product line.    

For more information contact your lock locksmith distributor or Marks USA, 631-225-5400. 

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