News Briefs: ProSeries® 1177 Combination Locks Get Rave Reviews

Dec. 2, 2011

Since introducing the 1177 Combination Padlocks to the marketplace, Master Lock Company has found success on a number of levels.  Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the ProSeries® Resettable combination locks have found a home with a wide range of customers.

 “The early reports on the 1177 Combination Padlocks have been quite impressive.  These locks are a natural in manufacturing environments but we’re experiencing interest from those working in numerous vertical markets.  This includes transportation, construction and utilities, among others,” said John Ficcadenti, Master Lock’s senior product manager of security products.  “The design of the 1177 has made an impression on buyers who really appreciate a lock for its toughness and durability.”

This new addition to the ProSeries Resettable combination padlock family offers a number of enhanced security features.  The 1177 solid brass shrouded padlock provides maximum protection from bolt cutters. The octagonal boron-carbide shackle (1-1/16 inches) resists cutting and the solid brass body (2-1/4 inches) offers superior corrosion resistance.  A deadlocking mechanism safeguards the lock from prying, shimming and rap attacks, and the shackle seal and dial dust cover protects internal components and dials for trouble-free operation.

Lock users have control of their own 4-digital combination for convenience and security, which gives them 10,000 possible combinations to choose from.  Ficcadenti says these benefits and others make the 1177 Combination Padlocks unique in the marketplace.

“The feedback we’ve received so far, in addition to the various features, is customers appreciate the attention to detail as part of the thought process that went into the design of the 1177,” Ficcadenti added. 

“We’re getting high marks for what we consider the little things, such as the large ergonomic dials with our blind feature that stops the dial at ‘0’ when going in one direction.  When you have all four dials stopped on ‘0’, you can count the number of clicks needed to arrive at the desired combination without having to see the numbers on the dial.  Having the ability to use it with gloves, in low light or even complete darkness has struck a chord with our customers.”

In addition to construction venues, other uses for the 1177 Combination Padlocks include industrial, storefront and business gates, utility meters, sub-stations and cable boxes.  For more information, visit