Adams Rite Steel Hawk 4300: Mechanical and Electrical Access Control

June 29, 2011
The Steel Hawk makes it easy to electrify an aluminum entrance door. It is non-handed out of the box and it interfaces with existing Adams Rite hardware and the new 4600 Designer Series handles.

The patented Steel Hawk 4300 Series is Adams Rite’s non-handed electrified deadlatch designed for aluminum glass storefront doors. The ANSI/BHMA Type E8231, Grade 1 Steel Hawk operates mechanically and electronically by releasing the deadlatching mechanism, permitting the latchbolt to retract as the door swings out from the jamb. Mechanically or electronically, the latchbolt is released, not retracted.

The latchbolt release mechanism can be freed three ways: by turning a key in the mortise cylinder counterclockwise until it stops, by rotating the interior handle or by powering the solenoid that controls the fail- secure locking mechanism.

The Steel Hawk 4300 Series eLatch incorporates the patented two-way winged technology by providing non-handed latchbolt operation for in and outswing doors without having to reverse the handing. The stainless steel latchbolt and the brass auxiliary bolt each have a two-part bolt. The latchbolt is 5/8” wide by 1” tall having a 5/8” throw. When the latchbolt and the auxiliary bolt are extended (door open), the wings are perpendicular to the door edge.

As the door closes and the latchbolt and auxiliary bolt contact the strike lip, one wing from each tilts over along side of the other forming a conventional “latch” shape and permitting them to retract into the 4300 eLatch as the door swings shut. Once the door is closed, the latchbolt slides into the strike plate cutout reforming the extended and rigid latchbolt. The auxiliary bolt remains partially within the eLatch. In the secured (closed) position, the auxiliary bolt prevents the latchbolt from being loided.

When the auxiliary bolt is retained, the latchbolt can only be unlocked by mechanically rotating the inside lever or paddle handle or by counterclockwise operation of the outside mortise cylinder.

Electronically, the Steel Hawk can be operated by powering the solenoid. Once the latchbolt is released, the door can swing open forcing the latchbolt against the strike plate. The latchbolt forms into a “latch” shape and retracts into the 4300 Series lock body, permitting the door to swing open. Once the strike plate is no longer in contact, the latchbolt and the auxiliary bolt extend.

The Steel Hawk eLatch is equipped with two Adjustable Mounting Tube Spacers screwed onto the 4300 frame at the top and the bottom. The threaded mounting tubes are adjustable in order to space the lock when using the drill and tap installation method. When properly adjusted, the mounting tubes fix the position of the eLatch. The Adjustable Mounting Tube Brackets are removed when installing the lock using bridges, brackets or tabs.

The mounted sample has a 4300 eLatch with a 1-1/8” backset and the new 4600 Deadlatch Handle equipped with the Adams Rite “MD” designer lever. The mortise cylinder requires an MS® (Adams Rite style) cam. The 4300 was installed into the mounted sample using two drilled and tapped 10-32 holes using the supplied mounting screws.

The 4600 Heavy Duty Designer Series Handle is manufactured of cast stainless steel, brass or bronze. There are eleven handle styles and seven standard finishes. Contact the factory for optional finish information. In addition to operating with the 4300 Steel Hawk eLatch, the 4600 Series Deadlatch Handle can operate with the 4500, 4900 and the DualForce 2190 and 2290 Interconnected Locksets.

The Steel Hawk uses an “MS” sized 1" x 6-7/8" faceplate. The faceplate is available as flat, radius or radius with weatherstrip. The flat faceplate is used with both a flat or beveled stile. The flat faceplate can be adjusted in the field for left or right beveled edge doors by rotating the spacers located above and below the latchbolt and auxiliary latch. Position each of the two triangle arrows in the direction of the bevel prior to installing the faceplate. For a flat stile, rotate the spacers having the triangle arrows pointing up or down.

The Adams Rite 4300 Series Steel Hawk operates on 12, 16 or 24 volt DC power, and is rated for continuous duty. For this article, a demo mounted sample was used which had a battery pack with eight AA alkaline batteries powering the deadlatch. A momentary switch controls the fail-secure eLatch solenoid in order to gain access.

The Steel Hawk 4300 is a direct replacement for Adams Rite 4500, 4700 and 4900 Series deadlatches and MS1850 deadbolts, as it retrofits to the MS prep. The only change required is to remove the plastic inserts in the strike if the eLatch is retrofitting a 4500 or 4700 deadlatch. The 4500 and 4700 latchbolts are ½” wide and the 4300 and 4900 latchbolts are 5/8” wide. The strike’s nylon buttons are designed to prevent the door from rattling when using a ½” latchbolt equipped lock.

Optional features of the 4300 eLatch include faceplates, a form “C” latch status monitor and various strike plates. For example, the 4901 strike has a double pocket that can accommodate left or right hand doors that were previously equipped with the 4900 Series Deadlatch. The 4304 strike can accommodate the retrofit of an Adams Rite 1850 Series Deadbolt in order to operate with the 4300 Steel Hawk eLatch.

The Adams Rite Steel Hawk can be ordered with a cylinder backset of 31/32", 1-1/8" or 1-1/2". The four strand wiring is equipped with a quick connect plug-in type connector.

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