Securitron SABL-NLK: Bring Your Own Lockset

June 1, 2005
With the Securitron SABL-NLK, customers canadd electronic access control while maintaining the look of thier existing lock hardware.

Introduced in 2003, the Securitron SABL ("Stand Alone Battery Lock") is an electro-mechanical cylindrical based lock using the Securitron DK-26 keypad electronics and an electrified cylindrical leverset to control access for high traffic applications. The waterproof exterior electronics make use of an 11-character keypad. The Central Processing Unit is mounted onto the protected side of the door. The exterior lever of a SABL is equipped with a mechanical lock cylinder or core and can be operated by entering an electronic code or using a key.

With so many new lock manufacturers' designs and finishes, upgrading to electronic access control while maintaining appearance compatibility to existing lock hardware can prove to be a daunting task. To resolve this problem, Securitron has now introduced the SABL as a keypad, electronics and housing only -- everything but the motorized lockset. This product, the SABL—NLK, offers end users the ability to add electronic access control while maintaining the look, design and finish of most lock hardware. In an attempt to blend the faceplate into the overall appearance of the lockset, the SABL keypad has a small footprint, following the contour of the trim. The dimensions of the keypad are 4" wide by 6-13/32" high by 3/4" deep.

NLK stands for without lockset. This means the SABL-NLK requires a cylindrical lockset with specific features. These include a 3-1/2" diameter rose on a motorized clutch-equipped cylindrical lockset. The motor operation must be Fail Secure. The SABL electronics provide an open direction nine volt pulse to operate the motor.

To resolve the finish problem, the keypad and housing of the SABL-NLK are available in Polished Brass (US3), Oil Rubbed Bronze (US10B), Brushed Chrome (US26D), and Bright Chrome (US26). Consult factory for custom finishes.

SABL Specifications

Three types of electronic codes are used by the SABL: the Hard Code, the Program Code and the User Codes. For applications requiring only one code, the Hard Code acts as the entry code. The Hard Code can be two to seven digits in length.

For applications that require multiple User Codes, there is keypad changeable programming. There are 55 standard User Codes and four special function User Codes. Two special function User Codes enter and exit the Passage Mode. The two remaining special function User Codes enter and exit the Lockout Mode. All of the User Codes are from two to seven digits in length.

To add or delete the User Codes as well as for other options, the SABL uses the Program Code. The Program Code, which acts as a password to enter the programming mode, is from five to seven digits in length.

Note: The SABL is equipped with EEPROM memory. In the event of power failure and during battery replacement, all programming is retained.

The Securitron SABL uses a Grade 1, Yale leverset as the locking mechanism. The Yale leverset-equipped SABL is available in a number of lock configurations that accommodate interchangeable/removable cores and standard lock cylinders. The interchangeable/removable core configurations include Best/Falcon interchangeable core, ASSA removable core, Corbin Russwin removable core, Medeco removable core, Sargent removable core, Schlage removable core, and Yale removable core. The standard lock cylinder keyway configurations for the Yale leverset include Sargent, Schlage, and Yale. Depending upon the configuration ordered, cylinders/cores may or may not be included.

The SABL uses six AA batteries with the capability of providing more than 100,000 openings. NOTE: Securitron recommends replacing the alkaline batteries once a year.

The Securitron factory has been in the process of testing different lock manufacturers' motorized cylindrical locksets to determine compatibility with the SABL-NLK. Contact the factory for specific lockset requirements.

The Securitron SABL-NLK is fully covered by MagnaCare, Securitron's Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Securitron Magnalock Corp., 550 Vista Blvd. Sparks, NV 89434. Telephone: 775-355-5625, 800-MAGLOCK. Fax: 775-355-5633. Website: