Product Roundup: Keypads & Readers

Dec. 1, 2005
PDK3000 is a weatherproof, rugged all-metal 12-button keypad.


Aiphone Communications introduces a line of door stations with embedded HID® ProxPoint® and i-CLASS™ readers. These "all-in-one" door stations provide a card reader, an intercom and a video camera, eliminating the need to have proximity devices mounted next to the intercom at an entryway or on a stanchion.

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The PDK3000 is a weatherproof, rugged all-metal 12-button keypad with built-in prox reader that installs in minutes. With 2,000 user codes, master, manager, supervisor & basic, 40,000-event audit trail, real-time clock and remote-release feature this keypad is sure to fit almost any need. Its timed egress input feature allows doors to stay open for 5, 10, or 15 seconds. The PDK3000 provides an Independent Tamper-Report when attempts are made to vandalize or remove the unit via an alarm system providing the highest security.

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The *Mprox* CV-600 standalone prox reader from Camden Door Controls comes with the following features:

  • Up to 999 users.
  • Mullion mount prox reader, with separate controller.
  • Cards/fobs may be individually or batch enrolled/deleted.
  • Easy to program and install.
  • No software or hand-held programmers needed.
  • REX, bi-colour LED, sounder timed output and more.

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The DynaLock Series 7200 Digital Entry Keypad System weather- and vandal-resistant keypad features a narrow, 1-1/2" wide design with 10 active buttons for code entry, and one dedicated button for bell, light, or call functions. The 7200 operates on 12 to 24 Volts AC or DC, is programmable for up to 60 individual user codes standard, expandable to 120 and is covered by the exclusive DynaLife lifetime warranty.

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International Bar Code's data converter line now includes the Model 716 Data Converter, capable of performing multiple conversions between Wiegand, proximity, magstripe, rs232 and barcode. This unique converter can be easily used to change formats of existing readers to make them compatible with most devices and panels.

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Six "Marketing Tips" cards are available from Domino Engineering Corporation. Written to assist locksmiths selling the Universal Domino Garage Door Keypad, the easy-to-read marketing topics can be used for practically any sales opportunity. Topics include establishing rapport with customer, listening, focusing on customer's interests, and closing the sale. Specific examples are given for each marketing idea.

To obtain your free set of marketing tips, contact Domino Engineering Corporation, telephone 800-7 DOMINO (736-6466), or email: [email protected].
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Providing single-door proximity access control, The HID EntryProx™ Stand-Alone Reader is ideal for small installations or remote locations when used in conjunction with an on-line system. This rugged, attractive unit can easily be modified to become an on-line reader by switching to a Wiegand output mode, allowing it to connect to any OEM controller. EntryProx is compatible with all HID proximity cards and keytags.

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International Bar Code offers a wide variety of barcode, magnetic stripe, combination and proximity readers with Wiegand interface. The line of standalone and fixed-mount readers provides the latest in secure technologies for access control and time and attendance. Standard and custom models are available for medical, government, educational, industrial and financial applications.

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Elegant, yet durable, the 9325i and 9325e are cost-efficient keypads that blend in with any decor. Ideal for interior or exterior applications (depending on model), this keypad can accommodate up to 120 users. Data is safe – even in the event of a power failure, your 6-digit master code and all other data is still stored. For efficient use in poorly lit areas, the keypad features backlighting (which can be disabled). Silent mode can also be enabled if audible annunciation of key presses is not desired.

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IEI offers the most diverse line of keypads available from one manufacturer. From indoor to outdoor extreme environment to Wiegand output, IEI provides the styles and functionality to meet virtually any application. IEI gives you the added benefit of simple, consistent programming across the entire line.

Product selection is easy- select the required functionality- single or four outputs, door monitor input, REX input, fixed or fully programmable inputs/outputs or Wiegand. Then select the appropriate style based on the application environment- mullion, outdoor, surface, or flush mount. You decide what keypad is best for the application.

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Keri's P-600 Proximity Reader and Keypad provides card + PIN capability in the same unit. The keypad features durable stainless steel piezo technology, and the proximity reader reads Pyramid Series cards from Farpointe Data and optionally can read HID cards. Each reader comes with both black and white bezels, allowing the customer to match building decor.

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DoorKing's 1500 Series Keypads can store up to 1,000 codes and provide access control for virtually any application where standalone digital code entry is desired. These vandal-resistant keypads use stainless steel faceplates, galvanized steel sub-plates, are housed in a rugged steel cabinet and are available in post and flush mount designs. All models feature direct programming from the keypad.

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Securitron's DK-26 Series Keypad is a digital keypad system for medium/high security control of electric locks. It consists of two components: the narrow stile keypad and the remote CPU board. DK-26 features true 10-digit operation, 11 EPDM rubber keys, three LEDs and a bell button. 59 user codes are standard, but the unit can be expanded to 119. DK-26 also features a 5 Amp DPDT relay output for lock control and alarm shunt, camera call-up or other device interface and Wiegand output is available. The cast stainless steel case is fully weatherproof and vandal resistant making it the right choice for any environment.

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The IEI prox.pad is a stand-alone proximity reader and keypad. In addition to operating as a self-contained single-door access control system, it now operates as a reader with all IEI Secured Series Hub Control products and with most 26-bit Wiegand access control panels – as a proximity reader.

Features include:

  • Integrated door control, keypad and reader
  • 2,000 users/1,000-event audit trail
  • Weather resistant
  • Compatible with HID proximity cards from 26 to 37 bit
  • Glass mount kit included
  • Wiegand output - 26 to 37 bit proximity; 26 bit keypad
  • 5.25" x 2.75" x 1.375"
  • 12 VDC

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