ASIS Product Spotlight

Sept. 1, 2006
A roundup of the newest electronics products to be displayed when AIS hold its 2006 convention Sept. 21-28, also in San Diego.

Alarm Lock
ASIS Booth 5425

Alarm Lock Systems, Inc. announces the Narrow Stile line of Trilogy® Access Locks which feature aluminum door retrofit outside trim for Adams Rite® latch locks. The DL1200 Series contains an all-metal, vandal-resistant 12-button keypad which supports 100 PIN codes, is fingertip/keypad programmable and includes 2 lithium 3V batteries. These non-handed locks are fully field reversible, can operate in extreme temperatures, include a key override and are available in four standard finishes. Indicate 421 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 937

Electric Delayed Egress (EE) option is designed for applications that require a delayed egress, alarmed panic device. The alarm, with approximately 100dB will sound when someone attempts to exit, alerting management that an unauthorized exit has been attempted. The alarm will continue to sound, but the door will remain locked for 15 seconds, which deters the unauthorized exit and provides the responsible party time to respond to the alarm. For information, visit Indicate 424 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 1323

The StrikeIt Panic Device Power/Controller Product Series is specifically designed to handle the high power surge required to drive one (1) or two (2) 24VDC panic devices that have large in-rush current requirements (up to a max of 16 amps for 300ms ea.). The supervised lock outputs incorporate a programmable timed release feature ranging from 300ms to 30 seconds. The unit features programmable fire alarm (FACP) disconnect. StrikeIt includes both 12VDC and 24VDC aux. outputs for powering access control accessories. Two form "C" follower relays and an additional two delayed form "C" relays which follow the lock outputs are provided for activation of automatic door operators. Onboard circuitry provides for standby battery charging. Indicate 422 on eInquiry

Corbin Russwin
ASIS Booth 4243

Pyramid, Corbin Russwin's patented security cylinder, offers the most secure locking system available. The unique control pin and security/high security cylinder offers superior protection against picking, drilling and other unauthorized entry. Ideal for schools, healthcare, commercial and industrial applications, Pyramid is the choice for your most challenging security needs. For information, call 800-438-1951 or visit Indicate 423 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 5039

DynaLock Corp. introduces a new line of heavy-duty illuminated push plate exit controls. 6500 Series double-gang push plates are precision machined from solid 6061 aluminum and feature high visibility, long life electroluminescent backlit signage. Pneumatic delay (PTD) SPDT-DB and momentary or alternate-action SPDT and DPDT switches are available. Twelve standard signage options are offered in English, Spanish and French, for request-to-exit and auto door operator applications. Custom signage is available on request and faceplates are available in eight architectural finishes. For more information, call 877-DYNALOCK or visit Indicate 425 on eInquiry

Herald Datanetics
The HFD113S is a stand-alone, battery operated, fingerprint (FP) door lock designed for small offices. Unlike conventional locks, it uses the touch of a registered fingerprint to unlock the door instead of keys or cards, which can be stolen or copied.
Features include:

  • Uses HFP113 programming kit for lock setting & FP management
  • UL listed, Grade 2, cylindrical latch with deadlatching and adjustable BS
  • 7 pin tumbler cam lock for emergency key mechanical over-ride
  • Solid zinc alloy die cast design, easy retrofit installation in most doors
  • Each user can select to enroll one or two fingerprints templates
  • 20 programmable time-zones for user restriction or free ingress mode
  • Built-in real time clock with battery back-up
  • FP template transfer function for transfer of FP's to multiple locks
  • Access events log can be printed out directly to printer (no PC required)
  • Optional PC connection kit to export audit trail events to (.xls) format
  • Available in US3, US4, US10A, US15, and UD26D finishes

Indicate 426 on eInquiry

Marks USA
ASIS Booth 757

Marks USA introduces the IQ_KK Series Double Sided Keypad, programmable by keypad or with the i-Dat and your PC. The double sided keypad access control system has a 16-digit tactile metal keypad, heavy duty cast housing and is backed by lifetime mechanical and electronic warranties.

These keypad units are ideal for controlling access to security sensitive areas in institutional facilities. The IQ_KK Series features 320 users and 1600 event audit trail and can be upgraded in the field to 3000 users. For information, call 800-526-0233 or visit Indicate 427 on eInquiry

Norton Door Controls
ASIS Booth 4243

Doors in commercial and public buildings demand closers that can stand up to heavy traffic and abuse. Norton's 7500 Series Door Closer with Unitrol® Arm offers the most controlled stop available in a surface closer. Combining the features of an overhead stop with the backcheck feature of a door closer, the Unitrol® arm out muscles the competition – hands down. For information, call 800-438-1951 or visit Indicate 429 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 4243
Medeco High Security Locks is introducing a running change to the award-winning Maxum deadbolt lock. Changes to the design provide easy installation even in less than ideal applications. Engineering enhancements allow for a smaller shield to protect against ice pick attacks, additional hardened steel components to protect against drilling, and self-adjusting components to allow for installation on 1 ¾" door to 2 ½" thick doors with no additional parts required. The strong bolt mechanism has been enhanced with an accelerator spring to assist in throwing and retracting the bolt.

Medeco Maxum deadbolts are available through Medeco and authorized Medeco distributors, located by calling Medeco Customer Service, 800-839-3157 (U.S.) or 888-633-3264 (Canada). Indicate 428 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 1500
Install a 16-door access control system in four hours! OSI Security Devices introduces the Wireless Access Management System (WAMS), the first end-to-end wireless access control system. This multi-technology wireless system is available in Cylindrical, Mortise, Exit Device Adapter, and Wall Mount configuration. Readers communicate to the Host PC via 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum encrypted RF data link. Please visit us at ASIS 2006 Booth #1500 for a live system demonstration. Indicate 430 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 4243
Yale expands its well-respected SecureX product line with the addition of the SDA16 SecureX Door Alarm. Designed to continually monitor the status of a door, the easy-to-install SDA16 features a Piezo horn which blasts a deafening 105+ decibels to alert that the door has been opened without authorization. For information, call 1-888-828-8349 or visit Indicate 434 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 4527
RCI's new TD365 is a fully programmable, seven day/24 hour, multiple event timer. The TD365 also performs up to 99 daily/weekly independent events and has a Daylight Savings Time option. You never have to worry about losing programmed information due to a power failure because it is stored in the timer's permanent (EE-PROM) memory. This timer also includes the Lithium Battery. Indicate 431 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 4243
The Profile v.S2 is an intelligent, integrated lockset able to network wirelessly with an access control system(s). With the Profile Series v.S2, you have the ability to centrally monitor and control all doors within a facility from one or more PC's. Ideal for corporate campuses, schools and healthcare facilities, the v.S2 eliminates the need to hardwire your facility's door locks saving on material and labor costs. Indicate 432 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 3137
Schlage King Cobra 2 and SNAP programmer takes access control management to a whole new level - a simpler one. Schlage KC2 Locks deliver enhanced mechanical and electronic lock performance. They are battery powered delivering 80,000 cycles and can be programmed directly at the lock keypad or by using the new, intuitive Schlage SNAP programmer. Capacity is up to 1000 users and audits.

iButton credential reader allows for increased security by taking access beyond a simple pin number. Vandal resistant lever resists abuse. Full mortise cylinder allows for re-keying into any existing master key system. Indicate 435 on eInquiry

ASIS Booth 4243
Securitron's new GL1 is an automatic dual voltage electric gate lock offering 2,000 lbs. holding force designed to secure swinging gates, sliding gates and stock cage applications. The lock will operate with up to 100 lbs. of preload. GL1 features a manual key override, tamper proof housing, a heavy wall conduit fitting and a unique self-aligning receiver that compensates for gate sag and mis-alignment ½" vertically and horizontally from center. For information, call 1-800-MAGLOCK or visit Indicate 433 on eInquiry

Select Hinges
SELECT now offers a Continuous Warranty covering any failure of its geared hinges with no expiration date. Select's geared hinge has endured more than 25 million cycles in independent testing. SELECT geared hinges reduce maintenance costs while outperforming traditional hinges in schools, offices, airports and public buildings. For information, call 800-423-1174 or visit Indicate 436 on eInquiry

Door Controls International
PANNEX™ is the ideal solution on high traffic doors where security and safe egress are your major concern. The patented interlocking latch and strike is virtually impossible to tamper with, pry, or force open, and will resist 2000 lbs of applied force without unlocking the door. All standard devices are weather resistant, with alarm options. For more information call 800.742.3634 or visit Indicate 437 on eInquiry