Up & Running With Standalone Access Controls

May 1, 2007

Standalone access control systems are perhaps the fastest growing market segment in access control. They require minimal installation labor and offer a growing list of features that the majority or small business clients need.

The standalone access control began as a totally mechanical device which used a single memorized code for access. As many locksmiths can testify; there are some situations where a single code mechanical standalone is sufficient.

Today, Standalone Access Control systems are available in cylindrical and mortise models, with a growing selection of specialized models designed to work with exit devices, or mount on storefront type doors.

Although a keypad is almost always present, it may only be there as a means of programming the unit, or as a secondary means of authentication. Many standalone locks use technologies such as proximity, biometrics, or a combination of all three.

More elaborate programming, logging and reporting features are also finding appeal in today's market. Besides being able to keep track of who is enrolled or deleted, eventually the ability to provide an activity log will be invaluable to your customer.

Below is a review of some of the standalone locks on the market and their programming requirements.

Alarm Lock

Alarm Lock's DL1200, DL1300 and PDL1300 Narrow Stile PIN/Prox Locks add pushbutton convenience for 100-2,000 PIN codes or HID Prox users of aluminum doors with Adams Rite® aluminum door latch and deadbolt locks.

The PDL1300 Series models support up to 2,000 PIN or Prox ID users and include a 40,000-event audit trail that time/date stamps each user entry and generates activity reports which can be downloaded to a PC or wireless handheld printer.

It's keypad or PC programmable to easily add or delete users. The PDL1300 Series models can be purchased individually or with a retrofit kit that includes Adams Rite 4900 Series dead latch locks with a 7/8”, 1 1/8” or 1 1/2” backset. The PDL1350 Series Models works with the Adams Rite 1850 series deadbolt products with a 7/8”, 1 1/8” or 1 1/2:” backset.

The Trilogy® line of narrow stile access locks also includes two PIN code only models. The DL1200 Series supports 100 users and is keypad programmable. The DL1300 Series supports up to 2,000 users, is keypad or PC programmable and includes audit trail reporting and event scheduling. All models are non-handed and field reversible and operate in extreme temperatures.

For information, visit www.alarmlock.com.

KABA E-PLEX 5000 Series

Kaba's E-Plex series of standalone locks are available with PIN, PROX or dual credential access for up to 3,000 access codes. Multiple locking options include: cylindrical, mortise and universal exit trim. The E-Plex Series is easy to install with its patented LectroBolt™ installation that requires no wiring to or through the door.

With the E-Plex 5000 Series, multiple authority levels give you control over who has access to specific doors.

• Master level –Perform all setup and programming functions.

• Manager / Maintenance level – Administers common programming functions

• Authorized access user level

• Service level – codes for single event or single day access

• Visitor management – for access up to one-year (E-Plex 5200 and 5700)

Programmable lock functions include:

• Entry lock – normally locked, passage mode can be activated by authorized operator

• Storeroom lock – normally locked, passage mode deactivated

• Residence lock – remains in passage until locked from interior with deadbolt or exterior key command

• Privacy lock – activated from inside, restricts entry to privileged master or manager level user, or key override

• Remote unlock (optional) – from up to 100 feet away

• Up to 32 holiday and vacation blocks (E-Plex 5200 and 5700)

• Up to 16 access schedules (E-Plex 5200 and 5700)

Its user-friendly software simplifies management of doors and users. Settings are easily cloned, permitting quick multi-lock set-ups.

No cables are needed to upload and download your data. Communication is via infrared data transfer function of a handheld PDA (personal digital assistant).

The E-Plex 2000 offers many of the features of the E-Plex 5000, but at a lower price point. The E-Plex 2000 is a PIN-based entry system like the E-Plex 5000, but without audit trail and software support. The unit is designed for indoor or outdoor applications, and is supplied with a weatherproofing gasket.

All programming for the E-P2K is via the keypad. The E-P2K ships in Factory Mode. This means the Master Code is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. The door will unlock by entering this code into the keypad. Until you reprogram the Master Code, you will not be able to program additional user codes.

Like its big brother the E-Plex 5000; The E-P2K can hold a total of 100 user codes. Only one Master User is allowed. That leaves 99 more available users from any of the remaining user groups (Manager; Access; Service).

For more information, visit www.kaba-access.com.

King Cobra/SNAP

The original King Cobra's multiple code capacity and easy keypad programming made it an attractive upgrade for many facilities. Its ability to accept the iButton meant doors within the same facility could share the same credentials, even if certain doors were not candidates for a hard-wired access solution due to their remote location or perceived level of threat.

King Cobra 2 locks are the next generation in the King Cobra family. New features include SNAP programmability, 1,000 individual user codes and credentials, 1,000-event audit trail and enhanced environmental durability.

All King Cobra (KC) locks provide an easy upward migration path away from a reliance on mechanical keys to maintain building security and access control.

KC2 locks can be programmed in one of three ways:

OPTION 1: Manually, using the lock keypad.

- A few doors

- A few users

- Infrequent addition/deletions

OPTION 2: Using the SNAP Programmer and PC Application

- Many doors

- Many users

- Frequent addition/deletions

OPTION 3: Using Express software and programmer

- Required for time zones

KC 5000-2 Locks are designed for cylindrical and mortise door preps.

KC2 Office Function Locks provide a convenient lock/unlock button on the inside of the door, making it easy to switch from credential-free passage to credential-based access from within the protected area.

KC 9000-2 Locks are designed for use with aluminum doors that rely on various latches and exit devices to secure the opening. These narrow stile door solutions can be used on any door where electronic access control is desired to simplify key control and increase the level of security.

The SNAP Programmer & PC Application provides an easy way to link people, doors and locks for simple access control management. SNAP was designed for use with all Schlage KC2 locks.

The SNAP Programmer communicates with your PC via the USB port-acting much like a jump drive or external USB storage device. A simple screen and keypad layout provides easy navigation. The built-in iButton reader allows for quick registration of new iButton credentials.

For more information, visit www.schlage.com.


Marks USA 's iQue standalone digital access control keypad is programmed by keypad or with computer system.

The Keypad Only unit (IQK) can handle 320 users with a 1600-event audit trail. The Keypad Proximity Reader unit (IQKP) has 3008 users and 1180-event audit log. This unit can be accessed by keypad, proximity card or a combination of keypad and proximity card for higher security.

The handheld “i-Dat” infrared reader can upload data and download audit trails. It has a four-line display showing the lock ID and serial number, current time, day and date, battery status and number of events downloaded. Simply place the i-Dat under the keypad, push the unit's single button, and the audit log is instantly collected and any programming changes are uploaded. The i-Dat changes are then downloaded to a PC, using a standard USB cable.

All data is read and compiled in the I-Que PC program, which runs on Windows ME, 2000, NT and XP.

The IQK* series has a 16-digit lifetime warrantied flush or tactile metal keypad on a heavy duty cast housing, available in a range of architectural finishes. The locksets are completely weatherproof with exterior gasket and CABLEGARD™ for wire protection. All units have lifetime mechanical and electrical warranties, meet Grade 1 and UL standards and are supplied with ADA compliant levers. They are available in cylindrical, mortise, tubular and panic device models.

Full scheduling features include: temporary users, scheduled manual passage mode and first supervisor to arrive function. In addition, they offer panic alarm interface and secretary's button interface.

For more information, visit www.marksusa.com.

SDC E72 EntryCheck

The battery powered standalone E72 EntryCheck provides controlled access for high security applications with multi-level security requirements or applications with minimal requirements for the control of pedestrian traffic.

The E72 is a Grade 1, cylindrical lockset, which meets the UL 3-hour fire rating and ADA requirements. The E72 is designed for upgrading to accommodate future technologies.

Installation is simple. Only one 3/4” hole through the door face is required in addition to a standard ANSI 115.18 door preparation.

The E72 features a standard cylindrical lever in either the Eclipse or the Galaxy design, with an internal clutching mechanism to prevent engagement when the lockset is in the locked position. This ‘break-away' feature helps prevent internal damage to the lockset in the event of an attempted forced entry.

Locksets are sold less IC core. Standard I-Core prepared levers accept Best, Falcon, KSP and Medeco Keymark IC cores. Other levers are available to accept a wide variety of OEM IC cores. Please Consult factory.

The locksets' standard programming includes 99 user groups, 64 users and a 50-event audit trail. The memory can be upgraded on the- door to 300 users and a 1,600-event audit trail. SDC has implemented 32 programmable functions, including:

· First Manager To Arrive

· Double Code Entry

· Temporary User Schedule

· Basic, Group & Single User Schedules

· Unlimited Time Zones and Holidays

The E72's 16-position keypad is currently rated at 200 million cycles and counting and is capable of changing terminators to increase the security.

E72 offers both audio and visual system signals. The audio response is achieved through the use of a sounder capable of creating different tones. In order to achieve power savings, the lockset audio can be disabled during normal operation. Visual recognition is provided by a tri-color LED located in the center of the keypad.

Computer management is recommended for all medium to high security and multi-user/multi-door applications. While the E72 may be programmed with the keypad, the optional handheld IDT (Infrared Data Transmission Device) and software provide quick and easy programming and management. Lockset programming is transferred from the computer to the lockset via the IDT. Lockset transaction history is transferred to the computer via the IDT, from which printed audit trails are provided. The software is free with the purchase of the IDT handheld transmission device.

For information, visit www.sdcsecurity.com