Wireless Showcase

June 1, 2007

Schlage Wireless

For over five years, Schlage has been providing proven wireless access solutions to retrofit applications and new construction. With 128-bit encryption on every transmission, Schlage wireless systems are nearly 10 times as secure as proximity cards. And, by eliminating the need to wire networked openings, it's possible to reduce installation time from eight hours to less than one. Also, Schlage's open architecture design means it easily integrates with any brand of access control system out there.

E-Plex 5700

The E-Plex 5700 from Kaba Access Control has the capability of up to 3,000 access users, and a 30,000-event audit trail. Each lock also holds up to 16 access schedules and 32 programmable holiday/vacation blocks. The E-Plex 5700 can be scheduled as desired to accept PIN only, Prox card only, or both PIN & PROX.

The E-Plex 5000 Series design utilizes a patent-pending LectroBolt mounting screw that eliminates the risk of damage from pinched wires because there are no wires to or through the door. Installation is quick and easy.


Mul-T-Lock's up and coming INTELEQT™ is an off-line, non-wired system that utilizes Internet-based software and easily programmable smart-tag, color-coded keys. INTELEQT™ caters to residential and commercial applications requiring audit trail and key scheduling and offers the perfect solution for entry doors with multiple users, lost key events, and the need for added user control. Furthermore, INTELEQT™ technology compliments Mul-T-Lock's new dual credential key concept, which allows the embedding of a transponder into the bow of a Mul-T-Lock key.


Universal Wireless Solutions, the makers of the Oracle, Phantom, and the new Missing Link, have changed the way the access control and communication industry thinks of wireless. Traditionally, the installer had to visit the site, measure and suggest the wire trench area, then the wiring had to withstand lightning and harsh weather.

Oracle is able to penetrate or circumvent hills, trees, cement walls and long distances using an exciting, robust, and field proven repeater technology. The proprietary Oracle Repeater technology allows the system to communicate around the hills.

The sound clarity of the Oracle intercoms and telephone interface makes you think the caller is right next to you. This is purely a function of superior design, and material quality. This is a system designed for easy installation, yet attains a high level of sophistication Contact information: Universal Wireless Products, phone 888-679-7994, web site www.WirelessGateAccess.com

Simons Voss

Electronic access control that fits entirely inside the door handle and looks beautiful at the same time; the SV1 Cylindrical lock installs easily without wires, modifications to the door or frame, or degrading the decor. Wireless operation is accomplished with a standard transponder, biometric transponder or keypad. The SV1C brings the control and convenience of timed operation, audit records and multi-level access control and can be configured and monitored individually or through a wireless network.


In 1986, OSI Security Devices introduced the OMNILOCK OM250. This product still ships today. In 2007, OSI unveiled its Wireless Access Management System (WAMS). WAMS requires no power supplies or electrified hardware and eliminates the need for RS-485 controllers, wire runs, or wired interface modules. For information, visit www.omnilock.com.

Medeco Hybrid™

Medeco's new Hybrid™ platform consists of dual-technology RFID keys and cylinders, which work together to leverage the flexibility of electronics and the physical protection of mechanics. The Hybrid cylinder requires no wiring or related hardware. In common applications, end-users can utilize mechanical master key systems on doors that require either absolute security or don't need access schedules or audit trails and Hybrid cylinders on doors that do require audit trails, schedules and the ability to quickly add or delete a user from the system.

Hybrid cylinders are available in common rim and mortise formats and simply replace an existing cylinder. The Hybrid key allows users to access any system configuration – pure mechanical, pure electronic or Hybrid cylinder – with a single credential. Working independently, the RFID technology in the head of the key operates common card readers. The Hybrid key is available in several configurations and the upgradeable head design allows system managers to upgrade or downgrade the credential. For information,visit www.medeco.com .

Napco Freedom

NAPCO Security Systems, Inc.'s, Freedom code-free wireless alarm system is as simple to use as locking and unlocking the door's existing deadbolt. False alarms are virtually eliminated because there are no exit/entry delay countdowns and there are no arm/disarm codes to memorize.

Napco's Freedom system installs in as little as one hour. There is nothing to touch on the door. The four-function touchpad provides an English language keypad, indoor 95db siren, 25-foot Pet PIR and a wireless receiver for both lock and front door contact built into wireless lock sensor. Simple to use, virtually training-free, Freedom is so customer friendly, it's the key to customer satisfaction and account retention. For information or to view an online demo video, visit www.napcosecurity.com.


BlueWave provides Wi-Fi technology components and solutions to manufacturers and system integrators in the physical security industry. BlueWave Security leverages relationships with Motorola, Clark Security Products, General Lock Service and the Wi-Fi Alliance to bring Wi-Fi access control solutions to the physical security market

New from BlueWave, the NetGen™ family of door controllers delivers all the features of panel-based access control systems at about the cost of a standalone lock. The NetGen™ product line approaches the problem of physical access control from an IP network-centric perspective. BlueWave reduces costs by replacing control panels with a software application and individual lock controllers that connect directly to the data network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi interfaces. The BlueWave Network Generation™ approach eliminates long wire runs, scales one door at a time, enables remote management of individual doors and when used with Power-Over-Ethernet, eliminates the need for power supplies and the use of electricians at the door. For information, visit www.BlueWaveSecurity.com.