Universal: The Gate to Wireless

June 1, 2007
A wireless system is a good answer for gate control. Labor-intensive trenching and wire pulling is eliminated

One of the drawbacks of selling access control is the time required in physically stringing wires to connect different parts of a project. Even the easiest wiring job can be tedious and unforeseen obstacles on a wire pulling job can cut your profit margin in a hurry.

One result of the wiring dilemma has been that many locksmiths have declined major access control jobs and concentrated more on single-door access control where wiring is less of a factor. While there is nothing wrong with installing single-door access control products, larger, high income jobs are often currently being handled by other industries. Many locksmiths have not found the proper system in order to enter this new security sector.

Universal Wireless Solutions (UWS) believes that they have the right solution with their Oracle Wireless Access Product line. Their cost effective wireless solutions cover a wide variety of applications including access control and intercom systems.

Product manager Ed Sullivan related the advantages of his system during our recent interview. He demonstrated a large variety of products all based on their reliable wireless technology. The simplicity of both the installation for technicians and future usage by the customer was evident in each and every UWS product.

The website for UWS is www.wirelessgateaccess.com. A wireless system is a good answer for gate control. Trenching and wire pulling is eliminated. Oracle products feature a Lifetime Warranty and are engineered to resist the harshest environments.

An Oracle Gate Controller Unit (GCU) features a 2,000-foot range and has an average battery life of two years. Wireless FlushMount intercoms can be mounted inside the home to communicate with persons at the gate and to allow admittance as required. A telephone interface unit (OTIU) is also available allowing full command and programming from the phone. An ECHO remote control unit is also available to operate gates or garage door openers from a vehicle.

Another exciting new product is ‘Missing Link', a wireless access control system. According to UWS, Missing Link takes minutes to connect. Attach any 3-wire Wiegand device (card reader, keypad, biometric, receiver, transceiver, barcode scanner, etc) to the input terminals on the UWS transmit unit and connect any 3-wire Wiegand control device to the UWS receive unit. A wireless path is now established. A patent pending UWS system automatically adjusts the devices to any version of Weigand signals. No further physical adjustment is needed to operate the Wiegand system.

Missing Link has additional benefits. It can handle an unlimited number of entries. Two wire relays in the receive unit can be used to operate electric door strikes, Mag-locks or door openers. Repeaters are available to increase the operational range up to 1/2 mile. The UWS long range yet low power consumption design allows AA batteries to power the units for up to two years. The units can also be powered by external 8-24v AC or DC power with the AA batteries acting as a backup system.

The list of other Universal Wireless System products is extensive. It includes wireless alert perimeter protection, waterproof indoor/outdoor wireless intercoms, wireless telephone entry systems and wireless doorbell/intercom systems.

A wireless product can make the installation job easier and faster. Universal Wireless Products seem to have to right products at just the right time. UWS products are designed and manufactured in the USA . For more information on UWS contact your local distributor or call 888-679-7994 ( Washington state).