MARKS USA i-Qwik: Access Control Right Out Of The Box

June 1, 2008

When talking about early production of the Model T, Henry Ford once said, “The customer can have a Model T in any color he wants, so long as it’s black.” The unsaid information was that the Model T was built without complications using quality components to last, being affordable to the average person. The only corners cut were in the number of options, as there were none.

To this end, Marks USA has introduced the electro-mechanical i-Qwik, based on a Marks mechanical Grade 2 lockset, and incorporating technology from i-Que electronics.

This standalone access control electro-mechanical lock is UL Listed and ADA compliant. The i-Qwik requires a standard 2-1/8” diameter cross bore with two 3/8” diameter openings for through bolting. A one-inch diameter edge bore is drilled into the 1-3/4” thick door. An additional one-inch diameter cross bore opening is for the CableGard™ protecting the wiring between the exterior and interior assemblies.

The all-weather i-Qwik can be programmed with up to 160 users. It is programmed using the 16-button telephone style keypad, which contains 0-9, * (Terminator button), #, and the I, Q, U and E buttons located vertically along the right side. A combination of letters and numbers can be used for the Master and User Codes.

The Master Code and the User Codes are made up of a combination of a User Identification Number (UID) and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Three characters each are required for the UID and the PIN. A programming option permits the User to gain access using only the PIN.

The features of the i-Qwik include automatic Daylight Savings, double code entry, manual passage mode, opening time set, silent or audible key presses, three strike lockout and battery check status.

All Users must be assigned to a group (02 to 99).Users in the same group will have the same access rights.

Management Groups have 24/7 Access 365 days a year. User Groups 10-99 have no programming rights.

A factory installed Master Code has full programming rights. This code can be changed to a unique code, if desired. The Master Code is required in order to perform all programming functions. The Master Code plus (*) will open the lock. Should the Master Code be lost, the lock can be reset.

Programming mode is entered once the Master Code and the [#] key are pressed. When programming mode is entered, the LED will flash green-red-green and a ring will sound. Programming Mode is exited when the last keystroke of a command is the [*].

The Master Code is the only code that can add or delete users.

The User Code’s default programming requires the three-character User Identification (UID) and the three-character PIN in order to gain access.

To add a User Code: Enter the Master Code (User ID and PIN), the # key (which enters programming mode), 01 (Master Code Group), *, three-character User ID, *, two-digit Group Number (02-99), *, three-character PIN, *, *. Entering the second [*] exits programming mode.

The Double Code Entry option offers higher security by requiring that two User Codes be entered before access is granted. Double code entry has the same option as the User Code access; either UID and PIN or PIN only.
The Temporary User Schedule restricts existing users’ access by a date range. The user schedules are not deleted once the date range has past, but must be deleted or access repeats annually.

The Three Strike Lockout protects against attempting to manipulate the i-Qwik electronically. After three incorrect codes are entered, a red light displays, shutting down the keypad for 20 seconds. Subsequent incorrect codes increase time to 40 seconds. This feature can be enabled or disabled by the Master Code.

There are three options to clear the memory. The Master Code can program a Full Reset, Delete All Users Schedules and Holidays, and Delete only Schedules and Holidays. The Full Reset erases everything including the Master Code and resets the lock to the default factory code.

Remember: The factory code cannot be used to unlock the lock. A Master code must be first programmed before the door can be opened.

The Battery Check Status indicates the condition of the four AA alkaline batteries. Green indicates full power, Green-Red indicates half power and Red indicates the batteries need to be replaced. When this occurs, the i-Qwik will beep every hour indicating low battery status.

The i-Qwik is equipped with a clock and should be set to program user schedules.

The i-Qwik is equipped with a conventional override cylinder or an optional IC/RC core.

Oh yes, and like the Ford Model “T”, the Marks U.S.A. i-Qwik comes in a black powder coat finish with 26D American style levers standard.
For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Marks USA, 5300 New Horizons Blvd., Amityville, NY 11701. Telephone: 631-225-5400 or 800-526-0233. Fax: 631-225-6136. Web Site: