A Deadbolt For The 21st Century

July 2, 2009
Samsung introduces the sleek, touchpad-based EZON Intelligent Digital Deadbolt, using RF cards or PINs.

Samsung has brought the deadbolt lock into the digital 21st century with the introduction of the weather and vandal resistant Samsung EZON Intelligent Digital Deadbolt Lock, part number SHS-3120. The deadbolt lock, introduced more than a century ago has been re-designed, electrified and computerized. To that end, the touch keypad is the only visible part of the lock on the exterior side of the door.

This battery operated, motorized deadbolt lock can be operated using up to 70 Radio Frequency (RF) cards, RF key tags or PIN (Personal Identification Number) codes. The RF cards and key tags contain a Mifare ISO14443A chip operating at 13.56MHz. The user PIN codes are four to 12 digits.

The exterior assembly of this residential grade deadbolt lock appears similar to an Apple™ iPod™. The overall height of the exterior assembly is approximately 7” tall by about 2-3/4” wide by less than 1” deep. The face appears dark when not activated except for the screened-on names and information.

To “wake up” the EZON Digital Deadbolt Lock, press the illuminated silver horizontal bar. Two security numbers will appear on the keypad. This provides an authentication mode that helps to prevent someone from visually determining a PIN code. Two options are available - random security code setting and common security code setting.

Random security is the default setting. First, a series of illuminated numbers snake around the fixed digit keypad. Two numbers remain once the system is activated. These numbers must be pressed in any order prior to entering the PIN code. Pressing these numbers is designed to prevent unauthorized operation of the code. Every time the lock “wakes up,” two numbers must be pressed in any order, and then the actual password must be entered. The two number can appear anywhere on the keypad.

Once the two numbers have been pressed, the 12-character (0-9 numbers/*/#) keypad appears. An operating password code is then entered plus the “*”. If the password is correct, the motor will engage and the bolt will retract, permitting the door to be opened.

To unlock the deadbolt using a card, “wake up” the lock by pressing the silver horizontal bar. Once the numbers appear, place the card against the screened image along the bottom of the exterior. If the card has been programmed to the lock, the bolt will retract. Pressing the Randomizer numbers is not required for card only entry.

The EZON digital deadbolt can be electrically retracted or extended from the interior by pressing the OPEN/CLOSE button on the interior assembly. The bolt can also be manually retracted or extended by rotating the switchgear knob on the interior assembly.

This lock has an automatic/manual locking setting. The automatic mode extends the bolt two seconds after the door has been closed. The manual locking mode requires either pressing the exterior silver horizontal bar or the interior pushbutton to extend the bolt. Rotating the switchgear knob can also extend the bolt.

NOTE: When the automatic locking mode has been activated, the bolt will automatically extend after seven seconds if the lock has been unlocked but the door has not been opened.

The Digital Deadbolt is handed. Set the handing with the circuit board-mounted switch on the interior of the unit. For a left hand door, position the switch to setting #2. To set the lock for a right hand door, position the switch to setting #1.

A magnetic sensor is located on the interior. The magnetic sensor and magnet provide an additional level of security, ensuring the door is closed when the bolt is extended. The sensor is placed into the slot on the locking side of the door. The sensor can be mounted in three positions to be within range of the magnet.

The magnet is installed onto the jamb within range of the sensor. If this sensor and the accompanying magnet are not in range of each other when the bolt is extended, a siren sounds. To de-active the alarm mode, close the door, extend the bolt, press the silver horizontal bar and enter a user code or contact the lock with a programmed card/fob.

To increase the level of security provided by this electronic deadbolt, Samsung’s double locking feature prevents the lock from being unlocked from the outside. This function is provided as a nighttime security feature and caution must be observed. Pressing the OPEN/CLOSE button for five seconds when the bolt is extended deactivates the keypad and the RF reader. When the silver horizontal bar is pressed to “wake up” the lock, an alarm sounds. To deactivate this feature, press the OPEN/CLOSE button or retract the bolt using the switchgear.

When an invalid code (card, fob or pushbutton) is entered five consecutive times, an alarm sounds and power to the lock is turned off for three minutes.

The EZON Digital Deadbolt Lock has an interesting method for notifying when the four AA batteries need replacing. When unlocking the lock, the melody “Blues for Elise” sounds. This is the indicator the batteries need replacement. All four batteries must be replaced within approximately one week of hearing this melody. If the batteries are not replaced, they will operate until the batteries are discharged and the lock will fail to operate.

Should the battery power become depleted, a 9 volt battery provides an instant power source. Two metal contacts on bottom of the exterior assembly align with the contacts on a 9 volt battery. The battery must remain connected while using a card or entering a PIN code in order to operate the lock.

The Samsung Digital Door Lock door prep is standard 2-1/8” diameter cross bore opening. The backset is 2-3/4” and the edge bore requires a 1” diameter opening. A standard one-inch throw; rectangular face latch deadbolt is installed.

Note: The electrical connection from the exterior assembly to the interior is run through the cross-bore opening. The wire extends from the upper portion of the assembly. One electrical connector mounts onto the circuit board in the interior assembly.

The programming hierarchy is straightforward: a Master PIN Code and user PIN Codes, cards or fobs for up 70 users. All programming must be accomplished with the bolt retracted. Codes must be four to 12 digits in length.

Samsung recommends changing the Master PIN Code and programming new codes and cards/fobs. The manufacturer also recommends checking the batteries every six months.

The Samsung Digital Door Lock comes with a one-year limited warranty that begins from the date of purchase.

For more information, contact IDN, JPTEK, U.S. Lock or Creative Vision Electronics, Inc., 1 South Corporate Drive, Riverdale, NJ 07457. Telephone: 201-905-9200. Web Site: CVEamericas.com.