Locksmithing Etc. September 2009

Sept. 1, 2009


Security Door Controls (SDC) has introduced the S6000D Series delayed egress exit devices, designed to delay exiting for the programmed time of 15 or 30 seconds. During the delay time, an 85db tone and voice message alternately sounds. The wall mounted controller provides a digital countdown while providing instructions for persons without prior knowledge of door operation and personnel notification. A keypad on the controller provides reset and bypass control.

A wall mount controller incorporates all delayed egress logic for 15- or 30-second exit delay, alternating 85 db tone and voice message with a digital countdown display that provides clear and comprehensive instructions for persons without prior knowledge of door operation and personnel notification.

The SDC S6000D Series is available as rim, mortise and vertical rod, fire rated and non-fire rated delayed egress exit devices.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or SDC, 3480 Willow Lane, Westlake Village, CA 91361. Telephone: 805-494-0622. Web Site: www.SDCsecurity.com .


We as locksmiths must become aware of key duplicating and originating problems. An on and off problem that has been around for years is the steel key. Having a magnet next to the key machines easily solves this problem. If the key blank sticks to the magnet, don't cut the key.

However, a new problem is happening. Toyota (double-sided TR47 blade) and Honda (sidewinder) original equipment keys (bought at dealers) have a different metal alloy than in the past. The new keys are harder, making machining more difficult and can cause a problem with the cutter teeth clogging on automatic key machines. The problem can result with clogged cutters and/or the stepper motor(s) may become out of sequence. This results in the cuts not being in the correct positions. The machine may require major adjustments/repairs that can only be accomplished at the factory.

This problem is less severe with most manual machines as the speed of the cutter and the movement of the carriage (cutter feed) can be manually slowed as necessary for smooth cutting.

An additional problem is originating keys for Kia Soul and Forte. The new WC 1001-3500 and WD 1001-3500 code series space and depths use approximately a .020” drop and a .083 space cut-to-cut. Standard cutters for most code machines have too much of an angle for a MACS of three. This results in a .060” drop. Most automotive cutters have a 90-degree included angle and a flat of .040” or more. These cutters remove too much of the shallow cut flat on codes having a one and four or a two and five adjacent cuts. These cuts are used in a number of the key codes. A short term solution is to use a compatible Medeco™ type cutter whose dimensions are approximately 86-degree angle and a .015” flat.

When using a 1200CM, it will be necessary to be very accurate. You need to widen the cut slightly in each direction as Kia specifies a flat of .023” when adjacent cuts are a one-four or two-five, whereas the Medeco cutter will only create approximately a .015” flat on a plunge cut.


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I have received a number of code questions regarding the 2007-on Hyundai Elantra. The 2007-on Hyundai Elantra has the “T” prefix pre-printed onto the invoices. The key code series for these Elantras are actually M0001-M2500, a ten cut wafer tumbler lock mechanism. To obtain the correct key code, drop the “T” and use an “M” and the number to determine the depths of cut. Note: There is no HPC 1200CM or Ilco Universal II code card available at this time.


Corbin Russwin has introduced the Access 800 AC2 Series of standalone electro-mechanical locks. These cylindrical, mortise and exit device products are based on C-R ANSI Grade 1 hardware.

The Access 800 AC2 Series are available with a range of credentials including keypad, RF and proximity. Each credential is available as an individual lockset or with two or all three credentials. Keypad user codes are from one to six digits. The proximity readers support 26, 33, and 34 bit 125kHz HID Wiegand format. Up to 40 Bit formats are supported with the Enrollment Station.

Up to 2,000 users supported per lock with up to 20,000 users supported by the database. The audit trail ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 entries. Available features are dependent upon the model capability.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware, 225 Episcopal Road Berlin, CT 06037. Telephone: 800-543-3658. Web Site: www.corbinrusswin.com.


2010 Kia Sorrento will be equipped with the G0001-G2500 code series sidewinder locks.


Securitron Magnalock Corporation has introduced the iMXDa, the latest version of their Integrated Motion Exit Delay System. The iMXDa incorporates the 1200-pound Magnalock, nuisance alarm period, key switch operation, field selectable BOCA or NFPA operation, and remote monitoring output.

New features includes adjustable learn alarm initiation gap that can eliminate false triggering, adjustable external bypass times permitting the iMXDa to be integrated into an existing access control system, selectable bypass expiration alarm and an audible post alarm reminder notifying the door is in an unsecured alarm mode after the alarm cycle has concluded.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Securitron Magnalock Corporation, 550 Vista Boulevard, Sparks, NV 89434. Telephone 775-355-5625. Web Site: www.securitron.com.

CAR OPENING TECHNIQUES: 2007-09 Jeep Patriot

This month we will offer recommended car-opening techniques for the 2007-09 Jeep Patriot. This vehicle uses vertical locking buttons on all doors. This vehicle uses horizontal linkage that connects to the vertical buttons.

This vehicle is equipped with multi-layer weather stripping. Care must be taken when inserting, manipulating and removing car opening tools. Improper procedures can result in damage or breakage to the window glass.

The following opening methods can be used to unlock the 2007-09 Jeep Patriot.

Use the High Tech Tools Tool #105, strip saver and a wedge to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Insert the wedge between the weather stripping and the glass. Insert the strip saver in line with the inside vertical locking button. Insert the #105 tool through the strip saver into the door cavity with the tip pointing forward just in front of the rear edge of the door. Lower the tool into the door until the tip is beneath the bottom of the latch mechanism. Turn the tool handle away from the vehicle. Raise the tool until the tip contacts the access lock linkage. Continue to raise the tool to unlock the door locking mechanism.

Use the HPC CO-76 opening tool, a wedge and an inspection light to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting the wedge just forward of the vertical locking button. Insert the inspection light and identify the location of the vertical locking rod. The CO-76 is factory bent at a curved 90-degree angle. Do not change the angle. Insert the CO-76 into the door cavity. Push the two handles together to extend the hook end. Manipulate the car tool until the hooked end of the tool has captured the vertical locking rod. The locking button should move when the vertical rod is contacted. With the vertical rod in the hooked end of the tool, pull the handles apart in order to bind the rod. Keeping the vertical linkage rod bound, carefully raise it to unlock the door locking mechanism.

Use the Pro-Lok AO45 MCOT- Loop-D-Loop Car Opening Tool, AO33 MCOT-Separator and an inflatable wedge to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting the inflatable wedge six inches from the rear edge of the front passenger door window. Inflate the wedge according to manufacturer's instructions. Insert the AO-33 tool into the door one inch from the rear edge of the window with the tip facing forward. Insert the AO-45 into the door three inches from the rear edge of the window with the tip facing rearward. Lower both of the tools 10 inches into the door cavity. Rotate the tools beneath the bottom of the window. Deflate the wedge. Lift the AO33 tool gradually and carefully into the passenger compartment until the tip is visible. Lift the AO45 tool gradually and carefully into the gap created by the AO33 tool. Rotate the AO45 45 degrees clockwise and position the tip of the tool over the vertical locking button. Rotate the tool counterclockwise to bind the loop over the button. Lift the tool to unlock the locking mechanism.

Use the Slide Lock Mercedes Strip™ car-opening tool and a wedge to unlock the front passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting the wedge to relieve gasket pressure. A lubricant is recommended; however, do not lubricate the string or the active end of the Mercedes Strip car opening tool. Slide the tool into the passenger compartment. Manipulate the tool and the string around the vertical locking button. Pull both ends to bind and lift the vertical button to unlock the door locking mechanism.

Use the Tech-Train Productions TT-1001 car-opening tool and a wedge to unlock the rear passenger door locking mechanism. Begin by inserting the wedge into the base of the small non-opening window at the back of the rear passenger door. Insert the TT-1001 into the opening at the rear of the wedge with the tip pointing towards the front of the vehicle. Lower the tool until the tip is below the outside door handle. In this position, rotate the tool counterclockwise until it contacts the linkage rod. Twist the tool to bind the rod and lever the linkage forward to unlock the door locking mechanism.

The direction to rotate the 2007-09 Jeep Patriot driver's door lock plug to the unlocked position is counterclockwise. There is no passenger door lock.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or the following car-opening tool manufacturers.

High Tech Tools, 1628 NW 28th St., Miami, FL 33142. Telephone: 800-323-8324. Fax: 305-635-1015. Website: www.hightechtools.com.

HPC Inc., 3999 N. 25th, Schiller Park, IL 60176/ Telephone: 847-671-6280. Fax: 847-671-6343. Website: www.hpcworld.com.

Pro-Lok, 655 North Hariton Street, Orange, CA 92868. Telephone: 714-633-0681. Fax: 714-633-0470. Website: www.pro-lok.com.

Slide Lock Tool Co. Inc., 1166 Topside Rd., Louisville, TN 37777. Telephone: 800-336-8812. Website: www.z-tool.com.

Lockmasters Inc. (Tech-Train), 2101 John C. Watts Drive, Nicholasville, KY 40356. Telephone: 800-654-0637. Fax 859-885-7093. Website: www.lockmasters.com.

We are interested in printing opening methods from other car-opening tool manufacturers. To have your instructions published, send a contact name and telephone number to Jerry Levine C/O Locksmith Ledger 3030 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 200, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Fax: 847-454-2759.