Arrow's Touchscreen Revolution

Dec. 3, 2009
This state-of-the-art touchscreen lock is as easy to use as dialing a telephone number.

Most cell phones, MP3 players and even cameras have touch screens. However, we spend our days inserting keys into mechanical locks, pressing telephone keypad buttons, or presenting an identification badge to the lock’s reader in order to gain access. The electromechanical door lock is finally catching up with touchscreen technology. A product that moves us into the future is the Arrow Revolution.

The Arrow Revolution is a battery powered standalone lockset designed for light commercial, institutional and residential applications. These ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Series 4000 Grade 2 lockset levers are ADA compliant. The Revolution has a UL three hour fire label. The levers return within one-half inch of the door surface.

What makes Arrow Revolution distinctive is its illuminated touch screen, located within a half inch of the door surface. The angle of the screen makes it a comfortable line of sight for individuals of all heights.

This capacitive touch screen has an acrylic surface that activates when touched by a sufficient surface area of a person’s hand. Thicker gloves can impede activation. However, the screen can be activated and access can be gained wearing surgical gloves.

Upon activation, a tone is sounded and the image of a 12-character telephone keypad appears on the display. In addition to the illuminated keypad, there are the lockout icon, passage mode icon, low battery icon, and the Previous icon. The Previous icon located in the top right corner is used to return to the previous screen when in the programming mode.

As a user touches the screen, a tone sounds and the number flashes. When a correct code and the “*” or palm touch is entered, the illuminated display roles upward, like a window blind opening. This indicates the locking mechanism is unlocked and the lever can retract the latch.

If too much time lapses (approximately 20 seconds) between keystrokes, the lock will say “time expired” and enter the sleep mode to preserve the battery life. The touch screen will remain dark until it is activated by contact.

The weather resistant Arrow Revolution is available with key override or electronic access only. If the batteries lose their charge, there are positive and negative contacts located beneath the exterior level assembly. Placing a 9VDC battery against the contacts powers the lockset with sufficient energy to unlock the door.

The Arrow Revolution is designed to operate in two configurations Easy Mode and Advanced Mode. To set the mode, use the switch on the base side of the interior assembly above and to the left of the motor wire connector. A decision should be made to use either the Easy or Advanced Mode prior to installing the Revolution lock. Changing the mode resets the lock to factory default specifications.

The Easy Mode is designed for up to eight user codes controlled by one Supervisor Code. The Supervisor Code controls the four functions of the Easy Mode in addition to gaining access. The Supervisor can register, change and delete User Codes. The Supervisor Code controls the Passage Mode, Silent Mode and Language Mode. The Supervisor can enable and disable the Passage Mode feature. Silent Mode disables the door operation audio prompts, but does not mute the interactive narrated audio while in the menu mode. The Revolution has interactive directions installed in English (default), Spanish and French that are end user selectable.

Easy Mode Supervisor and User Codes can be registered and changed using the I-Button programming method. I-Button programming should be used when initializing the Revolution. The I-Button is located behind the battery cover above the batteries. Once the lock has been programmed, changes to the User Codes and functionality can be accomplished using the touch screen. Programming assistance is available when programming at the touch screen with voice-guided prompts.

The Arrow Revolution’s electronic access control Advanced Mode hierarchy is the Master Code, the Supervisor Codes and the User Codes. The length of the Master Code is six digits. The Master Code can register, change and delete the Supervisor Codes where applicable. The Master Code does not control the User Codes. Entering the Master Code into the lock will not provide access. The default Master Code is 123456. All Codes must be unique. No Codes can be duplicates of the Master, Supervisors or Users.

Supervisor and User Codes can each be from four to 12 digits. These codes can be different lengths. The Supervisor and User Codes can be used to gain access. A Supervisor Code can register, change and delete the User Codes. The default Supervisor code for the Easy Mode is 1234567890. There is no default Supervisor Code for the Advanced Mode.

When the Arrow Revolution lock is operated in the Advanced Mode, up to 1,000 user codes are possible. User Codes are controlled by the Supervisor of the 20 Supervisor groups. There is a Supervisor and 49 Users Codes per group. All programming is performed using the touch screen. For programming assistance, there are voice guided prompts.

The Master Code sets All Code Lockout Mode, Relock Time, Wrong Code Entry Limit, Shut Down Time and Language Setting Mode. The All Code Lockout Mode electronically locks out the Supervisor and User Codes from operating the locking mechanism. The relock time is the amount of time from once the latch can be retracted until the latch can no longer be retracted. The Shut Down Time is the amount of time that the lock shuts down when the chosen number of wrong codes has been entered.

The mechanical functionality of the Arrow Revolution is based on a Grade 2 cylindrical lever lock with through bolting. The Revolution has OverDrive™ that allows the exterior lever to rotate approximately 57 degrees without retracting the latch when in the locked condition. Stops built into the exterior rose insert prevent further rotation. The lock is unhanded and can be rotated to either handing.

The lock is standard with a 2-3/4” backset. The lock is available with a 2-3/8” backset. The Revolution is designed to accommodate door thickness of 1-3/8” to 1-3/4”. The touch screen with key override is field adjustable. However, the lock cylinder tailpiece for a 1-3/8” thick door is ¼” shorter than the lock cylinder tailpiece for a 1-3/4” thick door.

The Revolution comes standard with Satin Chrome 26D finish.

The key override version of the Revolution is available with Arrow conventional cylinder in the AR and CS keyways, and with Small Format Interchangeable Core prep.

Arrow is now supplying the Revolution with a plug-in adapter/wiring harness for external power and a remote activation switch. The eight-inch long adapter will connect to the circuit board at the back of the inside escutcheon adjacent to the motor connector. It has a connector for each of external power (9 VDC) and for external opening switch (dry contact switch normally open with momentary close). The other end of the harness is mated to an Electro Lynx cable 8 pin Molex connector. For more information, contact the factory.

Battery life is approximately 20,000 operations. Arrow recommends the batteries be changed every six months to one year depending on the amount of openings. Use only alkaline batteries.

To clean the touch screen, use a damp cloth or commercially available computer display wipes.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Arrow, 3625 Allegheny Drive, Salem, VA 24157. Telephone: 800-839-3157. Web Site: