Arrow Revolution™ Proves Reliable in Harshest Conditions

Oct. 1, 2010

Arrow Lock™ has tested its Revolution Touch-screen keyless entry system under the world’s harshest conditions, including fire, water, impact, and freezing cold. The result: Revolution proved rugged even in the toughest challenges. (See to view a video of the tests.)

“We tested the Revolution in conceivable extreme condition, and it performed perfectly every time,” says Tom Harris, General Manager of Arrow Lock. “The touch-screen pad survived a propane torch, a pressure washer, crowbar, grinder, a deep freeze at -40 degrees -- even being thrown against a concrete wall.”

The affordable, aesthetic Revolution is ideal for hospitals, schools, churches, and university buildings that need to limit traffic to controlled areas, and reduces the need to distribute and keep track of multiple keys.

Installation is simple and takes approximately five minutes for a properly prepped door, says Harris. A multi-lingual voice prompt guides the user through the programming process to select set-up codes and authorize users, eliminating the need to break out bulky instruction manuals for each programming change. Up to 1,000 codes are available in advanced mode. Best of all, the lock performs reliably in both interior and exterior environments.

“Our dealer and consumer feedback on the Revolution’s dependability has been excellent,” says Harris. “For the fun of it, we decided to see just how the lock would perform in unheard-of conditions. The video on our web site shows that it more than stood up to the test.”

For Jared Walters, Youth Pastor at New Century Community Church in Roanoke, Va. the Arrow Revolution has been an ideal solution for securing the church’s office area, which houses computers and a safe, as well as its kitchen area.

“We needed to make sure we allowed access to these areas by only a very few people, but we wanted to avoiding having to pass keys around and possibly losing them. In the year since we installed the Arrow Revolution we have had zero problems. It looks great, works great, complements the contemporary look of our facility, and stands up well -- especially against the kids!”

Assembled and marketed in the U.S., the Revolution’s iphone-like touch pad is as easy-to-use as dialing a phone number. The system features a security override for emergencies and AA battery back-up to ensure it works even during power outages. Even in the event of battery failure, an additional electronic backup is in place for users to connect a 9-volt battery to power-up a powerless lock.

The Arrow Revolution is available through your local security provider. To witness the lock’s extreme durability tests, visit