Unsecuring the Door

Nov. 4, 2014
People are adjusting door closers out of adjustment permitting access without authorization.

Door closers are being adjusted out of adjustment. Door closers whose closing power; are being reduced to almost closing but not securing the lock mechanism. In this condition, the opening is in passage mode, providing free access by pushing or pulling on the door.

I have seen no longer closing door closers on apartment/condominium entries, stairwell doors and marina gates. The people who are disabling the door closers are putting back the covers after making the adjustments to maintain appearances.

A couple of times we have adjusted the closers and replaced the cover mounting screws with tamper resistant screws. Since then, one closer is still properly operating; the second readjusted, the tamper resistant screws and cover in place.

Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent readjustment?