Tech Tips: Securing Pool Gates

July 2, 2018
The goal is to prevent accidental drownings with locking and closing hardware on pool entrances

Pool gates are interesting openings to secure. We discussed vehicle gates in last month’s Tech Tips. This month, we will look at pedestrian gates. Of particular interest are pool gates. A lot of children drown in pools and many lives could be saved with preventive measures, such as locks and closers installed.

You hear about facility management that puts up thousands of dollars worth of “MEMBERS ONLY” signs, but doesn’t install a rudimentary lock and closer. I do not know who would insure folks who gamble with children’s lives. No locking hardware is a real liability issue in addition to being an ethical issue.

I used to install credential systems and keypads on pool entrances. The primary benefit was that the gate was secure. The secondary benefit was it hopefully protected unsupervised kids from wandering into the pool area. It only takes seconds for a child to get into trouble even in a shallow pool, and the public ought to wise up.

Following are some options.

Locinox Mag Lock with Integrated Handle

The Locinox magnetic lock has a pulling force of 600/1200 lbs - with integrated handles. This is only the second electromagnetic lock product with an integral handle. The other one was about 30 years ago. It had been designed for The New York City Housing Authority, but the inventor was never able to properly launch the device.

It is available in 2 versions: MAG2500 with 600 lbs and MAG5000 with 1200 lbs pulling force. The aluminium powder-coated housing with integrated design handles gives your access control gate that extra touch. Stop losing precious time with welding boxes; drilling 7 holes does the job. The Quick-Fix enables a fast and strong fixing. A two layer, protective coating guarantees that these electro-magnetic locks are ready for years of worry free use outside.

  • High holding force! Up to 1200 lbs
  • Guaranteed performance: holding force tested on every Maglock
  • 500h salt spray resistant! SGS Certified.
  • Tested according to ISO 9227
  • Special two-layer protective coating developed for outdoor use
  • Powder-coated aluminum casing
  • Anti-residual magnetism kick-off system
  • New anti-pry system: Raised edge on the magnet housing makes it impossible to put a crowbar between the magnet and the armature plate
  • Integrated handles
  • Fast and easy fixing by means of 7 holes with Quick-Fix fasteners.
  • Same center-distance as the standard Locinox keeps
  • Fail open
  • MAG2500: Minimal pulling force: 2500N (600 lbs)
  • MAG5000: Minimal pulling force: 5000N (1200 lbs)
  • Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Current MAG2500: 460 mA / 12 V or 230 mA / 24 V
  • Current MAG5000: 460 mA /12 V or 230 mA / 24 V

Locinox Tiger Closer

The TIGER gate closer and hinge in one is probably the most interesting LOCINOX products.

The Tiger (patented) hydraulic ADA self-closing hinge is a double bearing hinge with an 180-degreeopening angle that easily closes gates up to 165 lbs. Closing speed and final snap can be adjusted after installation. Fast and easy installation with Quick-Fix.

  • Powdercoated aluminum casing
  • Aesthetic design
  • Bottom Puma hinge included
  • Double stainless steel bearing
  • Tested at 500,000 movements and from -22°F to 160°F
  • Especially designed for exterior use: rain & frost-proof
  • 180° opening & closing angle
  • NO gate stop needed
  • Patented Hydraulic damping
  • Closing speed unaffected by humidity and temperature changes
  • Adjustable closing speed & final action
  • Smooth operating and easy to open: ADA compliant
  • Fast and easy installation: Quick-Fix
  • For gates up to 165 lbs and 3-1/2 ft. wide
  • For left and right turning gates
  • 3/4” vertical adjustability, •5/8” horizontal adjustability (GAP)

Locinox SlimStone Keypad

Locinox extends its product range of outdoor access control solutions with the new SlimStone keypad, billed as SlimStone, the very strong, weather resistant and frost-free keypad. Emphasis is on quality, durability, ease of installation and an elegant design.

  • IP 68 rated, (which means 100% watertight)
  • Integrated LED lighting.
  • Integrated heating element.

The 100% resin encapsulated housing is not only dustproof but also completely watertight, making this an IP68 rated product – the highest level of outdoor rating. In fact, before bringing this product to the market, Locinox has submerged the SlimStone for a period of 70 days, after which it was still working flawlessly.

The SlimStone has an integrated Smart Heating System allowing for a frost-free use, which is perfect for regions where it tends to get chilly during winters.

Locinox tested the stainless steel buttons for more than 2 million cycles. This would mean that you could use this keypad for over 342 years if you only used it 2 times a day; or for 68 years if you used it 20 times a day!

The SlimStone keypad is very easy to install and configure. Some unique videos at will guide you through the step-by-step process of installation and configuration.

The SlimStone is made of a powder coated aluminium housing with a brushed stainless steel keypad and push buttons that have been lasered. Even after years of use, these buttons won’t show any wear or tear, providing extra security and comfort. Moreover, the adjustable integrated white LED lights allow a safe and efficient operation at night time or in case of bad weather. Energy use is kept very low – which is a plus on the energy bill.

The exterior textured lacquer of the cover is scratch proof; even after many years of use. Locinox can reassure this after a 1,000h salt spray test. The housing itself is vandal-proof as well, making sure no one unwanted will be able to enter your premises.

This is for gates up to 165 lbs. but Locinox also offers the ‘heavy duty’ brother (Mammoth) for gates up to 330 lbs.

More Info:

D&D SureClose Line

D & D TECHNOLOGIES offers a complete line of gate accessories. Their SureClose ReadyFit gate hinge and closer line in a variety of configurations for custom applications.

Designed for commercial, industrial, custom residential and estate gates, SureClose comes in three basic models, with mounting brackets that cover most any square post installation, including steel or aluminum, flush mounted or center mounted, fastened or welded, with adjustable self-closing speed. Models are also available that feature a final snap action for overcoming electric or coded locks found in many security applications and a non-self-closing version for access control and most heavy commercial or residential gates with a point load up to 1,500 lbs. (680kg.).

SureClose was designed to replace conventional hinges, closers and header arrangements, through its unique design that hides the closer hydraulics inside the fence post.

SureClose delivers greater strength and performance compared to traditional heavy duty closers and hinges, with an installed cost at or below current options.

Stylishly designed and corrosion resistant, SureClose uses high strength aluminum with stainless steel components.

SureClose is a workhorse, testing to 500,000 cycles with a 1,500 lb. (680kg.) point-load capacity, self-closing gates up to 260 lbs. (120 kg.)

The Dual Bearing Glide System™ features two rows of bearings for consistently superior performance. Hydraulics are concealed within the hinge providing a controlled, quiet close in a tamper-resistant, compact design. No need to ever add fluid.

Stainless steel security Torx screws prevent tampering. For superior corrosion resistance, Steel Weld-on models feature hi-performance   proprietary non-electrolytic zinc flake coating,   no need to grind off before welding. Aluminum Screw-on models contain a 50-micron thick hard anodizing coating.

Multiple mounting options:

  • Mounting brackets included
  • Aluminum screw-on
  • Steel weld-on or screw-on
  • Fasteners included
  • Quick-fit alignment legs for ease of installation, alignment and double face-fixing strength.
  • Vertical alignment slots
  • Additional features:
  • Adjustable self-closing speed and force
  • Adjustable final snap-close action
  • Horizontal adjustment
  • ADA compliant

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