Product Review: Electrified Hardware By ACSI

March 2, 2018
Series 1500 electric locks provide safety and security for stairtower doors or controlled areas where both locking and latching are required. The Series 1500 locks allow remote electric locking or unlocking while conforming to life safety codes

Electrified hardware is designed to perform special functions not possible with standard mechanical locking systems. As usage of electronic access control increases, the demand for electrically controlled locks is also increasing. Architectural Control Systems, Incorporated (ACSI) meets these requirements with their product line of electrified hardware.

ACSI 1500 series electrified products were submitted for review. 1500 series locks include ACSI specializes in modifying lock hardware made by popular lock manufacturers. The list of supported manufacturers includes Accurate, Arrow, Baldwin, Best, Corbin Russwin, Falcon, Marks USA, PDQ, Sargent, Schlage and Yale. Modifications are UL listed and are designed to secure stairtower doors or controlling areas where both locking and latching are required while conforming to life-safety codes.

1500 series locks can be set in fail safe or fail secure modes.

FAIL SAFE 1510 function: Outside trim is locked when power is applied. Outside trim is unlocked when power is removed. Lockset will unlock in event of power failure.

FAIL SECURE 1520 function: Outside trim is unlocked when power is applied. Outside trim is locked when power is removed. Lockset will lock in event of a power failure.

1500 series locks contain SPDT switches for field-selection of fail safe or fail secure operation. Switches in Mortise locksets are accessible after removing the armor front plate. Switches with cylindrical locksets are located in-line with wires leading to the power supply. Authorized Egress, Optional switches are available for monitoring the operation of inner trim such as for Request to Exit (REX), activating a door alarm or controlling an electromagnetic lock. Other switches are available for latch bolt monitoring.

Continuous duty solenoids are used. Voltage: 12-24V AC/DC (11V-30V). Current: 250mA MAX inrush, 10mA holding. The latch may be momentarily retracted with a key even though the lockset is electrically locked. Note: locks which are electrically unlocked may not be locked via the key cylinder. Additional ACSI products include electric hinges and pivots, power supplies, electromagnetic locks and door control accessories.

Electrified 1500 series by ACSI provides a simplified solution when retrofitting a mechanical locking system to electronic access control. For more information contact: Architectural Control Systems, Inc, 800-753-5558,