Pro-Lok To Expand Entry Armor® Line

Oct. 17, 2011

Pro-Lok’s® purchase of the former MAG Manufacturing facility adds approximately 30 manufacturing machines to the Pro-Lok® campus and gives the Entry Armor® brand all of the tooling required to make the domestically produced custom MAG Manufacturing product line.

“Since founding Pro-Lok®, Entry Armor® is my proudest accomplishment,” says Adam Weinraub, president of Pro-Lok®. “Quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority and this week we have taken the necessary steps to ensure our customers’ needs are met and exceeded well into the future.”

Every aspect of Entry Armor® from the name, product and packaging quality, new and patent-pending product features, and product offerings, was established with the customer in mind, Weinraub says.

“The name not only describes what the product line has to offer, but it conveys strength, quality, and durability that is expected from the security industry. The logo is visually appealing while reinforcing the thought of strength and security. Entry Armor’s® high quality visual display packaging is designed to enhance the product while instantly projecting a quality image and our retail displays assist in sales of the products,” adds Adam Duberstein, V.P. of Business Development.

“As the demand for Entry Armor® products continues to grow, the additional equipment gives us the dedicated machinery needed to meet and exceed our customers’ demands,” says Jeremy Weinraub, V.P. of Operations. “We were utilizing the same equipment to produce Entry Armor® products as well as other Pro-Lok® products, which can be cumbersome and time consuming to break down and set-up. Our production capabilities will now allow us to turn around custom orders in as little as 1-3 days. The new equipment will be used by qualified operators rather than engineers because the machines will already be set up to run the desired parts, which will increase production time and decrease costs.”

Pro-Lok® is known for its Blue Punch™ Key Machines, installation jigs and templates, and locksmith tools. “Entry Armor® has helped bring together our pre-installation tools with post-installation security solution,” says Duberstein. “Entry Armor® has given us a more complete product offering allowing significant sales growth month after month. We are reaching customers who we have never purchased our products before and are able to offer them a wide range of product solutions from one source. Our product innovation and marketing designs have been embraced by our new and existing customers.”

Entry Armor’s® ELP-240 elongated design fits most door hardware, 1-pin and 2-pin anti-spread pin products, handed latch protectors and Entry Armor’s® patent pending installation spacer.

The patent pending installation spacer, equipped with ELP-240 and ELP-250 kit models, solves the problem of not being able to install a latch protector because of a height of offset adjustment between the door and the frame. The installation spacers are installed between the door and the latch protector to reduce this offset and may reduce compromising the security of the entryway while providing accurate, easier installations that will save the installer time and money. There may be an installation that does not require a spacer; however, another job may need more than one depending on the construction of the entryway. Spacers are also available separately.

Entry Armor® offers more than 250 SKUs consisting of latch protectors, wrap plates, and home and commercial security products. Contact your local distributor or visit for more information.


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