The Yale 7000 Series: Great Engineering That Just Got Even Better

Aug. 1, 2005
Photoluminescent technology is not new and it is probably one of the most widely used forms of egress marking. Now it is available on Yale exit devices.

Many readers are already aware of the Yale 7000 series exit devices, but you probably are not aware of all of the options it offers, and most definitely you are not aware of the newest feature: photoluminescence.

Being able to quickly find the exit and get out of the building safely during an emergency can help avoid a tragedy and should be a main priority of any building's safety plan. During a true emergency situation, where smoke could hide lighted exit signs or when power might be interrupted to line powered EXIT signs, auxiliary non-powered emergency exit indicators might make the difference between safe egress and tragic loss of life.

This new technology by Yale enables the locksmith to offer building owners the opportunity to exceed the most current life safety codes regarding signage.

Photoluminescent (PL) technology is not new and it is probably one of the most widely used forms of egress marking; however in the past this technology was primarily deployed in military applications.

PL absorbs ambient lighting which is then emitted when the light source is diminished or eliminated. Photoluminescence produces a sustained visible glow in darkness, which provides sufficient illumination for exit from a darkened area. PL material is made from strontium aluminate - similar to, but much superior to zinc sulfide, the material use to make "glow-in-the-dark" toys. PL only requires exposure to an ambient light source for approximately 15 to 30 minutes to provide a visible glow for many hours in a blackout situation.

PL is applied to the exit device using powder coat technology. Powder coat technology is a very durable coating and is resistant to abuse and normal wear. Modern high-performance PL materials used indoors have almost no decay over a 15-year period and are virtually indestructible.

PL technology is available in green, red and blue colors. Yale has chosen the green PL finish as it is the brightest and longest lasting.

PL is ideal for use with any door in a means of egress. Stairwell doors, corridor doors, and other exit access doors are all candidates for the use of PL exit devices.

Adding the PL touchpad cover to Yale® UL listed fire-rated exit devices has been tested and found not to affect operation, nor does it alter the Listing for the device.

As the consequence of 911 and several other recent tragic events, the use of photoluminescent products has been mandated by a number of international, national and state authorities concerned with life safety.

ASSA ABLOY has responded by introducing Photoluminescence as part of its LiteGuide™ egress lighting system to enhance exit signage and provide visibility of exit doors in low-light, no light or smoky conditions.

New York City has made PL the only acceptable technology for a range of applications. It is mandatory that PL signage and markings are in stairwells of office buildings in excess of 75 feet in height. Office buildings must have PL signage and markings either installed or a permit for extension by July 1, 2006. The PL exit device touchpad cover will assist building owners in meeting these requirements.

LiteGuide PL Benefits:

  • The photoluminescent material is powder-coated to the touchpad cover.
  • Requires no wiring, no maintenance, and is unaffected by heat, cold and shock.
  • Vandal resistant.
  • Recharges from ambient light.
  • Simple and economical to install in any building and especially suitable for existing buildings.
  • Non-toxic, will not rub or fade.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Fire-resistant and non-radioactive.

The touchpad cover can be ordered separately and easily retrofits to existing 7000 series exit devices in the field. Touchpad cover comes standard with the word "Exit" centered in 1.5" high lettering. If there is a requirement for the cover without the word 'EXIT', then this would be a special application request and may result in additional lead times (up to 10 weeks).

Currently Yale is only offering the exit device touchpad cover with PL technology. Other products may be available in the future and Yale will review any specific requirements.

Orders are accepted with a four-week lead time.

Yale 7000 Series

The PL feature is "Icing On The Cake," while the Yale 7000 Series is a main frame for a complete range of electronic security and door control options. The 7000 Series meets (and for example as is the case with the PL feature, exceeds) virtually all life safety codes and fire safety requirements

The exhaustive Yale 7000 feature set also provides a broad pallet of options which enable integration with security, access control, building management and life safety systems.

These features are conveniently available for view and explained in great detail in the YALE 7000 SERIES CATALOG, available on line in PDF format.

This 48-page document lists all the various functions applications, accessories, facts & figures; options sample specifications and ordering information. The locksmith can specify any Yale 7100 or 7200 series exit device including electrified options, trim, cylinders and strikes to suit virtually any mechanical or electronic exit device application.

The last page of the manual directs the locksmith to yet another portal: which offers even more information for the locksmith trying to "get a proposal out the door." Additional resources include catalogs, parts manuals, Templates, specifications, Installation Instructions, order status & tracking, product availability, and email notification of template changes.

Typical Mechanical Versions Of The Yale 7000

  • Rim Exit Device
  • Surface Vertical Rod
  • Concealed Vertical Rod
  • Mortise Exit Device
  • Rim SquareBolt Device

Electrified Hardware Option Descriptions

ALARM OPTION: Alarm Kit permits arming the unit with key, and provides for a variety of audible signals.

TOUCHBAR MONITOR: Provides indication of the pushpad being depressed

SECUREX (DELAYED EGRESS): Provides additional security and safety to delay egress form controlled openings. Options are available to tailor unit to either NFPA or BOCA code.

ELECTRIC DOGGING: Provides continuous latch retraction and pushpad dogging simultaneously. When power is applied to the device, depressing the pushpad will retract the latchbolt and continuously hold down the pushpad in the unlock position for push/pull operation.

TRIM MONITOR: Provides indication of the trim being operated from the outside.

LATCH RETRACTION: Allows the latchbolt to be retracted electrically for momentary or maintained periods of time form a remote location.

BOLT MONITOR: Provides indication on the position of the latchbolt, also may be used to monitor the latchbolt.

To speed installation, system reliability and ease of field service, Yale electrified exit devices and trims are equipped with ElectroLynx connectors. These "plug & play" connectors link power from the incoming source to electrified locking products, including hinges, locks, exit devices, magnetic holders and strikes.