Photo Luminescence for the Yale 7000 Series Exit Devices

Jan. 1, 2006
Yale has introduced photo luminescence for the 7000 Series Exit Devices.

Photo luminescent technology is coming of age for life safety applications and the locksmith. As a result of 9/11, city and governmental agencies are beginning to require luminescent products to provide visibility for doors, door hardware, signage and stairwell markings in low light, no light or smoky conditions. As an example, New York City has issued a mandatory edict that all office buildings in excess of 75 feet in height must have luminescence.

Photo luminescence (PL) is the absorption and storing of light energy, and the giving off of light when the light source is diminished or eliminated. The photo luminescent material requires no wiring or maintenance. It recharges itself from ambient lighting. It is non-toxic, fire-resistant and non-radioactive.

Yale has introduced photo luminescence for the 7000 Series Exit Devices. The photo luminescent material is bonded in a powder coating type process onto the exit device touchpad cover. The word “EXIT” is centered on the touchpad cover in 1.5-inch tall block lettering.

The 7000 Series exit devices are available as rim, surface vertical rod, mortise, and concealed vertical rod. These exit devices are available in wide stile, narrow stile, and narrow design. Narrow design, Yale’s latest introduction, is a narrow stile center case applied to a wide stile door.

For this article, we will install a photo luminescent touchpad cover onto the touchpad bar of a Yale 7100 Rim Pullman Exit Device installed onto a mount:

Step 1. Remove the two Phillips screws securing the center case cover. Depress the touchpad bar and slide the center case cover off the device.

Step 2. Remove the two #20 Torx head screws securing the touchpad cap front. The center case cover hides the touchpad cap front screws.

Step 3. Slide the touchpad cap front off the exit device.

Step 4. Slide the metal touchpad cover off the bar.

Step 5. Position the wrapped edges of the photo luminescent touchpad cover into the slots along the top and the bottom of the bar. Carefully slide the cover onto the bar. The cover should be the same length as the bar.

Step 6. Install the touchpad cap front onto the bar and secure using the two #20 Torx head screws.

Step 7. Depress the touchpad bar and mount the center case cover. Secure the center case cover using the two Phillips head screws. Test to be certain the bar fully depresses, completely retracting the Pullman Bolt.

The photo luminescent touchpad can be ordered as an option to a Yale 7000 Series exit device or separately. For retrofit, the device size must be known; either 36” or 48”.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Yale Commercial Locks and Hardware, 1902 Airport Road, Monroe, NC 28110. Telephone: 800-438-1951. Fax: 800-338-0965. Web site