Rekeying the Monarch 19-R Exit Device

May 1, 2007
A dependable workhorse, the 19 Series exit device is an economical answer to a variety of exit needs. It’s available in panic or B label (1 1/2 hr.) fire exit construction. The 19 Series comes with a full complement of trim.

For this article, I will rekey the Monarch 19-R exit device installed onto a metal clad wood door. The exterior trim is the 1912 L-Control-Sutro, a rectangular plate equipped with a mortise cylinder to mechanically control access. The key operating the mortise cylinder locks or unlocks the trim. The lever retracts the latch bolt when trim is unlocked. The Sutro levers return to within 1/2” of door.

The Monarch 19-R Series Rim Exit Device is a compact, touchbar design with one-half turn key dogging standard. This non-handed device is designed to be used on 1-3/4 “ thick wood, metal and narrow stile aluminum doors. The 19-R Series Rim Exit Device and a KIK/KIL or Centron trims cover 161 door face cutouts. The Monarch 19-R exit device is certified ANSI A156.3-2001 Grade 1 standards and is UL/CUL Listed. The 19-R Exit Device with the 1912 L-Control-Sutro trim meets handicap codes in most states. Monarch® Hardware, manufacturer of exit door hardware is part of IR Security & Safety.


19-R touchbar projections are Neutral - 2-1/2” and Depressed – 1-7/8”.

The recommended height from the finished floor to the centerline is 40-5/16”.

The following method is an alternative to removing the entire assembly from door. Removing the assembly requires removing the end cap and the end cap mounting bracket that is screwed into the door face.

Step 1. Open the door and fix the position, providing access to both sides.

Step 2. Remove the two Phillips head screws from the black plastic chassis cover.

Step 3. Unscrew the two Phillips mounting screws securing the chassis to the exterior trim. Note: Keep a hand on the trim to prevent it from falling. Do not remove the screws from the chassis as they will be used to keep the bar in place on the door.

Step 4 . Remove the two Phillips Head cam retaining screws from the rear of the mortise cylinder.

Step 5 . Insert the operating key into the mortise cylinder and rotate the plug 45 to 90 degrees.

Step 6 . Use a notched 1/2” diameter follower to remove the plug from the mortise cylinder.

Step 7 . Carefully remove the follower from the mortise cylinder, emptying each of the pin chambers of master and top pins and springs.

Step 8 . Install new springs and top pins.

Step 9 . Combinate the mortise cylinder plug to accommodate the new key bitting.

Step 10 . Re-assemble the mortise cylinder and install the cam using the two Phillips head screws. Use an awl or similar tool to swedge the metal of the screw and cam to prevent accidental removal of the screws. Test the operation of the mortise cylinder.

Step 11 . Install the exterior trim onto the door making sure to align the tailpiece in the trim with the slot in the rear of the exit device. DO NOT force the tailpiece against the hub as this can damage the exit device.

Step 12 . Secure the trim to the exit device using the two chassis screws. Test the operation of the exit device.

Step 13 . Install the chassis cover using the two Phillips head screws. Test the operation of the exit device.

The 19 series is available with electrified features, security monitoring and in panic and “B” label (1-1/2 hour) fire exit constructions. The monitoring functions include latch, device and authorized egress. Electric functions include lock/unlock and/or latch retraction and/or electric dogging where applicable.

The two stock bar sizes are Short – 2' 5-1/4” to 3' 0”, and Long - 3' 0” to 4' 0”. The available device/trim finishes are MAL powder-coated aluminum, M13 powder coated dark bronze, 32D/26D stainless steel/chrome and US4 satin brass.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Monarch, 805 N. Buckman Street , Shepherdsville , KY 40165 . Telephone: 800-826-5792. Fax: 800-924-3551. Web Site: .


M01- Exterior side of door
M01- Insert Close-up of trim
M02- Interior side of door
M02- Insert End cap
M03- Remove chassis cover
M04- Chassis
M05- Removing two mounting screws
M06- Remove exterior trim
M07- Inside of trim
M08- Remove cam from mortise cylinder
M09- Remove plug using follower
M10- Install trim
M11- Align tailpiece
M13- Finished
M14- Inset Pullman latch secured