Black & Decker Launches K2 Commercial Hardware

Aug. 1, 2007
K2 products are designed to simplify the purchasing and installation process. Boxes are compartmentalized to allow quick and easy installation. Finishes and designs are coordinated across the entire line of K2 products

Black & Decker has just announced the launch of K2 commercial hardware. Current products include cylindrical and tubular lever locks, deadbolt locks, door closers and exit devices.

The unique K2 Suite concept offers a complete solution for customers. K2 commercial hardware locks, closers and exit devices can all be installed at a job site without concern about whether the finishes and designs will match. Each K2 Suite product is designed with compatibility in mind.

Cylindrical locks, tubular locks and deadbolts can all be furnished with standard popular keyways. Six-pin keyways for Kwikset, Weiser, Schlage, Sargent and Yale are available. K2 locks can also be ordered for use with small format (SFIC) interchangeable core cylinders. In addition, locksets can optionally be ordered to accept five-pin Kwikset or Weiser keyways. Consult Black & Decker concerning specific keyways.

Heavy duty QCL100 series, grade 1 cylindrical lever locks have a hidden, thru-bolt retaining system for use in environments such as educational, health care and industrial facilities. A clutch mechanism is designed to withstand damage from physical force. QCL100 leversets have been tested to exceed one million cycles. These locks will fit on door thicknesses of 1 3/8” to 2”. Locks are non-handed to fit both right hand and left hand doors.

Brackets of 2 3/8”, 2 3/4” and 5” are available. QCL 100 locks can be ordered with either Sierra or Summit trim designs.

QCL200 series, grade 2 cylindrical lever locks are designed for locations such as apartment complexes, office buildings, storefronts and religious buildings. QCL200 leversets contain many of the QCL100 series features such as a standard clutch mechanism and a thru-bolt retaining system. QCL200 leversets have been tested to exceed 400,000 cycles. The lever locks are available in two designs, Pinnacle and Pearce.

QTL200 series grade 2 tubular lever locks are designed as example for multi-family units, apartment complexes and retail/storefront installations. QTL200 lever locks have been tested to exceed 400,000 cycles. These lever locks are available in either Nordic or Essex trim designs.

Standard functions such as passage, privacy, entry, classroom, storeroom and single dummy handles are available in all three lever lock types. In addition, QCL models also offer a communicating function used primarily for doors between adjoining hotel rooms.

QDB100 tubular deadbolts meet grade 1 certifications. The units have been tested to exceed 1 million cycles. These deadbolts are designed to be installed in demanding conditions such as institutional, commercial and industrial applications. Ball bearings are inserted to protect against drilling attacks. A one-inch deadbolt with saw resistant inserts plus a thumb turn which meets ADA requirements underscores this well-made product. QDB100 deadbolts are available in double cylinder and single cylinder models.

QDB200 tubular deadbolts meet grade 2 certifications. These units contain the same features as listed for the QSD100 deadbolts while exceeding the 150,000 cycle test to meet grade 2 requirements.

Compatible finishes for all K2 lever locks and deadbolts include Bright brass (605), oil rubbed bronze (613), satin nickel (619), bright chrome (625) and satin chrome (626).

QDC300 series door closers meet grade 1 regulations and are ADA compliant. Closers are non-handed and contain both delayed action and backcheck valves for complete flexibility and control. QDC closers are designed to be used in such applications as apartment complexes, retail stores and small office buildings. They are fully adjustable from size 1 to 6. Interior door up to 54” wide and exterior doors up to 48” wide can be operated by the QDC300 as long as the door weights are between 33 and 330 lbs. Hold-open and non-hold open models plus and an optional full cover are available. Brackets are included for installing the closer in a top jamb, regular arm or parallel arm application.

K2 Commercial Hardware also offers an impressive array of exit devices. QED100 vertical rod, heavy duty series exit devices have been tested to exceed 1 million cycles and are field sizeable for door widths of 32” to 36”. The devices are non-handed and designed for institutional and commercial applications. Eight different exterior trim functions feature thumb piece, lever, flat plate or pull handle designs. Standard vertical rods will accommodate 84” door heights. Vertical Rods for 96” door heights are optional. Either hex key or cylinder dogging is available. QED100 exit devices carry UL, ANSI and BHMA certifications. Sierra and Summit trim designs match the designs for QCL100 grade 1 cylindrical lever locks. Finishes include bright brass (605), oil rubbed bronze (613) and satin chrome (626).

Standard duty QED300 vertical rod exit devices have features similar to the QED100 devices. These devices are designed for use in places such as apartment complexes, office buildings and hotels. QED300 exit devices have been tested to exceed over 500,000 cycles. These grade 1 devices are available to match K2 Pinnacle and Pearce designs. Finishes include aluminum (689) and statuary bronze (690).

QED300 exit hardware is also available as horizontal, single point devices. These rim exit devices have been tested to exceed the same 500,000 cycle test as the QED300 vertical exit devices. Operating features plus available designs and finishes are identical to the QED300 products.

K2 products are designed to simplify the purchasing and installation process. Boxes are compartmentalized to allow quick and easy installation. Finishes and designs are coordinated across the entire line of K2 products. Each K2 product has a lifetime mechanical warranty and a three-year finish warranty.

For further information, contact a local K2 dealer or visit the website