March 1, 2008
The new World Strike design solves the need for a throat cutout, eliminating any potential security risk of someone prying between the spring latch and strike tongue. It can be installed in less time and does not change the aesthetic look of the door or jamb.

One locksmith procedure this reporter did dozens of times was to install an electric strike in place of a standard strike plate. Whether it was on an aluminum door frame or wooden jamb, one part of the job was always the same. The last step consisted of removing a large section of the door jamb for the ‘throat’ cutout.

The basic idea of almost all strike plates available on the market today is to use a movable tongue to retain the spring latch. When the electric strike is activated, the electric strike tongue is released so it can pivot. As the door is opened, the spring latch remains extended while the electric strike tongue is free to pivot approximately 90 degrees which allows egress or ingress.

Throat cutouts are purposely made to provide an exiting area for the extended spring latch. However, the necessarily large cutout also provides a simple access point for someone to pry between the spring latch and strike tongue in an effort to force the door open.

The Effeff company recently introduced a new ‘World Strike’ design which solves the security issue by eliminating the need for a throat cutout. The effeff World Strike can be installed in less time and does not change the aesthetic look of the door or jamb.

When released, the strike latch tongue on an effeff World Strike is free to rotate 45 degrees. Instead of completely moving out of the way, the electric strike tongue forms a ramp. As the door is opened, the spring latch moves inward as it travels along the 45 degree ramp. After only a small movement of the door, the spring latch is fully depressed and the door can be completely opened.
Because the latch bolt is depressed as the door is opened, no jamb cutout is required. While there must be a clear inner area for the electronics, sides of jamb remain intact which adds rigidity to the installation.

Effeff is part of the Assa Abloy worldwide security company. Effeff has been producing electric locking hardware for the world wide market since 1936 and today sells to more than 75 countries.
Effeff is the largest manufacturer of electric locking solutions in the world. They produce over 30,000 different locking products. Special applications include diverse products such as locks for herculite doors and pneumatic air controlled strikes.

This Effeff World Strike is only one of many new products. Look for a complete new range of World Strikes which will be introduced at the ISC West show in April. 
For more information contact your local locksmith distributor or: www.effeff.com/usa.