Adams Rite eFORCE 150: Retrofit Aluminum Glass Storefront Door

April 1, 2009
The Adams Rite eForce 150 takes the place of the exterior trim and changes the operation of the mortise cylinder to mechanical override. We installed the eForce onto a section of narrow stile aluminum/glass storefront door extrusion.

The Adams Rite eForce 150 Narrow Stile Trim is designed to provide electronic access control on aluminum/glass door locks. The eForce 150 retrofits to Adams Rite MS Series Deadbolts, 45/47/4900 Dead Latches and the 8000 Series Exit Devices installed with a 31/32” backset or greater.

The eForce connects to the deadbolt, dead latch or exit device through the output spindle and a cam plug installed within the lock body. No special parts are required. The only variation is the length of the spindle (tailpiece). The non-handed lever can be rotated from the neutral position to accommodate left or right handed doors. Two detent clicks changes the handle position from vertical down to left or right.

The surface-mounted eForce trim is constructed from a die cast zinc housing and lever. The device is mounted using concealed fasteners. Batteries are accessible from the exterior. A blocking plate obstructs access to the battery holder (cover plate) screw unless the mortise cylinder has been rotated 180 degrees. In addition, the battery holder covers the two lower mounting screws.

To resist vandalism, the lever mechanism incorporates a “clutch” action. When the trim is locked, the lever is free -wheeling. When the proper code has been entered or the override key engaged, the lever becomes operable. For electronic access, there is a 12-button keypad. The buttons are metal with the digits machined into surface.
The standalone, keypad-equipped electronic eForce 150 can accommodate up to 150 access codes. The code hierarchy is Master Code, Emergency Code, Supervisor Code, Lockout Code, Passage Code, User Code, and One-time Codes. The Master, Emergency, Lockout, Supervisor and Passage Codes must each be from four to seven digits. The User and the One-Time Codes must be from two to seven digits.

All programming is accomplished at the lock. Each keypad button stroke will flash one of the LEDs and sound an audible tone.
Note: The factory default Master and the Emergency Codes must be re-programmed before the User Codes can be programmed.
If a significant number of User Codes need to be programmed, the eForce should be programmed prior to the installation. The unit can be programmed by installing the batteries and following the instructions in the Owner’s Manual and User’s guide. For this installation, we will describe programming in basic terms. Programming will be discussed after the installation.

The Adams Rite eForce 150 takes the place of the exterior trim and changes the operation of the mortise cylinder to mechanical override. The eForce comes complete with all necessary fasteners including four Rivnuts and the installation tool for aluminum/metal door installations. To simplify the installation process, four re-attachable stick-on templates are included. Separate templates are provided for deadbolt locks, dead latches and exit devices.

For this article, we installed the eForce onto a section of narrow stile aluminum/glass storefront door extrusion. An Adams Rite 4900 Dead Latch with exterior mortise cylinder and interior thumbturn were previously installed.

To prepare the openings, we used the Major Manufacturing HIT-32AR12 Drill Guide, which is designed for right and left hand door applications being equipped with hardened steel 1/4” diameter drill bushings. The HIT-32AR12 includes the HIT-22 Disk, Pin and Removal Handle. The HIT-22 locates the drill guide.
Before drilling the eForce 150 door preparation, remove the locking mechanism from the door. This way the metal shavings from drilling the openings will not damage the locking mechanism.

Once the door has been drilled, clean the holes to insure the proper installation of the Rivnuts. Install the Rivnuts using the supplied hex bolt and wrench.
At this time, the dead latch lock is re-installed and a cam plug is mounted into the opening used by the mortise cylinder. The cam plug must be handed in order to retract the latch mechanism. Adams Rite includes two cams; left hand reverse and right hand reverse.

The mortise cylinder is installed into the eForce. The mortise cylinder provides mechanical override by inserting and rotating the key 180 degrees. At this position, the cam moves the clutch engagement plate. In this position, the lever is engaged and can be used to retract the latch/bolt. To install the mortise cylinder, remove the eight screws from the rear and carefully lift the back plate. Note: Wires are connected the back plate.

Insert a 1 to 1-1/2” long mortise cylinder equipped with an Adams Rite cam into the opening. Secure the mortise cylinder using the provided retaining ring and spanner. Install the back plate, making sure to avoid crimping any wires. Test the mechanical override. At this point, determine the handing required to operate the eForce.
The eForce lever is handed, rotating in only one direction whether the handle is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. The handing is field reversible to accommodate left or right hand reverse doors. For this installation, the hand of the installed lock was right hand reverse. To reverse the handing, insert a straight slot screwdriver into the output spindle on the rear of the eForce. When looking at the output spindle from the rear of the lock, rotate it counterclockwise 270 degrees. The spindle will not rotate further.
The next step is to size the tailpiece to accommodate the lock type. According to the instructions, the tailpiece should be three notches above the hole. This dimension is for 1-3/4” thick doors. Add two notches for doors that are 2” thick. Use the locking pliers and the pliers to cut the tailpiece to size. File off any rough edges.

The eForce is ready to be installed onto the door. The eForce is slid onto the mounting bracket. The tailpiece is then aligned within the eForce output spindle and the cam plug. Once the eForce is flush against the door face, the two Phillips head screws are installed through the bottom of the mounting plate securing the eForce to the door.
With the mechanical override engaged, test to make sure the latch retracts when the lever is rotated.

The final step in the installation of the eForce 150 is to install the battery pack and the battery holder. Insert the mechanical override key and rotate 180 degrees. This will permit the provided hex wrench to be inserted into the opening beneath the mortise cylinder and release the battery holder.
Four AA batteries power this lock. Adams Rite provided a connector with sufficient wire in order to remove the battery pack from the lock. Once the batteries have been installed, the pack can be connected and the battery holder installed.

With the installation and mechanical operation successful, it is time to discuss the programmable features of the eForce 150.

The Adams Rite eForce 150 provides more than the basics for a battery operated, standalone electromechanical lock. Several features are:
The factory default Master and the Emergency Codes must be re-programmed before the User and One-Time User Codes can be programmed.
An Emergency Code electronically unlocks the eForce 150 in all conditions including low battery condition or “blackout” for a maximum of  10 seconds (adjustable from one to ten seconds).

 The eForce 150 has the capability to enter the “speed programming mode”. The “speed programming mode” eliminates the need to re-enter the Master or Supervisor Code in order to program.

There are two One-Time User Codes. A single use code can operate the lock once.

The Adams Rite eForce-150 is compatible with narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum, steel and wood/composite doors equipped with Adams Rite deadbolts, dead latches and 8000 Series Exit Devices.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or:
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