New Product Spotlight

A & B Fire Safes

A & B Safe Corporation is adding a new line of insulated fire safes to its product offering. These One & Two Hour fires safes are available in nine single-door models and three double-door models. They accept all current electronic safe locks and mechanical combination locks. Also they are equipped with removable safe wheels and are predrilled for easy bolt-down. Information: 800-253-1267 or e-mail [email protected]

AD 900 Pro

ALOA Booth 721

The Advanced Diagnostics AD-900 Pro is a transponder duplicating/copying (cloning) machine manufactured by a company that does not manufacture or sell transponder-equipped key blanks in North America. The AD 900 Pro has the ability to clone Silca/Ilco EH2 and EH3 keys, JMA TPX1 and TPX2 and TK40 keys. Information:

Abus Chain

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ABUS chains are made from core hardened special alloy with yellow zinc coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Chains are available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm diameter. Bulk chain by the barrel or custom cut lengths are also available. Information:

eForce™-150 Keyless

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The eForce™-150 is a battery-operated keyless entry control for Adams Rite deadbolts, deadlatches and exit devices which are compatible with aluminum, steel and wood door applications. The eForce-150 can accommodate up to 150 users (including master, supervisor and emergency users) and operates in Standard, Passage and Lockout modes. All programming is accomplished via the keypad. Device operation is confirmed by both a visual LED and audible sound. Information:, 1.800.87ADAMS Circle 403

Aiphone PanTilt Zoom Intercom

Aiphone releases the new JK Series, a PanTilt Zoom, open voice color video intercom system. At 170 degrees, the JK series camera offers nearly twice the viewing width as conventional video intercoms. The video from the JK’s fish-eye camera lens is digitally processed for distortion free video. The camera can be zoomed out to view the entire entry or can be zoomed into a specific zone using the PanTilt feature to view the entire entrance. Information:

Trine 4850 Strike

The Trine 4850 rim panic surface mount electric strike is now available in 4 different sizes in 1 box. The strike comes with a ¼” shim plate and a 1/8” shim plate. This strike is great for tight installations like narrow aluminum and glass. It features 12VDC through 24VDC self adjusting with surge and kickback protection. Secure with our 4 pin anchoring system which is also included. Information:

Air-Tow Trailer

The AIR-TOW trailer makes transporting equipment and heavy safes easier. The complete AIR-TOW deck lowers to the ground for easy roll-on loading. The deck remains level as it rises hydraulically in less than 15 seconds. An extra heavy duty ¼“diamond deck and added support members will carry heavy loads up to 10,000 lbs. A sensitive full “air suspension” system adjusts automatically for any weight, giving a super smooth ride even for the most delicate equipment. Information: 800-858-2205 or

SELECT Hinges™

Earn more profits and more satisfied customers by fixing the real cause of most lock failures — door sag caused by worn pivot and butt hinges. SELECT continuous hinges, tested to 25 million cycles and covered by our Continuous Warranty™, let you deliver total door service and fix customers’ “lock” problems for good. Information: 800-423-1174 or

Altronix StrikeIt

ALOA Booth 447

Altronix’s StrikeIt powers and controls two panic hardware devices with high inrush requirements. Features include programmable timed lock release; supervised lock outputs; programmable fire alarm disconnects; simultaneous 12VDC and 24VDC outputs; form “C” follower relays and delayed momentary relays; and stand-by battery charging. StrikeIt is UL listed and MEA/CSFM approved.


ALOA Booth 431

AMSEC’s new CSC Series features 2 hours of fire protection up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, a Group II combination lock with tempered glass relocker and a new Charcoal Gray Satin textured finish. The popular Stor-it Cabinets now feature Amsec’s new Stor-it Jewelry Organizer system. The new U.L. Listed Group II mechanical combination lock kit easily converts to a key locking dial. Visit for more details.

Trilogy Networx™

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Trilogy Networx™ locks lower maintenance costs by eliminating the need to go to each door to program locks. Wireless networking locks DL6100 and PIN/Prox version PDL6100 communicate over an existing network using Alarm Lock’s Gateway module (1 Gateway controls up to 63 locks, 32 Gateways per account manages up to 2,000 locks) eliminating expensive wiring runs. Users are programmed from the convenience of a non-dedicated PC using DL Windows software. Both models are Grade 1 BHMA certified and supports up to 5,000 users and 35,000 event audit trail. Trilogy Networx locks install in about an hour, use 4 C-cell batteries and provide over five years of battery life.

Arrow Revolution

ALOA Booth 101

Arrow Lock and Door Hardware’s new Revolution Stand-Alone Touchscreen lock combines the functional elements of a cylindrical lockset with the latest technological designed for electronic aesthetic.

The Revolution provides a traffic control solution for areas requiring restricted access. If necessary, both users and user groups can be easily locked out by the administrator. It accommodates up to 1,000 user codes, operates in English, French and Spanish and provides both a key override and 9Volt Battery connection for emergency access. Information:


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Detex Corporation offers delayed egress hardware that stands up to the weather. Of the many applications for this weatherized product – ranging from outside gates to interior doors that get wet – one of the most often specified uses is to protect patients from unauthorized entry or exit in outdoor areas at healthcare facilities.

Detex weatherized delayed egress hardware can be ordered as an Easy Kit®, complete with everything needed for easy installation, including pre-wiring. In the rugged, high-quality Advantex® line, it is available in an architect-approved stainless steel finish. Other Detex EasyKits often specified by healthcare facilities include AOD (Automatically Operated Doors), DE (Delayed Egress), ACD (Access Controlled Doors), and ED (Electrically Dogged Doors).

DORMA Interconnected Locksets

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DORMA J200 Series interconnected locksets are built with a cylindrical chassis and tubular dead bolt for all applications where ANSI A156.12 Grade 2 products are required. To meet the aesthetic needs of your project, these versatile locks are available in a range of trim designs.

Recommended applications are all types of multifamily housing. Configuration Options are: Five lever designs, three functions, five cylinder options, four finishes. Information: 1-800-523-8483,


ALOA Booth 351

STRATTEC introduces a high security padlock that operates with your vehicle key. Users simply select a GM, Ford, or Chrysler compatible padlock, insert and turn their vehicle key, and the padlock will be permanently coded to their key. In addition to 1-Key Convenience, the padlock features a rugged cover and weather-resistant lock shutter, solid zinc core, SAE hardened steel shackle, automotive-grade, 6-tumbler lock cylinder, and thousands more unique key-codes than standard padlocks.

SearchAlert® Looped Shackle Lock

ALOA Booth 511

CCL Security Products introduces the K6435 series SearchAlert Combination Lock with a unique Looped Shackle. The new series not only features the Patented SearchAlert Green-Red Security Window which allows travelers to determine if the lock has been opened by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent, but the new Looped design with a larger diameter shackle can be used with Fiber Cases, trunks, and many styles of back-packs and luggage pieces, and used as well as a locker lock for health clubs and golf courses.


The Sovilok Break-in-Blocker utilizes stainless steel sockets and pins to tie a door through its doorframe to the studs of the building. Uniquely designed to be virtually invisible to the customer, the system is easily installed using the reusable installation kit. The company also offers specialty tools that reduce installation time. All components are manufactured in the USA. Information at

Access 800 NE1

ALOA Booth 101

Facilities can expand their networked access control system with CORBIN RUSSWIN’s Access 800 NE1, a Wiegand-compatible Grade 1 lock with proximity reader. Mechanical door hardware—mortise locks, cylindrical locks and exit devices—can be added into an access control platform without additional software. Panel interface boards are available in two or four door versions. The lockset allows complete door status monitoring including deadbolt monitor, latchbolt monitor and RX output. Access profiles can be changed from a PC connected to the system.

The Access 800 NE1 is available with the CL33800 cylindrical lock, ML20800 mortise lock and ED5000 Series exit device. Additional options include the Museo™ line of decorative levers and MicroShield™ antimicrobial coating.

Bianchi Decryptor

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Bianchi USA, Inc. will feature the new DECRYPTOR, a cloning tool for Philips® crypto transponder keys. The DECRYPTOR unit works as a stand alone unit with the existing Repli-Code 7 TX, and has the capability to clone over 300 new vehicle applications. The DECRYPTOR (Part #B7100) uses the new battery-less TK60 chip (Part #BTK60) and 10 (new and existing) horseshoe blades. In addition, a Philips® Crypto Key Kit will also be available (Part # B7005).


ALOA Booth 552

New and ready to ship, the ITL MMX computerized key machine is the lightest and most compact on the market today. As with all ITL key machines, it cuts original keys by code and houses 600+ manufacturer depth and space sets.

Features include: Automotive codes included, Micro-stepping for precision, Updateable via USB port, Medeco® rotating head, Laser and half-cut modes, Plug into inverter for mobile use and Fully automated key-cutting. Dimensions are 12½” x 7½ x 10 ½” (L x W x H)

Steck BigEasy Kit

Steck Manufacturing’s BigEasy Lockout Kits are quick and easy to use, and in most cases within 60 seconds, the door is open. Opening doors from inside the window reduces liability issues over traditional lockout tools, which have the potential to disable wiring systems inside the door panel and/or causing side airbags to deploy. BigEasy Night Light illuminates the inside of a vehicle at night to locate the vehicle interior door lock or keys. Information:

Dortronics EZ-Access

The new compact stand-alone Door / Gate Control with Audit Trail from Dortronics controls one or two doors using secure EZ-Prox cards, key fobs or the Dortronics #8170xNS heavy-duty keypad. Users can be programmed in or out of the system at the keypad or reader, while audit trails can be downloaded with the EZ-Logger software provided. Information:

Jet Family Guy Keys

ALOA Booth 131

On the heels of the best selling Officially Licensed Simpsons Keys, comes the newest great dysfunctional family of our time – The Griffins! Based on the hugely popular Fox animated series “Family Guy” TV show, these key blanks are available in 6 new patterns in both KW1/11 and SC1 depicting each member of the family. See your favorite Jet Distributor for more information!

Codelocks CL600

ALOA Booth 137

The new heavy duty CL600 Series incorporating the new Quick Code system allows on-door code change in seconds. Typically most mechanical digital locks require removal from the door or be partly disassembled to change the code…Not now! Quick Code allows the keyholder to change the code from the front of the door.

Features include front load cylinder and more than 8000 code combinations. Information:

JMA Removable Chip Keys

ALOA Booth 146

Miscutting transponder keys can become very expensive for locksmiths. JMA USA has recently made available an extensive product line of transponder key blanks, with removable chips. Locksmiths can remove the transponder chip from the key blank if the key blank is mis-cut and place it in a chipless key blank also available from JMA.

Medeco Hybrid

ALOA Booth 101

Medeco Hybrid Cylinders utilize the functions of common online access control readers, by incorporating HID Prox technology into an offline retrofit cylinder. With this technology, mechanical and electronic access control systems can be easily merged for absolute flexibility, security, and convenience, all while reducing costs for new installations or system expansions.

Gate Box Jig

ALOA Booth 153

Clamping the Keedex Gate Box Installation Jig on your gate during a retrofit will align the gate edge, assist in getting perfect gate box alignment, and free your hands so you can weld safely and easily. Get a better welding seam, and keep your hands free. The Gate Box Installation Jig comes with two 6” -90 degree magnets. Information:

Ilco® Electronic Keys

ALOA Booth 317

The Ilco® Electronic Cloneable Key System features a new modern, sleek, two-part design that is proportionally sized to original keys. One “universal” head and 14 separate blades will accommodate a wide variety of transponder-equipped vehicle applications with a minimum investment. This program is also available as an assortment that includes keys and a sturdy plastic storage case with adjustable compartments.

Kaba LearnLok™

ALOA Booth 317

Kaba’s new LearnLok™ feature, now standard on all E-Plex E3700, E5700 and E5770 series PROX card based electronic locks, simplifies programming of up to 300 users (any mix of PINs or PROX cards) by “learning” them right at the lock - no software required. These same locks can be upgraded at anytime with optional software to increase to 3000 users per lock, and add user access management features such as audits, schedules, time zones, etc.

Prograde Locks

Prograde Locks introduces the 58320 Series Locks. This series features commercial grade 2 quality and dependability at affordable prices to industry professionals. It is available in stainless steel (US32D) using an all brass precision manufactured cylinder that utilizes an SC4 keyway. Available functions include entrance, classroom, storeroom, passage, and privacy. Locks come with an unconditional 5-year warranty. Information: 800-537-5397 or

Lockey Systems

Lockey® Digital Systems, Inc. now offers the 2835DC back to back lever door lock for maximum security on your pool gate, fence or any door where a double combination is necessary. A by-pass function lock allows the door to be unlocked and locked as necessary. The 2835 DC is for a single prep replacing the existing door knob. The easy-to-change combination and reversible handing make this lock a consumer’s choice lock. The 2835DC comes with easy to follow instructions and templates. Information:


WedgeCo’s 7000 Ultra-Thin Orange Handle Broken Key Extractor is the number one choice of locksmiths worldwide. With the light weight orange plastic handle and sharp teeth on the spiral wire, the tool is easy to grip. The wire is long and thin with a long sharp point. By sliding one extractor along each side of the broken key and twisting the two extractors together, you lubricate the lock and slide the broken key out!
See picture instructions at

Lucky Line Remote Skins™

ALOA Booth 104

Lucky Line’s new and innovative Remote Skins™ will protect your car remote from normal wear and tear of everyday use. The water-resistant neoprene cover slips on easily, providing a snug fit. A tough vinyl window provides visibility of remote buttons. Repair your remote by slipping over a broken remote, making broken remotes usable again.

Remote Skins™ are available in three models: GM (LL No. 48801), Ford (LL No. 48901) & Universal (LL No 49001).  Product is available individually packaged, in a small counter display (LL No. 48800), or a 3-tier display (LL No. 34448).

Marks USA 175 BIO

ALOA Booth 453

The 175 BIO is a Hi-Tech fingerprint recognition system that eliminates the risk of replication or unauthorized use. This unit is combined with Marks Grade 2 Cylindrical Survivor lockset and is available in a 26D Satin Chrome finish. Power is supplied to Fingerprint reader and lockset by four “AA” batteries. This unit can register up to 100 users and is available with an optional audit trail. HI-SECURITY™ Cylinders are also an option for a greater security level.

Simons Voss

SimonsVoss Technologies introduces the Digital Mortise Cylinder (DMC) and the Digital RIM Cylinder (DRC). Both products seamlessly integrate into an existing SimonsVoss lock system and continue the tradition of a completely wireless access control system with its battery-operated technology and simple installation.

The Digital Mortise Cylinder can be used to add electronic access control to an aluminum storefront door or any application that uses a mechanical mortise cylinder. The Digital RIM Cylinder can be used most places a mechanical RIM cylinder is used such as panic bars and deadbolts. Installation is quick; simply remove the mechanical cylinder and replace it with this digital cylinder. It has no wires for data or power. Information:

Olympus FC10 Series

ALOA Booth 250

Olympus® Lock, Inc. introduces the FC10 Series file cabinet lock replacement kit for the HON F24/F28 vertical file cabinet lock. The FC10 is a pin-tumbler lock utilizing the National D4291 (4-pin) / D4292 (5 pin) keyway. Locks are stocked keyed different, in four stock keyed alike groups or custom/master keyed and may be purchased through Olympus Lock’s network of distributors. Information: or 800-525-0954.

Pro-Lok Installation Boring Jig

ALOA Booth 517

Pro-Lok’s Killer Jig is made from lightweight machined aluminum with hardened bushings and a durable powder coated finish. The large comfortable knobs and door thickness adjustment allows you to easily adjust the jig to the thickness of the door. Eight recessed rubber pads help protect the door’s finish. The Killer Jig kit includes the Killer Jig, both 2-1/8” & 1-1/2” cross-bore spur bits, 1” edge-bore bit, strike locator, 4 heavy duty latch and faceplate mortise tools, unique deadbolt height gauge, quick change drill adapter, set of 1½” bushing plates, set of 2 1/8” bushing plates, and custom molded carrying case. Information:


ALOA Booth 142

TownSteel introduces a complete line of Antiligature Locks, including ADA antiligature Levered Mortise Lock MRX-L and Levered Cylindrical Lock CRX-L and Standard configuration antiligature Conical Knob Mortise Lock MRX-K and Conical Knob Cylindrical Lock CRX-K. TownSteel also offers the only Antiligature Rejuvenator Conical Knob Mortis lock retrofit trim set RRX-K which will retrofit most major brand mortise locks. All products are available with Saniguard Antimicrobial coating that fights bacteria.

SDC Exit Devices

The new SDC S6000 Spectra™ series mechanical exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware and are ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 compliant. Available in rim mount, mortise and vertical rod configurations, they have a modern look and quiet push pad operation. Electrified options include 1 Amp electric latch retraction, electric dogging, delayed egress, electrified mortise, exit alarm and electric lever trim. Specify Spectra™ exit devices with SDC mechanical and electrified locksets, eliminating the need for multiple brands. Information:

SARGENT Passport

ALOA Booth 101

With the new Passport 1000 P1 Power over Ethernet (PoE) hardware, SARGENT’s Passport P1 connects to a facility’s Ethernet network with standard cabling, and provides full online access control even when the network is unavailable. The P1 offers magnetic stripe and PIN code technologies for dual credentialing, or mag stripe or pin alone, to provide customized access control. Existing magnetic stripe cards can be used to operate the lock, enabling campuses to integrate the Passport 1000 P1 locksets into their one-card system. The PERSONA Campus software integrates seamlessly into transactional and housing systems.


ALOA Booth 101

Securitron introduces the iMXDa Delayed Egress door control series, which maintains all of the popular all-in-one features of the original iMXD. The iMXDa also retains an adjustable nuisance alarm period (1, 2 or 3 seconds) with electronically adjustable trigger point, and 15 or 30 second motion activation and field selectable BOCA or NFPA operation.

With an overall length of only 12.5”, the complete package will easily fit the majority of commercial openings including those with exposed vertical rods and large door closers. The iMXDa includes an improved bracket mounting rail system developed from Securitron’s M38 and M68 Magnalocks which reduces installation time and errors. The iMXDA also offers a host of new electronic features. Information:

RCI 3511

ALOA Booth 408

RCI’s 3511 battery operated “Lock-in-a-Box” makes installation easy by eliminating the need for a power source in situations where power is not available or difficult to acquire. Convenient built-in iButton® key management makes for easy programming, while the battery provides up to 350,000 operations (low battery warning included). With 180lbs (82kg) holding force, this versatile cabinet lock is ideal for lockers, carts, displays and cabinets.