Locksmith E.D. Reed began collecting key codes eighty years ago. His code collection was distributed in two leather-bound books, one for general codes and one for padlocks.  Forty years ago Locksmith Ledger purchased the Reed Code system. Key codes continue to be collected and today the Reed Code System fills 15 volumes.

While key code numbers are no longer printed on most vehicle locks and padlocks for security reasons, codes can still be found on almost all utility locks, cabinet locks and desk locks.  Key-operated locks and key code series continue to appear at an incressing rate. Add  the influx of imported utility locks and the key code business shows no end in sight.  As example, key blank manufacturers continually introduce new blanks in an effort to keep up with the increase.  Even so, existing key blanks must often be shortened or reshaped and used as a substitute when no aftermarket key blanks are available.

The availability of key code series for the locksmith community should be considered as an asset by lock manufacturers.  Locksmiths can then quickly make a key by code and the customer is back in business.  Some lock manufacturers are very helpful with sharing key code series information and others are not so helpful. 

This is where you can help.  Whenever you see a new key which is not listed in key blank directories, please contact us.  Whenever you see a new code series that is not listed in the Reed Code System also contact us.  We will do whatever it takes to follow up on your key blank and key code questions.  In addition, if you have developed any lists of miscellaneous key cuts and corresponding code numbers which you have read, those would be gratefully accepted.

Every time you make a key by code somebody collected that code at an earlier time in order to make it available for you. Keep the system going. Contact me with information at: [email protected] or 847-454-2703.