Not So Secure

Jan. 12, 2012

Our Locksmith Ledger offices are located in a quiet suburb west of Chicago. There are a few other companies with offices in the same building. Our building features an atrium area complete with a small pond and a few living trees and plants. As we come into the building each day the first thing that greets us is the sound of a bubbling fountain in the pond. The peaceful atmosphere provides a perfect business setting.

This idyllic arrangement was brought to a screeching halt yesterday when our office manager was called to a meeting with the local police department. I had noticed a police car in front of our building when arriving for work, but paid no attention to it at that moment.

What happened was that a person had been fired by one of the other companies in our building. The person who was fired did not take the news peacefully. At first he threatened to drive his car through the front windows. Later he vowed to come back with a gun. That was when the police were called. As a precaution, the police recommended that everyone in our building should leave work and go home before sundown.

It is now the next day, There were no incidents reported during last evening but rumors are that armed guards will be on duty today just in case of trouble.

Security is what we all sell. It is the reason for printing Locksmith Ledger and the reason that you install deadbolts and door locks each day. However, security is designed to prevent a problem before it happens and depends primarily on rational behavior. Less can be done if the perpetrator has no fear of the consequences. These kinds of people cause mayhem which is shown every day on TV, in newspapers and on the internet and is a sad visual commentary on society at large today.