National Average Prices

Dec. 1, 2006
Locksmith Ledger subscribers are polled annually to determine the average charges for locksmith services.

Locksmith Ledger annually polls subscribers to determine the average charges for specific locksmith services. Our price survey is only an indicator of pricing trends and is not a scientific poll. Dollar amounts listed in this survey should not be used directly as the price you should be charging for various jobs. Other factors, such as your regional cost of living, typical distance traveled for a service call, and the charges of your local competitors, should be taken into consideration before setting your individual price schedule.

When compared to the 2005 National Average Price Survey, this year’s survey shows some increases in common locksmithing charges. For example, the average hourly rate jumped from $51 to $60.25, while the average cost of a service call increased $4 from $48 to $52. Auto-opening calls went up from $50 to $53. Most likely, these increases were the result of a sharp increase in fuel costs in 2006. It cost locksmiths significantly more to keep their vans on the road this year. (Note that most numbers have been rounded to the nearest dollar amount.)

Automotive transponder key prices saw another increase, rising from an average of $80 in 2005 to $95 to fit a transponder key in the shop, still significantly lower than most auto dealership prices. The lowest price cited was $15, while the highest price was $250, depending on the model of vehicle and the costs of buying transponder programming equipment.

The 2006 National Average Price Survey contains many of the popular services a locksmith may perform. Check each listing and determine the percentage of difference between our average and your specific charge. If the percentage of difference is approximately the same for most items, then your charges are in line with the national average. If one of your charges is extremely low as compared to the survey results, then make a study of the amount of time it takes to do that particular job. You may be losing money without knowing it.

Conversely, if one of your charges is extremely high when compared to the national average, you could be losing jobs to the competition because of your pricing structure.

Thanks to all who participated in our survey, both online and via fax or mail.

2006 National Average Price Survey
Labor Charges Auto Locks / In Shop
Service Call $52.50 Fit Std. US Ign Key $43.25
Hourly Rate $60.25 Fit GM Vats Key $85
Auto Opening Call $53 Fit Foreign Ign Key $79
Fit Transponder Key $95
Key Duplication Fit Sidewinder Key $125
American Single Cut $1.65 Rekey Door/Trunk Key $28
American Double Cut $3.28 Fit Motorcycle Key $380
Foreign Single Cut $3.50
Foreign Double Cut $5.33 Keys By Code
Sidewinder Auto Key $58 American Single Cut $10
Transponder Key $60 American Double Cut $15
Flat Steel $6 Foreign Single Cut $12
Tubular Key $6.95 Foreign Sidewinder $42
Bit Key $9.70 Suitcase $5
Safe Deposit Key $4.60 Tubular $25
High Security Key $12.33 Motorcycle $17
Best/Falcon Key $4.57
Key From Broken Sample $6.89 Fitting First Key
By Impression $32
Re-Key Cylinder / In Shop By Reading $30
Key-in-knob $12.16
Rim / Mortise $8.20 Padlocks
Set To MK system $16 Combination by Code $13
High Security $18 Pin Tumbler by Code $14
Pick/Shim Cyl. Open (addl) $4.95
Best $14.75
Safe Deposit $13
Tubular $16