Key Wizard™ Ultimate Key Management Solution

Jan. 8, 2010
Medeco’s newly updated Key Wizard is a one-stop shop for all of your all key management needs.
“It’s the best key management software I’ve ever used.” The Key Wizard™ technical support department often hears comments like these. We have received an excellent response since the software was introduced in July 2001. After being on the market for more than eight years, a new and enhanced Key Wizard™ version, 5.5 has just been released. Several enhancements make the software more versatile and easier to use.

In addition to tracking keys, keyholders, locations, hardware and cylinder inventory, Key Wizard™ allows users to import keyholder, key, and location information. The user simply places the information into an Excel® spreadsheet or csv file format according to a sample file and specifications contained on the software CD. The information can then be imported into Key Wizard™. This feature saves time by reducing the need to manually input employee, location, and keying information. Users have the option of turning off the requirement to input key bittings. This option is useful for users who only want to track the keys that employees carry, or who may wish to track special or unusual keys for items such as locksets, padlocks, safes, etc.

Commercial and institutional locksmiths can pre-load master key system and location information into their copy of the software and then export the information. End users can then import the information into their copy of the software. Providing this value-added service could help locksmiths sell more master key systems. This feature provides a “one time” download and is not designed to synchronize information back and forth between the locksmith and the end user.

A pinning calculator and download capabilities to an ITL 9700 key machine are additional capabilities of the software.

Key Wizard™ offers uncluttered, easy to navigate screens using a Microsoft® Outlook® type of layout. The program is able to track multiple end users and multiple master key systems. It is suitable for both retail locksmiths, with multiple customers, and for institutional users, such as hospitals and universities, that may need to track multiple master key systems. It is available in network and single user versions.


Key Wizard™ works with most major lock manufacturer’s master key systems. The software accepts Medeco® Original angles, Biaxial® single and double cut angles and bittings for up to 7 pin positions.

An additional tab on the keyholder screen allows users to import scanned pictures of keyholders, along with a sample of their signatures, to ensure that keys are issued to the proper individuals.

The system tracks key deposits and has a sample default key receipt that can be printed using either a standard laser or inkjet printer.

A unique expandable access tree screen allows users to easily see, on one screen, all the keys a person carries and all of the doors those keys will access. This feature makes it easy for supervisors to see what rooms their employees can access.

Extensive location door hardware screens allow users to track detailed information on such items as primary and secondary locks and cylinders, doors, frames, hinges, door closers, push plates, pull plates, mop plates, kick plates, door viewers and thresholds.

No other program offers this amount of detailed hardware tracking.


One of the unique features of Key Wizard™ is the true logical sorting of Standard Key Coding labels. Many other types of key management software sort special function keys, such as "MAINT", with the master key "MA" and usually sort the change keys as: AA1, AA10, AA11, AA2, AA3, AA4, etc. In contrast, KeyWizard™ places special function keys, such as "MAINT", at the beginning of the key list and sorts change keys as: AA1, AA2, AA3, AA4, AA5, AA6, AA7, AA8, AA9, AA10, AA11, etc. This feature makes it easy to keep track of keys and read audit reports. Users have the option of choosing "Standard Key Coding," "Modified Key Coding" or their own system of labeling keys.


Another unique feature of Key Wizard™ is the Maintenance Service Scheduler. Users are able to schedule routine maintenance tasks, such as cylinder lubrication, on a one time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. A pop-up screen will automatically alert the user when maintenance is required. A special report can be printed for both scheduled and completed maintenance tasks.

A cylinder inventory screen allows users to keep track of pinned cylinders, such as interchangeable cores, that are kept in stock. Information such as finish, part number, key symbol and location are easily tracked.

A variety of different reports are available on keys, keyholders, locations, master key systems, overdue keys and maintenance service schedules, all of which can be customized by using the extensive query function. A new feature available in version 5.5 is the ability to print a report as text, pdf, or an html document,in addition to being able to print a hard copy.

Another added feature in version 5.5 is the ability to sort by column header. For example, in the key list you can sort by key symbol, blind code, bitting, system copy number, etc. It gives the user the ability to sort their data in a variety of different ways. The same can be done in the keyholders and locations screens as well.

Also new to version 5.5 are random serial ID generators for cylinders and keys, expanded help files, updated pinning calculator, updated reporting capabilities, and editable field titles.

Data files are encrypted and access to the software is password protected. Privileges such as viewing records, editing records, issuing and collecting keys can be enabled or disabled, for individual users, by the program administrator. This feature provides security and insures data integrity.

To further ensure system integrity, an audit trail is generated each time a keyholder is added, modified or deleted from the system. Keys that have been issued, returned, lost or destroyed are also tracked in the audit trail. Only users with administrative security rights can access this file.

A pinning calculator allows a locksmith to quickly determine what pins to load in each master keyed cylinder. The software provides a calculator for universal 5 & 6 pin cylinders, Medeco 5 & 6 pin cylinders and a KeyMark 5, 6, & 7 pin cylinders, conventional and interchangeable core. Version 5.5 adds pinning calculator functionality for Corbin and Sargent LFIC as well.

Bittings (cuts & angles) can be downloaded to an ITL 9700 key machine for efficient and accurate key cutting.


Both an on-screen and printed "Quick Start" guide enable users to set-up and operate the software quickly and easily. The software includes printable help files and a copy of Acrobat® Reader for ease of viewing. In addition, extensive, on screen, pop-up tool tips provide helpful instructions for all major screen fields. Technical support is provided via a dedicated "800" number and is free for the first year. After that, a modest yearly maintenance fee covers technical support and free automatic software upgrades. Support is provided between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Another addition to Key Wizard version 5.5 is the ability for web updates. The new version of the software will have the ability to connect to a website to verify the current version and search for any updates or patches available for download. It will check to see that the maintenance agreement is still valid and allow the user to renew the agreement if necessary. This feature should streamline the upgrade and support of the Key Wizard system.

Key Wizard™ software requires a minimum of a 350 MHz processor or faster, 60 MB hard disk space, Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT , XP, Vista, or Windows 7, 16 MB RAM, CD drive and a mouse pointing device. For better performance a 500 MHz processor or faster, 70MB hard disk space and 64 MB RAM is recommended.

The Demo disk is a working version of the software so users are able to test the full functionality of the program. The Demo disk limits keyholders, keys, locations and cylinders to 20 records. The demo version of the software is also available for free download at Web Site:

Data cannot be transferred from the Demo disk to the full version of the software. Key Wizard is a one stop shop for all of your all key management needs.