CCTV Spotlight

Jan. 1, 2006
Products from Crest, Elmo, Panasonic, Pelco, Sanyo, Speco, Extreme CCTV and Telco Electronics.

Crest Electronics

Crest Electronics introduces the CDVS-7516 PC Digital Video Recorder, combining powerful video management tools and an easy-to-use interface that reduces training time and lessens the learning curve for all involved in the administration of a security system.

The CDVS-7516 offers MPEG4 compression, 720 x 480 (4 CIF) resolution, 480fps display and record rates, multi-zone motion detection for every camera, adjustable sensitivity per motion zone, comprehensive remote administration, and remote email notification.

Like all models in their 7000 Series, the CDVS-7516 also comes standard with Crest’s exclusive Multiplatform Software, which enables embedded and PC DVRs to communicate with each other, even from multiple locations.

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Pelco Spectra Mini

Pelco’s Spectra Mini offers many of the most desired features of Spectra III systems in a smaller, lighter, less-expensive package. Whether for flush or in-ceiling installations or with pendant and wall mounts, you’ll be able to use this powerful PTZ dome system in most any application – big or small.

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Elmo SN2230IP

This new weatherproof day/night network camera from Elmo incorporates built-in-web server with dual compression format, network interface, and analog video output in single unit. Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity captures almost every detail, in lighting conditions ranging from brilliant sunshine to nearly complete darkness. The built-in IR illumination provides extra light, working with camera’s day/night functions during darkness. Features include DSP circuitry, 2.5x digital zoom, quality 2.7x vari-focal, auto iris lens.

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Panasonic Security Systems introduces an enhanced version of its popular WJ-HD220 DVR that features 33 percent more recording capacity at the same price point. The enhanced WJ-HD220 DVR features a 160GB hard disk drive (previously 120GB) and is also available with a 320GB hard disk drive for more demanding recording and storage applications. The versatile units offer eight inputs plus PTZ camera control for standalone or satellite systems applications.

The new WJ-HD220 DVRs deliver performance features including: up the coax control up to 3000 feet using Panasonic VD2 for control of Panasonic dome camera pan/tilt/zoom operations; direct time/date and list search functions; simultaneous live monitoring, recording and playback; electronic zoom and motion detection capabilities. The unit features on-board networking capabilities for integration into networked systems.

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The PureVision 350HQ series from EverFocus Electronics Corporation offers a resolution of 520 TV lines. TVL PureVision Technology is created using a 1/3” Sony HQ chip and is the next step in intelligent surveillance systems. The increased Auto Gain Control provides greater sensitivity when lighting dims, compensating for the low backlight, resulting in brighter pictures within darker settings. Small items can now be clearly seen, allowing the end user a greater advantage in loss prevention.

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Sanyo Day/Night Camera

Sanyo introduces the VCC-WD8574 Wide Dynamic Range camera, also known as Sanyo Dynamic, designed for security applications with challenging lighting conditions.

Wide Dynamic Range offers a solution to the problem of monitoring windows, doors, and other brightly backlit areas that result in unrecognizable, dark images of subjects in the foreground. The Wide Dynamic Range provides two shutter speeds, a normal 1/60 speed and a higher speed, which produces clear images by extracting highlights and shadows from the two shots and then combining them into a single, detailed image. Applications include retail, office, or other buildings where the camera is positioned to view from the inside looking out into bright daylight.

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Speco’s color day/night bullet camera captures exceptional color images by day, and automatically switches to B/W at night. It has extreme infrared response and excellent low light sensitivity. Built-in infrared LEDs provide a 0 lux performance with a 470 line resolution when in B/W mode. When operating as a color camera, the lux is 0.03. Other key features include a 4mm lens, 1/3” advanced image sensor, and concealed wiring through the adjustable mounting bracket. Additionally, the camera is weatherproof and includes a removable sunshield. It is also available in a 4-9mm varifocal version under model number CVC-7705DNV.

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Vicon Fixed Position Dome

Vicon Industries Inc. introduces a new series of fixed-position camera domes. The VC-600 and VC-610 are configured for in-ceiling or surface-mount installations. The VC 600 includes a 550 TVL color camera; the VC-610 has a 480 TVL color camera and features wide dynamic range to provide for high contrast images. Both have an isolated power input and a 3.3-12 mm varifocal auto-iris lens. A clear lower dome is included.

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TOA Software

TOA Electronics, Inc. has released the powerful new CCTV Viewer Simulation Software, a training tool that provides a virtual monitor view of various TOA cameras, allowing flexibility to adjust parameters and view a virtual real-time simulation. The software includes all of TOA’s Combination Dome and Box Cameras that were introduced earlier this year.

As part of the company’s commitment to provide useful, educational resources to the security industry, the software can be downloaded for FREE at Circle 440


The GV-EM412DD-50 from GVI is a cost-effective DVR that supports a removalble hard disk and is equipped with a compact flash memory slot. LAN connectivity is standard in the GV-EM412 series, and it features smooth motion and clear playback.

The units come bundled with DVR reader software, so DVR video can be viewed on a PC. The software can also save images as AVI, KPEG or BMP files. The Heartbeat rebooting feature makes the unit reliable in the event of recovering after a system-halt.

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