Specifying Power Supplies for Security Applications

April 1, 2007
Power supplies often perform switching functions, monitor and report their own status, and automatically compensate for changing site conditions such as brown outs, power interruptions, power surges and temporary increases in the system load.

Power supplies for security systems take on duties beyond simply providing voltage. Frequently the power supply will be a functional “hub” of a system.

Although they do not usually handle data, power supplies will often perform switching functions, monitor and report their own status, and automatically compensate for changing site conditions such as brown outs, power interruptions, power surges and temporary increases in the system load.

Because there are so many different applications for power supplies, a large variety of power supplies are on the market, some specifically tailored to specific purpose. These include Access Control & Life Safety, Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and CCTV. Power supplies are also available which are designed to be used with specific locking devices or products.

The end-user probably will never even see the power supply you are installing, or even care about it, unless it malfunctions. Power supplies are not the type of item they will show their friends. But the installer and the persons responsible for keeping the system working care a great deal about the power supply, and you should specify the power supplies you use for your projects carefully and install them in a safe professional manner.

Be sure the power supply has the proper electrical ratings for the system you are installing; be sure that the power supply has the appropriate listing for your application. Take the time to plan your installation so that the line voltage supply to your power supply is on an appropriately sized and controlled branch circuit. That way, you can easily verify your power supply is getting power, and you can readily interrupt power or inspect the circuit breaker providing power to your supply if you need to for troubleshooting or maintenance of the system.

Most power supply manufacturers are tuned in to the needs of their market and strive to provide quality products, technical support, and warranties to keep you a happy and local customer. Below, we include details on some of the available power supplies.

RCI 10-5 Power Supply

RCI's filtered and regulated 10 Series DC Power Supplies are designed with safety, reliability, and ease of installation in mind. The 10-5 incorporates many life safety options including fire panel interface, instant unlock upon power failure and remote override reset capabilities for authorized personnel.

With the Installer in mind, RCI changed the door to a drop down lid to provide a usable work surface, and a 110 VAC receptacle for installation and maintenance convenience.

Standard features include universal knock-outs and built-in battery charging circuits. Additional features are:

Class 2 Rated Power: Limited output is Field Selectable 12VDC@5A or 24VDC@3A output

Input regulation: The 10-5 will accept an input of 90 - 250VAC. This means the 10-5 remains very stable during fluctuations in local power such as brown-outs.

Built-In 110VAC Receptacle: Once this unit is installed, the 110 outlet can be used to power drills or soldering irons for installation completion purposes or for service assistance.

Drop Down Lid: The lid becomes a convenient work surface for test equipment, connectors or documents.

AC Fail Monitoring Relay: This can be used to send a signal to an external monitoring panel or guard station to indicate that the AC power to the panel has been interrupted. It can also be used to signal fire panel distribution board of AC fail to meet NFPA-101 Life Safety standards

Battery Monitoring Relay: This relay can be used to send a signal to an external monitoring panel or guard station to indicate that the backup battery is not connected or is no longer holding a charge

cULus Listed Subassembly Modular Output Boards: This means that the zone output and fire disconnect boards can be added or removed from the 10-5 as required without affecting the cULus listing.

Fire Panel Disconnect Board: This relay board is connected to the local Fire Alarm panel to drop power to all electromagnetic locks as required by most local building and NFPA-101 Standards.

Power Distribution Board with Supervised Interface: Used to convert a DC power source into 8 class II power limited outputs that can be controlled by a fire alarm control panel.

Battery Backup

Fully integrated charging circuit

Automatic resetting battery over current protection

Reverse hookup protection .9A PTC

Average recharge current 735ma

LED visual indicator

Input Specifications:

AC input 90VAC to 250VAC @ 60Hz or 50Hz

Automatic input sensing

AC visual indicator

Output Specifications:

Nominal Output Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC

Typical Output Voltage: 12VDC nominal, 10.4-13.7VDC, 5A. 24VDC nominal, 22.7-25.2VDC, 3A. Note: Typical voltage measured without load.

5 Amps supply current at 12VDC

3 Amps supply current at 24VDC

Class II Power limited thermally protected DC output

LED visual indicator for AC & DC


From “C” AC fail relay rated for 2A @ 110VAC

From “C” battery trouble relay rated for 2A @ 110VAC

Internal battery cut-off relay to protect batteries from deep discharge 9.8VDC & 19.6VDC

Enclosure tamper switch for connection to a UL approved burglary panel when used in UL 603 applications


For indoor use only

Operating temperature -0°C to 49°C - (32°F to 120°F)

Options & Accessories

Power Distribution Device 8-Output

Available without Fire Trigger (10-5)

Power Distribution Modules 4 and 8 Output Fused or PTC (Auto Reset Breaker). Each output can be selectively set to turn ON, OFF or remain unchanged when the fire alarm control panel triggers the board, allowing the installer to power multiple devices with the same power supply.

EOL Fire Panel Supervision: The “End of the Line” resistor is located at the fire panel. This enables the PDD-FT & PDD-8PCI to detect a short or open in the wire between the fire panel and the power supply.

Ground Fault Detection Field Selectable: The PDD-FT will detect if a wire in the fire disconnect circuit is touching ground. A wire that is grounded may prevent the proper and safe disconnection of power to the electromagnetic locks. Multi Panel Interconnect: When more than one 10-5 PDD-FT is used within a building, a common circuit complete with EOL can be run from unit to unit and then to the fire panel. This will ensure that all power supplies are monitored and drop out during a fire as required by code.

Auto or Manual Fire Reset: Most jurisdictions require that a power supply used to power electromagnetic locks be manually reset. The PDD-FT is jumper selectable and can be set to manual reset, or if allowed by your local Authority Having Jurisdiction, auto reset modes.

Tamper Switch/Tamper: This switch can be used to send a signal to an external monitoring panel or guard station to indicate that the 10-5 has been opened. This is a requirement of UL603 applications.


The PDD-FT Board is a fire panel control interface. This board can be used to control DC output based on a fire alarm control panel. Two outputs switch state on alarm.

The PDD-8PCI Board is a power distribution/control interface. This board can be used to convert a DC power source to 8 Class II power limited outputs that can be controlled by a fire alarm control panel. Each output can be selectively set to turn ON, OFF, or remain unchanged when the fire alarm control panel triggers the board. This allows the installer to power both electromagnetic locks, electric strike, DC camera and access control with the same power supply.

The PDM-4, PDM-4C, PDM-8 and PDM-8C Boards distribute a single low voltage AC or DC source into 4 or 8 outputs. The output voltage and total current available is determined by the input supply. When installed into a power supply, servicing time can be greatly reduced by the output indicator LED's. If an output fuse is blown or PTC is tripped the accompanying LED will be off, simply identifying the device connected to this output will allow for a problem to be quickly corrected. In addition to short circuit protection the input terminals also have a surge protector that can absorb a 1500Watt spike or surge to protect connected devices.

Visit www.rutherfordcontrols.com for further details pertaining to the policies of the Limited Lifetime Warranty or more product information.


These new products are designed specifically to power video cameras, heaters, blowers and many other video accessories. The series includes more than 14 rack mount supplies offering a wide range of options and are designed for easy installation with dual output AC circuits which are configurable from the front panel for 24VAC or 28VAC operation.

The HPR series Rack Mount CCTV Power Supplies provide 24/28 VAC or 12VDC output distributed via 16 or 32 fuse or PTC protected circuits for powering video cameras, heaters, blowers and other video accessories.

Designed with advanced technology, the HPR Series provides filtered power distributed to 16 or 32 output circuits, each configurable from the front panel for 24V or 28V operation in banks of 8 outputs. Taking just 2U of rack space, each circuit is fuse protected at 3.0 A, or PTC protected at 2.5A with a total output capacity of 8, 12.5 or 25 Amps AC or 4/6A DC. Fuses and voltage configuration switches are accessible directly through the front panel by removing four screws.

With just the flip of a switch, voltage is converted in banks of eight circuits. Cameras requiring long wire runs can now receive adequate power without impacting the closer cameras with excessive voltage. All models have output distributed via 16 or 32 individually protected circuits. Likewise, individual circuit LED indicators provide installers a quick status of all circuits. Plus all fuses and voltage configuration switches are accessible right through the front panel.


• 16 or 32 individual circuit status LED indicators.

• Surge suppression & transient protection (spark gap) to reduce line noise.

• Maintains camera synchronization.

• 2U rack chassis for use in standard EIA 19” rack.

• Removable rear terminal blocks and factory installed power cord.

• Line power rocker switch with built-in circuit breaker indicates Power ON with Red neon.

• Individual circuit output Green LED indicators.

• Three-conductor cord for AC input.

• Thermal overload and short circuit protection.

• Pluggable terminal blocks for all low voltage field connections.

• Primary input power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.0 A

• Output power - AC models: 24VAC or 28 VAC selectable in banks of 8 outputs with 8, 12.5 or 25 amps total power.

• Output power - DC models: 12VDC at 4 or 6 amps total power.

• Grounded case.

• Temperature rating: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)

• Relative humidity: 10 – 93%, non-condensing.

• Rack Dimensions: 3.25”H x 19”W x 9”D

Listings: Consult factory for latest listing status.

•UL Listed for Commercial CCTV Equipment UL2044

•CUL Listed - CSA Standard C22.2 No.1-98, Audio, Video and Similar Equipment


Honeywell Power Products Surge Protected Power Supplies are available in both outdoor weatherproof and indoor varieties. These products supply power while protecting adjoining equipment from voltage surges and spikes.

As a leading provider of power supplies for the fire, video, access control and intrusion segments, HPP relies on the latest technology in designing surge protected products that provide 24VAC at 200VA to power cameras, heaters and blowers, in addition to outdoor camera assemblies including pan, tilt and zoom functions. Each unit provides three stages of protection to redirect potentially damaging voltages such as those caused by lightening strikes to earth ground. Aside from shielding the power supply from harm, these units also protect connected video and data equipment.

The introduction of surge protected products makes the HPP video power supplies a comprehensive offering that can meet the needs of installers. Since commencing operations three years ago, HPP has developed a broad range of power products to drive video systems. This robust grouping delivers the features demanding installers have requested – bigger enclosures for more wiring room, better more-logical layout to speed through jobs, and on-board diagnostics to quickly troubleshoot during service calls.

HPP's portfolio of video supplies include both AC and DC power, outdoor weatherproof units, rack mounted products and surge-protected offerings. HPP's supplies operate from 115VAC or 230VAC to provide a constant source of power through individually-fused outputs that operate cameras and other video accessories. Providing 12VDC, 24VAC or 28VAC from 300ma to 8 amps of fully regulated supply current, HPP video supplies have the power to run the majority of video applications within the security industry.

HPP's video products feature incoming power fused on both the primary and secondary side, hinged and vented enclosures with multiple convenient knockouts, a power disconnect switch, input and output transient protection, and individually fused 4, 8, or 16 outputs with LED status indicators for each output. All transformers have built-in thermal overload protection and units contain field-replaceable automotive style fuses (widely available), or auto-reset PTC's that do not require replacement.

The HPTV2401 and HPTV2801 series are power supplies which provide power and surge protection, depending on model, for applications such as access control, security, and video applications. These surge protected power supplies provide superior protection against voltage spikes and transients that can damage or disable expensive and critical equipment.

The HPTV surge protected series consists of thermally fused transformers and an electrically fused primary output.

These units accept 115VAC input and provide a single output of 24VAC or 28VAC. The HPTV2401 and HPTV2801 are single output CCTV power supplies that include no surge protection.

The HPTV2401S and HPTV2801S include an HCPS Surge Module which provides power and video surge protection. The HPTV2401Z and HPTV2801Z include an HDSP1 Surge Module which provides power, video and data surge protection.

HPP's HPTV2401WPS; HPTV2401WPZ; HPTV2801WPS and HPTV2801WPZ are weatherproof power supplies provide power and surge protection for applications such as access control, security, and video applications that require outdoor installation. These surge protected power supplies offer superior protection against voltage spikes and transients that can damage or disable expensive and critical equipment.


This switching power supply/charger converts low-voltage AC input into 6, 12 or 24VDC at 3.0A of continuous supply current. The HPS312CX also comes kitted with an HPP HPT2450 plug-in transformer, 5 AH battery, steel enclosure, and connecting hardware. This general purpose power supply has a wide range of applications for access control systems that require additional power.

Access Control Power Supplies carry both UL and ULC ratings for fire, access control and intrusion systems and have a large enclosure to ease wiring. They feature circuit-breaker battery protection, AC input and DC output LED diagnostic indicators, AC fail and battery monitoring contacts to aid in supervision, and a built-in charger for sealed lead-acid or gel-type batteries.

In addition, the Power Supplies offer a filtered and electronically regulated output, and an automatic switchover to standby battery when AC fails. All of the power supplies are 12vdc or 24vdc field- selectable to meet today's equipment requirements.

The HP512CX switching power supply/charger kit converts low voltage AC input into 6 VDC or 12 VDC @ 4.0 A of continuous supply current or 24 VDC @ 2.5 A of supply current. This general purpose power supply has a wide range of applications for access control, security and CCTV systems that require additional power. For convenient operation, this power supply unit includes the power supply board, transformer, steel enclosure, 5 AH/12 V battery, battery leads, and connecting hardware.

HPP's website, www.honeywellpower.com, provides comprehensive data sheets on the Access Control Power Supply group, which are UL -listed, and conform to NEC requirements.