Corporate Profile: Safety Technology International

July 3, 2019

It has been almost 40 years since the first STI Stopper® pull station protector (now known as the Universal Stopper®) was designed and produced, revolutionizing the way establishments around the world manage their false fire alarms forever. Today, STI manufactures an entire Stopper® Line of hundreds of products to help deter unauthorized use of devices, exits and entries through emergency doors, and alerts to warn of dangerous situations.

STI markets a unique range of exit alarms, strobes, push buttons (with lockdown, emergency, exit, or custom labeling) and more to help address building concerns related to unwarranted use, disruption, vandalism, tampering and theft.

Selling through an ever-growing distribution network, STI has positioned itself as a global manufacturer of fire and safety equipment. Look for STI’s quality products in your home town and in buildings around the world, such as: Empire State Building (New York, New York), Antarctica, London Underground, Dubai Snow Dome, Auckland International Airport (New Zealand), Centro Banamex convention center in Mexico City, El Dorado Airport in Bogota, Columbia, and many more.

Rely on STI® for covers, cages, alarms and buttons to solve facility needs. For more information on STI’s solutions to problems, contact them at 800-888-4784 or visit their website