Tech Tips: Video Surveillance on the Go

Sept. 4, 2017
Remote video surveillance and mobile monitoring are opening new revenue streams

Wireless video surveillance is certainly an attractive concept. To professionally install video surveillance, it is necessary to install the camera, provide power to the camera, then ‘pull’ a cable between the camera and monitor, hub or video recorder.

Wireless video means the image from the camera is transmitted wirelessly to the hub or recorder. But there still remains the task of providing power to the camera, which in order to be done properly (safely and legally), may involve the services of an electrician.

And if you specify a wireless camera, a premium is paid for the wireless capability, so figure that into all the money you are saving.

Speaking in general terms there also can be a price to pay in terms of reduced image quality and security.

However remote video surveillance and monitoring are opening new vistas for applications and revenue streams for security professionals.

Remote security camera monitoring and mobile surveillance do not require you to be "on location" in order to view and manage the security cameras. You're not limited to monitoring just one camera remotely; most video surveillance apps provide simultaneous viewing and multi-site options so you can check up on all of your remote security cameras in your business or home. Monitoring off-site is also extremely convenient for users as it gives them the freedom to come and go as they please without having to worry about their property.

For example, mobile and remote monitoring is great to have when you're on vacation. If you've got two or three IP cameras installed at your home, and decide to take a trip somewhere, you can still monitor your property and receive email notifications if your cameras detect motion or tampering. Essentially, remote video surveillance makes it so you don't have to be at the exact location of your security cameras to keep a watchful eye on your property. In addition, remote monitoring works wonderfully with pet cams, nanny cams, and pool cams. You're not limited to what you can view. Surveillance on the go has never been easier.

By far the best wireless video experience I’ve had so far is with the FLIR FX indoor wireless HD video camera.

The FLIR FX is a great learning tool for you to acquaint yourself with some of the features and operation of wireless remote video without requiring a big investment of money or time.

With its RapidRecap™ feature, you can review the day in a minute by watching cloud-recorded events simultaneously. Pick the time frame to review, and RapidRecap* will compile events into condensed video clips.

The SmartZone™ feature means recordings and alerts happen only in your specified area with motion sensing technology. Using the FLIR FX app, you select the areas you want to monitor. When an object moves inside the SmartZone area, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet, and the camera will record.

I was able to configure the camera so it could be viewed from two Galaxy Smartphones as well as a few laptops, of course, all wirelessly.

I know that if I had needed some tech support it would be available.  After all, FLIR made its name in the high-end military market, and they bring some of this technology and customer support to this non-military line of video products.

I had the FLIR FX connected to my laptop via USB for initial setup, but the image provided by the camera, or its overall performance, did not suffer once we  cut the cable.

A SD chip is provided so that the camera can function as a self-contained video recorder.

At our residence, we do not have the best Internet speed or access, but the FLIR FX seems to be able to provide video under most circumstances, even if we view the camera on our phones in a moving vehicle, from another state.

I would need to evaluate the cameras further to determine if they would be suitable for a multiple camera video surveillance system, but for strategic look-ins to check the house, the office, or the baby-sitter, this camera fills the bill nicely.

I can easily envision situations where a customer with a professional video surveillance system might want to quickly and discretely deploy a few FLIRS for a special event, and I could provide the cameras and bridge them over to be part of the legacy system, then just as easily remove the camera and use it for another purpose.

When a special application arises for strategically deployed video surveillance, the client will usually want it done discreetly and they would also want the camera(s) to be behind a separate password.

The FLIR technology is in the cloud as well as the camera. Thankfully it is not necessary to pay a fee for the basic features, which for my purposes thus far have adequate. They have paid services, and FLIR also has a wide assortment of professional video surveillance equipment as well.

Additional Features:

  • FLIR FX is portable
  • Four-hour internal battery
  • Outdoor option includes commercial-grade infrared illumination to see up to 65 feet at night
  • Optional waterproof, submersible Sport Housing and mounting accessories capture all the action in stunning HD
  • Dash Mount option utilizes the built-in accelerometer to automatically record when your vehicle is in motion or in an accident.

FXV101-H Specifications:

  • Image sensor: 1/3" 4 MegaPixel CMOS
  • Resolution: Up to 1080p (1920 × 1080)
  • Frame rate: Up to 30 fps
  • Lens: 2.45mm / F2.5
  • Field of view (diagonal): Up to 160°
  • IR cut filter
  • Wireless interface: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n compliance, 2.4GHz band
  • Mobile app: iPhone® / iPad® / Android™
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Recording file format: Video: MP4
  • Image: JPG
  • WiFi hotspot range: Up to 500ft (150m)
  • IR LED: 6 IR LEDs
  • Night vision range: Up to 20ft (6m) indoor
  • Buttons: Power, WiFi, Record
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Environmental rating: Indoor only
  • Operating temperature: 32 ~ 104°F / 0 ~ 40°C
  • Battery life: Up to 2 hours (camera only), up to 4 hours (camera & indoor stand)
  • Battery: 3.7V DC 1130mAh
  • Power adapter: 5.0V DC 2.0A / Micro-USB type
  • More Information:


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