New Opportunities in Video Surveillance

July 1, 2015
Keep up with changing technology and partner with reliable vendors

Because video is such a dynamic technology and market, new video products, markets and practices are emerging constantly. It is imperative for locksmiths to keep up to date. What worked a few years ago may be inappropriate today.

A few minutes of Googling will reveal that the market is glutted with technology. As a security professional, it is best to select your products and sources based on factors beyond price.

We all know that most manufacturing occurs offshore; however, engineering, final assembly and testing and calibration are often performed here on shore. Continuity of product, sales support and of course technical support are invaluable elements to a favorable relationship with your vendor.

As a bargain hunter and pioneer in security electronics, I admit I have tried some inexpensive import products. Many were bad out of the box, or deteriorated once exposed to air and sunlight; instructions were written in another language, and there is no appreciable tech support. A product that at first seemed to be a bargain winds up ultimately costing more to replace or repair, gives you and your company a black eye and poor reputation.

There are many specialized niche markets in video. I’ve often observed that in the case of some marketing channels, there is limited crosstalk.  The telecom people do not mix with say the burglar alarm guys. The Fire alarm guys do not interact with locksmiths, and so forth. As a full service locksmith, perhaps you have run service for national facility managers who provide support for chain stores. Frequently they will also provide support for the Loss Prevention sector of the store. Having a familiarity with this market could represent an important area of growth for your business.

Clinton Electronics

Clinton Electronics, established and family owned since 1963, is a one stop source for all things CCTV including Cameras, DVRs, PVMs, LCDs, Monitor Mounts, Power Supplies, Lenses, Cable, Installation Tools, etc.

Clinton does not sell direct to the end user or advertise pricing on the Internet. Pricing is only given to approved dealers. Clinton’s whole business model is geared toward building long-term customer relationships and helping them grow their business with Clinton products.

Nine out of the top ten USA retailers use Clinton products. (Source: “Top 100 Retailers Chart 2014.” National Retail Federation.)

Clinton also prides itself on having an exceptionally knowledgeable sales staff who expertly and thoroughly assess and fulfill your CCTV needs. Each sales member is driven to help you succeed. Clinton provides free lifetime technical support on all its products.

One new and interesting product is their dashcam. Wearable and in vehicle cameras are in the news a lot, and a dash cam can be a valuable tool for your own vehicles or a good product to offer your customers.

Here are five reasons why everyone who drives should own a dash camera:

1. Video Proof of an Accident (Should it happen).When you’re in an accident, you may not be able to recall exactly what happened. Often, it boils down to your word against theirs. With the Ride Along Dash Camera, you can record how the accident happened in full 1080p HD video. The CE-RAC1HD dashcam also features a built-in G-Sensor, which records impact as events, which are searchable.

2. Prove Innocence. With video proof, you now have the ability to prove your innocence in cases of fraud. For example when a driver backs into your car and claims “you hit them.” Dash Cam footage can help your insurance company dispute false claims against you.

3. Protect your Vehicle. Vehicle damage can occur to a vehicle that is parked. With a Dash cam, one can record “parked” instances where vehicle damage has occurred. Find out who did it and how they did it.

4. Speed and Location. The CE-RAC1HD features built-in GPS that allows you the ability to review exactly how fast you were driving and your exact location. With this information, you now have the tools to dispute unsafe driving disputes and keep tabs on other drivers who are allowed to use your vehicle.

5. Capture the Unthinkable. Want to prove a Bigfoot sighting? How about having a video of the massive meteorite you just saw streaking across the sky? With a dash cam, you can record road trips, and uncommon events might just turn out to be a once in a lifetime moment.

Mount the camera to your windshield and record your drive in 1080p (30 or 15 fps) or 720p (30 fps). The Ride Along Camera records in a continuous loop, using the

included 16 GB microSD card. It is equipped with a 2.9mm wideangle lens that captures the entire road. The integrated microphone allows you the option of recording audio as

If the camera is plugged into a power source and the vehicle is on, it is recording. The camera features automatic event mode detection by using its built in G-Sensor. If an incident should occur - such as a collision or sudden shock – the camera automatically saves the video as an event.

No automotive knowledge required to install the camera. Simply mount the camera to the windshield with the included 3MTM double-sided adhesive strip, and connect the power adapter to the vehicle’s power socket. The included power cable is nearly 13 feet long, which provides plenty of flexibility when routing the cable around the dash.

Most dash cameras on the market require the user to remove the SD card from the camera to view video. After downloading the free RAC1HD app, one can connect to the camera via WiFi. After connected, the app allows the user to view live video, search & playback recorded video, and make adjustments to camera settings - all without having to remove the SD card. Should you need to remove the SD card, an included PC Viewer software allows the user to make camera adjustments and search/playback recorded video with a synced GPS map and G-Sensor display.

CE-RAC1HD features include:

  • 2 Megapixel Full HD 1080p Dashcam
  • 2.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution @ 30 FPS
  • 2.9mm Fixed 3.0 Megapixel Lens
  • Records Video to 16GB microSD Card (included)
  • Built-in WiFi for Phone App
  • Built-In GPS Module
  • Built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • View live & recorded video with the Free RAC1HD App (available for iOS & An­droid)
  • View recorded video synced with GPS information and G-Sensor display with the Free PC Viewer Software
  • DC12V (includes vehicle power adapter w/ 13’ cable)
  • Auto ON/OFF function with vehicles; when the vehicle is started, the camera pow­ers on; turn the vehicle off and the camera powers off
  • Small, compact design is easily concealed in front of rear view mirror

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Altronix Hubway Series

The Altronix Hubway group of products enable the connection of multiple analog video cameras to a DVR without coax. It is a modular solution which streamlines the topology and installation by reducing or eliminating additional power supplies and labor associated with coax, Siamese and BNC connectors.

By using Category cable for the infrastructure for an analog video system, upgrades or deployment of IP cameras is also enabled.

The Altronix technology enables the power, data (video) and control (p/t/z) to be passed over the Category cable and incorporates camera power into its hubs which are located adjacent to the DVR.

HUBsat units which are installed locally, perhaps on a per floor basis, are combination UTP hub, camera power supply and multiplexor. Cameras connect to the Hubsat then all the cameras on the particular HUBsat connect to the head-end with a single Category cable. The HUBsat provides a centralized power source instead of each camera requiring its own power, or require separate camera power wiring.

Using the Hubway makes it easier for the techs to complete the necessary connections and do a neat job in the least amount of time with the least amount of labor.

When I quote video systems, I usually offer my customer alternatives, for example both analog as well as IP solutions.

Everyone knows IP is the future of video surveillance, but not everybody can afford it nor are they convinced that IP has reached its optimum price/performance point.

IP is going to continue to improve as well as go down in price. By offering the HUB with Category cable I enable to end-user to get surveillance in at the lowest camera price point while still hedging his bet with IP capable infrastructure.

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FLIR Professional Security

FLIR Systems, a leading innovator & supplier of thermal imaging technology, now provides a full-spectrum security solution for every application from small business security to long-range border surveillance.

Pioneers in infrared technology, FLIR designs, manufactures, and supports thermal imaging systems and subsystems for industrial, scientific, government, commercial, and firefighting applications. With a 40-year history of infrared innovation, +100,000 systems in use worldwide, and development centers and sales offices in over 60 countries, FLIR is the world leader in thermal imaging technology.

FLIR is also offering a complete range of thermal cameras for proactive perimeter security, analog and high definition IP cameras for threat identification and forensic analysis, video analytics, and a variety of DVRs and NVRs.

View their products or get technical info at FLIR is available through distribution channels.

Products include:

MPX M4200 series DVR.FLIR’s M4200 Series DVRs use the latest HD-CVI technology, giving you the flexibility to upgrade your security systems to HD resolution using existing coax cabling. With support for both 1080p/720p HD resolution MPX cameras plus standard analog cameras, the DVR is ideal for retrofit applications.

MPX also facilitates advanced features previously unavailable over a coax cable including duplex transmission for PTZ control, audio transmission, and extended distance cable runs up to 2300 ft.

This product is ideal for retrofit, upgrade to HD over existing coax. It uses standard BNC connection  and supports both HD and SD analog simultaneously. Two-way communication over coax allows for easy connection and control of PTZ cameras (PTZ cameras sold separately)

FLIR CLOUD provides remote access via iOS, Android, PC / Mac with FLIR Cloud. • Set up remote viewing in three easy steps: install FLIR Cloud app, scan QR code on DVR, view live video

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MPX DVR bundles. The FLIR MPX M3100 Series Bundles use the latest HD-CVI technology,  giving you the flexibility to upgrade security systems to HD resolution using an existing coax cable, ideal for retrofit. This system also uses the  FLIR Cloud app for  remote access.

• 1/3” 1.0 MP IR Dome Cameras included, 3.6mm lens

• 720p (1280x720) resolution @ Real-time (30fps per channel)

• See double the detail of 960H, MPX format is compatible with HD-CVI

• Smooth real-time viewing with zero video latency

• Extended cable runs of up to 2300ft (700m)

• Two-way communication over coax allows for easy connection and control of PTZ cameras (PTZ cameras sold separately)

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MPX Eyeball Dome Cameras. The FLIR 1.3MP HD Varifocal WDR Dome MPX cameras use the latest HD-CVI technology and True WDR to deliver excellent 720p picture quality over coax cabling in any lighting condition. Ideal for retrofit applications, The cameras are compatible with FLIR MPX DVRs offering an upgrade to HD resolution without the hassle of running new cables. Dual video output offers simultaneous HD and 960H video streams. The C237 series adds the ability to remotely adjust zoom and focus.

• C234EC - 1.3MP HD, 720p @ 25/30 FPS, 1/3” CMOS, 2.8-12mm Varifocal lens, 100ft / 31m IR

• C237EC - 1.3MP HD, 720p @ 25/30 FPS, 1/3” CMOS, 2.8-12mm Motorized

• Varifocal lens, 100ft / 31m IR

Virtually no latency, extended cable runs up to 2296ft / 700m

• IP66 weatherproof rated housings

• -22°F (-30°C) Cold Climate Capable

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