Exit Alarm Product Spotlight

Oct. 1, 2005
Exit alarms from Detex, Sargent, Greenleaf, Von Duprin and Securitech.

DETEX Electric Delayed Egress

Detex Corporation introduces its newest electrified option, Electric Delayed Egress, for it popular Advantex and Value Series lines of alarmed panic hardware. Advantex and Value Series panic hardware with Electric Delayed Egress (EE) feature self–contained electronics that activates a secure 15-second delay and near 100 db alarm when an attempt to exit the building without authorization is detected.

Learn more about this new option on www.detex.com. Circle 425.


Arm-A-Dor® by Sargent and Greenleaf provides high security against forced entry attacks, alarmed egress to prevent internal shrinkage and enhanced durability for the most demanding environments – all in one. Arm-A-Dor combines locking bar security with a loss prevention alarm. Constructed with 12-gauge telescopic steel tubing, Arm-A-Dor withstands the attacks and abuse of countless openings and closings. It is now available pre-assembled for standard 36" and 48" doors.

For more information, contact Gary Murphree at (757) 259-2464. Circle 426


The SARGENT Electroguard exit device balances security and life safety by delaying egress. When the push rail is depressed for more than one second, an alarm sounds and the opening remains locked for 15 seconds. The delay allows appropriate response to the violation. When 15 seconds elapse, the rail is released, allowing free egress. Circle 427


Von Duprin®'s GUARD-X provides secure, alarmed code-compliant protection for secondary exits. The GUARD-X exit alarm lock readily identifies the door on which it is mounted as an emergency exit and secures the opening against unauthorized use. It is ideal for deterring theft in restaurants and retail establishments such as: discount stores, grocery stores, drug stores, clothing stores and sporting goods stores.

For more information, visit www.vonduprin.com/prod_guardx.asp or call 800-999-0408. Circle 42.


All Securitech MP 4900 alarms are wall mounted, not door mounted. In the event that the door is opened and the alarm sounds, the siren will blare within the facility, not to the outside. Alarms or key switch boxes are connected to the locking mechanism via stainless steel armored cable.
Securitech's multi-door alarms allow a facility to monitor the status of their exit doors and have the alarm sound at a central (or staffed) location, especially useful where exit doors are located at an unsupervised location within a large space. To silence and activated door alarm, a key must be inserted into the key switch cylinder located at the door. The door may be relocked manually; however, the alarm will sound until reset by key.

For more information, visit www.securitech.com. Circle 429