New Detex Exit Alarms: EAX-500 and EAX-2500

Jan. 1, 2006
Alarms that notify employees when a non-entry door is being opened.

The standalone exit alarm was developed to enable immediate egress through an emergency exit or restricted door while providing a level of protection for the business. The protection provided by the exit alarm is notification; when the door is opened, an alarm sounds. A common application for a standalone exit alarm is a store side or rear door. Because these doors are not designated for normal customer foot traffic, adding an exit alarm notifies employees when a non-entry door is being opened.

Detex Corporation, whose roots began more than 100 years ago, has been manufacturing exit control security products for more than 40 years. The latest Detex standalone exit alarms are the EAX-500 and EAX-2500. Each model has more features than its predecessors. Some of the features are the microprocessor-based electronics, patented cam assembly, extended bypass, auto-rearm and tamper resistant housings. The microprocessor-based electronics has improved the operation and battery life of the exit alarm. In addition, this new design enables custom settings and programming for specialized applications. Contact the factory for details. A mortise lock cylinder controls the operation, replacing the rim cylinder used in earlier Detex products.

The Detex exit alarm patented cam assembly automatically adjusts for a five-, six- or seven-pin tumbler mortise cylinder of varying lengths. The Detex exit alarm uses a standard mortise cylinder. The mortise cylinder requires a standard Yale cam to operate the mechanism. The extended bypass feature permits the exit alarm to be disarmed using the key. The door can be left open for an unlimited period of time. Once the door closes, the exit alarm will automatically rearm, sounding the alarm if the door is opened without first disarming the unit. When enabled, the auto rearm feature triggers the alarm when an unauthorized person opens the door, and turns off when the door is closed. The exit alarm will rearm two minutes after the alarm has been activated and the door has closed. The factory can program custom settings. When the rearm feature is disabled, the alarm will sound continuously until the key is used to disarm the unit.

The battery powered Detex EAX-500 Exit Alarm is a self-contained exit alarm, designed for applications that require a door-mounted unit. The surface-mounted EAX-500 sets the hand according to where the magnet is installed. The included plastic magnet locator not only positions the exit alarm, but also determines the proper location for installing the magnet. Tamper protection is provided by the five wafer tumbler cover lock that must be unscrewed in order to remove the cover from the backplate.

The Detex EAX-500 has a new housing that is less than two inches wide. The unit can be installed onto a narrow stile glass-aluminum door. The EAX-500 can be installed with outside key control, using a rim cylinder mounted through the exterior side of the door. This exit alarm is available with a standard, interior application circuit board or a weatherized circuit board for inclement conditions. Contact factory for availability date.

This exit alarm is equipped with a Piezo horn alarm that produces approximately 100dB when an unauthorized individual opens the armed door. A 100dB alarm produces sound that can be heard from 10 feet in an ambient condition.

The Detex EAX-500 exit alarm is designed to enter the alarm mode when the door has been opened without authorization. When armed and the door is closed, the magnet is in proximity to the built-in switch in the ready condition. As the door opens, the exit alarm moves away from the magnet, breaking the magnetic pull, and the alarm sounds. The EAX-500 exit alarm is UL Listed for miscellaneous fire door accessory and can be mounted onto a fire-rated door.

The EAX-500 Exit Alarm comes with a peel and stick door sign, magnetic door frame sensor, key stop (formerly 90 degree detent), plastic template, and a nine volt battery. The red and white pressure-sensitive sign reads “Emergency Exit/Alarm Will Sound.”

The Detex EAX-2500 Exit Alarm is designed to be remotely mounted using magnetic switches to monitor the condition of door or doors. The Detex EAX-2500 can be surface mounted or flush mounted onto a double gang outlet box. The unit can be located up to 150 feet from the furthest door. The EAX-2500 can be used to monitor multiple doors.

Power options for the Detex EAX-2500 include a nine volt battery or 24VAC. When 24VAC powered, the nine volt battery becomes backup power during power loss. When AC powered, the visual and audible low battery warning can be disconnected.

The Detex EAX-2500 comes with a red dot box for surface mounting. To install the unit flush, the EAX-2500 can be mounted onto a recessed standard double gang electrical box.

To provide protection against tampering, the Detex EAX-2500 has a tamper switch that is operated by one of the four mounting screws. If the tamper switch contact beneath the one mounting screw is unscrewed with the unit armed, the alarm will sound, notifying that there is someone tampering with the unit.

The Detex EAX-2500 has remote bypass, Call Bell, and alarm relay contacts. The remote bypass enables the exit alarm to restrict egress as well as provide controlled access. To configure remote bypass, wire is run from a momentary switch to terminal block #3 (Open contact) and #4 (Common). Pressing the momentary switch closes the contact that disarms the alarm. The alarm arms automatically when the door closes. The call bell can be used to notify a person near the EAX-2500 that someone is requesting entry by pressing a momentary switch. The alarm relay contacts are normally open and closed in addition to a common. This permits the EAX-2500 to be wired into a fire alarm system.

The EAX-2500 Exit Alarms comes with a peel and stick door sign and a nine volt battery. The red and white pressure-sensitive sign reads “Emergency Exit/Alarm Will Sound.” The message is also available in Spanish and French.

The Detex EAX-500 and EAX-2500 Exit Alarms are designed to operate using a keyed mortise cylinder.

To arm the unit, insert and rotate the key counterclockwise until the green LED illuminates, and then remove the key. The red LED light will illuminate for 15 seconds during the arming sequence followed by three chirps indicating the alarm is armed. The time delay can be adjusted from 5 to 30 seconds to allow sufficient time to exit. When the exit alarm is armed, the red LED will blink approximately every 15 seconds.

To disarm the unit, insert and rotate the key clockwise until the green LED flashes twice, then remove the key. The green LED will flash twice periodically, indicating the unit is disarmed. When the exit alarm is disarmed, the green LED will blink approximately every 15 seconds. The key can be removed in the disarmed condition. By adding the optional key stop, the key can only be removed from the mortise cylinder in the armed position.

Battery life is approximately one year for standard operation. The battery warning indicates low battery condition once every 45 seconds by the siren beeping once and the red LED blinking once.

The Detex EAX-500 and EAX-2500 Exit Alarms are available with gray and black cases. They have a one-year warranty.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Detex Corporation, 302 Detex Drive, New Braunfels, TX 78130. Telephone: 830-729-2900. Fax: 830-620-6711. Web site:



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