Air-Tow Makes Safe Moving Easy

May 2, 2012
The exclusive on-board suspension system ensures a smooth ride and helps protect heavy cargo during transit.

Selling safes is the easy part. Moving safes from you location to the final destination has been the more difficult part of the sale. Air-Tow trailers has developed a trailer to simplify that chore.

More than 30 years, ago Al Behr invented a line of trailers for moving heavy power equipment. Several different sizes of trailers were developed for carrying lighter or heavier loads.  All of the trailers contained a basic, unique design which allowed the trailer bed to be quickly lowered to ground level for loading or unloading. This unique trailer design was called the Triple L. Trailer (for Lower- Load & Lift).

Behr eventually sold the Triple L. Trailer company, but remained active in the sales of drop-deck trailers. During this time Mr. Behr discovered several new industries that could make use of drop deck trailers. One such industry was the Safe and Vault industry.

The drop-deck trailer design was perfect for easily loading or unloading safes, but one problem with safes is that the load is concentrated in a very small area. In order to meet the challenge, Behr started a new company called Rock Line Products, Inc. and introduced a line of Air-Tow trailers.

While the drop-deck idea was retained, Behr made many improvements to simplify the job of moving safes or other heavy loads. Air-Tow trailers have an exclusive on-board air suspension system.  This system automatically senses and adjusts for the weight being carried. It also automatically adjusts for uneven weight from side to side which always keeps the trailer level. The result is a smooth positive ride which helps protect heavy cargo during transit.

Lifting and lowering of the trailer deck is accomplished with an on-board hydraulic pump. Power for both the the air suspension and deck movement is supplied by a 12V deep cycle battery. A fingertip-controlled switch can raise or lower the deck in approximately 15 seconds.  A 7-pin lighting connector can be wired so the trailer battery is being charged while towing.    

Safes concentrate their weight in a small area. The Air-Tow loading ramp was specially lengthened and strengthened to produce a longer, lower ramp angle for easier safe loading. Heavy thickness deck plates plus critical placement of chassis members eliminate floor warpage when carrying safes.  

An extended e-rail is available for around the perimeter of the trailer. This additional rail is available at either a 36" or 48" height above the trailer deck.  The e-rail will accommodate tie-down straps at 2" increments to safely secure a safe during travel.  An optional 12V loading winch is also available which can make safe loading a simple one-man job.

Air-tow makes a large variety of flatbed and utility trailer models. Trailer models are available with deck lengths of 10' to 16' and deck widths of 4' 9" to 6' 3". Load capacity varies by model from 5,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. Electric braking systems are featured on all models. Depending on the trailer load capacity, either a two or four wheel tire system is used. Large 16" tires are used on all models. 

Two locking compartments are included. One compartment can be used to hold tie down straps or other essentials while the other compartment contains the hydraulic pump system and a master switch for the electrical system. Park your trailer, lower the deck to the ground, turn off the master switch, lock the compartments and no one can tow your trailer.

To watch a video of safe loading, click on more information contact Rock Line Products Inc., 1480 Arrow Hwy, La Verne, CA 91750. Telephone: 909-392-2170. Web site