Original Safe & Vault Jewelers UL Rated TL30X6 Safe

Feb. 1, 2006
The TL30X6 safe saves owners money and meets insurance industry requirements.

During the mid-1970s, Original Safe & Vault Inc. began building burglary safes for East Coast jewelry stores. Original Safe & Vault grew while developing innovative safes to meet their customer’s requirements. Today, Original Safe & Vault’s UL Burglary rated TL30 and TL30X6 safes are manufactured having a 350-degree,-two hour fire resistant rating. These TL30 and TL30X6 safes are designed for commercial and mixed use residential applications, being a burglary grade safe with the capability to keep temperature-sensitive materials -- including papers -- protected from fire.

The TL30 and TL30X6 safes are constructed of proprietary composite materials developed by Original Safe & Vault. The TL30X6, a safe protected on all six sides, has 6.75-inch thick door manufactured of a custom alloy within the plate surrounding the inner door lining. The safe body is constructed of the same composite materials with an overall thickness of 3.5 inches.

The standard lock configuration for the TL30 and TL30X6 safes are a Sargent & Greenleaf model 6630 Group 2M combination lock and Sargent & Greenleaf model 6870 key lock. The S&G 6630 is based on the 6730 with added features including false wheel gates and roller lever. This three-wheel combination lock has an internal relocker to prevent punching the spindle. The S&G 6870 key lock is a true double-bitted lock with nine opposing brass levers. The 6870 is UL Listed under Standard 437 as a security container lock. Electronic locks are available as an option.

The Original Safe & Vault TL30 and TL30X6 safes are equipped with a tempered glass trigger that covers the entire mechanism. Dual relocking is standard on models 3320 and larger. The TL30X6 safes are equipped with special hard plate on all six sides of the container and the door.

The TL30 and TL30X6 boltwork includes 1.5-inch diameter hardened steel fixed and moving bolts. The receiver cups are welded to the composite inner body lining.

For a jewelry store to obtain insurance coverage, insurance companies specify the minimum type of safe and often discount premium prices if the safe is a specific model. For example, a TL30X6 safe can significantly lower the insurance premium. After several years, the savings has paid not only the up cost for a higher level safe but possibly the entire cost of the safe.

Original Safe and Vault safes are manufactured in two-tone gray. Although most TL30 and TL30X6 safes do not have feet, the Original Safe & Vault safes come with removable feet. Depending upon the installation, the customer may want the safe off the floor. The feet are secured to the container using bolts.

These high level burglary safes are available in 10 standard sizes from about three and one-half cubic feet to almost 38 cubic feet. The weight is from 1,345 pounds to 5,805 pounds for the Model 7036. A unique feature of the Original Safe and Vault safes is the option of a right handle door for room configurations that work better having a reverse swing opening. In addition, Original can manufacture a burglary safe to your customer’s specification.

The TL30 and TL30X6 options include private interior compartment with key or combination lock, electronic locks, additional shelves, and a 144-hour time lock.

The warranty on all Original Safe & Vault, Inc., products is one year.

Original Safe and Vault Inc., safes are available from two stocking distributors strategically located to save shipping costs. In the eastern United States, contact Lacka Lock & Safe Corporation, telephone. 201-867-0939. In the western United States, contact American Safe Distributors, telephone 818-899-2222.